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Second drabble thread, a little experiment

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Hey guys! So, I have a little story before I begin this thread. I wanted to write another drabble thread that was a mix of original and fandom based stories. However, I couldn't find another list of 100 prompts that I enjoyed. Anywoo, yesterday, I was talking to my boyfriend and he knows I like to write fiction online (he doesn't know about the whole sneeze fetish part however...). I told him I was looking for 100 word prompts and he came up with a pretty cool idea which I thought would be interesting to do. He told me to put my itunes on shuffle and write stories based on the first 100 song titles that come up. So, I'm going to try it. The drabbles don't necessarily have anything to do with the content of the song; they mostly just have to do with the title. I will list the song title and the artist or musical or movie it's from). Feel free to steal this idea if you want. So....here's the song list:

1) Build Me Up Buttercup 2) Colors Of The Wind 3) Cry For The Bad Man 4) When The Levee Breaks 5) Mister Sandman 6) You Love Me To Hate You 7) Charisma 8) I Love Rock N' Roll 9) Almost 10) Dance Anthem Of The 80's 11) Fire Of Unknown Origin 12) Shock Me 13) For Everything A Reason 14) Angel Tonight 15) Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell 16) Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go 17) Fields Of Gold 18) Smoke On The Water 19) Animal 20) I Can't Hold Back 21) Rhythm Of Your Heart 22) Never Enough 23) Good Luck, Bad Luck 24) Whiskey In Mind 25) Vagabond 26) Redemption Song 27) Voice Inside My Head 28) Bad Reputation 29) Be Our Guest 30) When Your Walls Come Down 31) Not While I'm Around 32) Turning Tables 33) Shout It Out Loud 34) Thinking Of You 35) Love's A Dangerous Weapon 36) Love Hurts 37) Landslide 38) Bad Kids 39) One More Shot 40) Until The End Of Time 41) The Scientist 42) Blame It On A Sad Song 43) Daydreamer 44) Broken Promises 45) Civilized Man 46) This Kiss 47) Liar 48) Here Comes Desire 49) Fairytale 50) Rock Of Ages 51) Over The Hills And Far Away 52) My Eyes 53) Under The Rose 54) Father To Son 55) How To Save A Life 56) The Sound Of Silence 57) What You Don't Know 58) The Oath 59) Ain't No Good Life 60) Lights 61) Lucky 62) A Well Respected Man 63) Why Can't This Night Go On Forever 64) Working Man 65) Blurred Vision 66) Our Last Summer 67) A Kind Of Magic 68) Fire And Rain 69) Right As Rain 70) I'll Stand By You 71) Poor Unfortunate Souls 72) Let It Be 73) Iowa 74) Monster 75) You Make My Dreams Come True 76) Back Where You Belong 77) Chasing Pavements 78) Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon 79) Come Together 80) Bella Notte 81) Peace Of Mind 82) Someone Like You 83) In Good Faith 84) Dear Friends 85) One Way Or Another 86) Bulletproof 87) Sweet Carolina Rain 88) Hot N' Cold 89) Poor Tom 90) Knockin' On Heaven's Door 91) You Sexy Thing 92) Bad Day 93) The Way You Are 94) Lost Without Each Other 95) I Love It Loud 96) White Lie 97) Umbrella 98) Fireflies 99) Save The Last Dance For Me 100) A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling

And now, the drabbles (sorry for the long intro):

Title: Bad Day (Daniel Powter)

Fandom: Harry Potter

Characters: Sirius/Remus (cold)

Author: Rachiella

Remus walked into Grimmauld Place, sniffling all the while. The man had caught a cold while out on a mission for the Order and was just now coming back to headquarters for some much needed sleep.

Eshoo! Eshoo!...ISHT!


Remus looked up and smiled when he saw his old friend turned lover Sirius Black walking in.

“Welcome back Moony.”

“Thanks Padfoot.”

“How was the mission?”

Remus sighed and rubbed his neck.

“Not great. Unfortunately there were a couple Muggle casualties, several Order members were injured, it was raining the whole time and I’m getting…I’m getting…Eshoo! Issht!

“Bless Moony. Were you trying to tell me you’re getting sick?”

Remus nodded miserably and accepted the warm and loving hug Sirius was offering, as well as the kiss on the forehead.

“I’m sorry you had a bad day Moony.”

Remus sighed into Sirius’ neck, having long ago memorized the man’s scent.

“I’m better now that I’m home with you.”

Title: Bulletproof (La Roux)

Fandom: Inception

Characters: Eames/Arthur (allergies)

Author: Rachiella

Arthur ran down the street, turning around to make sure Cobb, Eames and Ariadne were still behind him. When he saw that they were still close, he rapidly turned a corner and ducked behind a group of trashcans. Cobb, Eames and Ariadne followed close behind. As the trained projections rounded the corner, the four thieves remained silent, trying to avoid an interaction with the projections. The projections slowed down, sensing the presence of the 4 invaders, and one accidentally kicked the trashcan hiding Arthur and Eames, causing dust to spin in the air. Arthur felt pressure beginning to grow in his sinuses and his breath hitched as quietly as he could manage it. Eames, seeing Arthur’s distress, rapidly put his finger under Arthur’s nose, trying to stop the tickle. Arthur smiled at Eames but the tickle was still coming. As the projections finally turned away, Eames pulled Arthur to his chest, allowing him to muffle 4 sneezes into his chest.

Ishoo! Issht! Issht! Ixtsh!

Once the projections were far enough away, Eames lifted Arthur’s head up.

“Bless you darling.”

“Thanks. That was close.”

“Yes, aren’t you glad I was here? Otherwise, you would have been ripped apart by bullets and been forced to wake up, despite the fact that we haven’t finished the mission.”

Eames smirked and got up, leaving Arthur to glare at his back.

Cocky bastard.

Comments? Requests? Other things?

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Title: I Can’t Hold Back (Survivor)

Fandom: Lord Of The Rings

Characters: Merry/Pippin (cause unknown)

Author: Rachiella

Merry nuzzled Pippin’s cheek affectionately, waking the younger boy up. Pippin blinked, confused for a moment before smiling at Merry.

“Morning Merry.”

“Morning Pip.”

Merry smiled and looked over Pippin’s superficial wounds, just to ensure the younger boy was alright. When he was certain the Hobbit was okay, Merry kissed Pippin’s nose gently. Pippin sniffled quietly for a moment before capturing Merry’s lips. The 2 kissed for a few moments before Pippin reluctantly pushed Merry away.

Ishhoo! Issht! ESHOO! E..E…EISHOO!

Merry laughed affectionately at Pippin. Pippin blushed and smiled.

“I couldn’t hold it back anymore.”

Merry kissed Pippin again and lay down next to him, wrapping an arm around him.

“I’m glad your okay Pip.”

“You too Merry.”

Title: Mister Sandman (The Chordettes)

Fandom: The Breakfast Club

Characters: Claire (The Princess)/Bender (The Criminal) (cold)

Author: Rachiella

Bender looked up at the sound of the large door opening. Despite his need to keep up his bad boy appearance, Bender couldn’t help but smile. It was Claire, annoying yet gorgeous princess that she was.

“Hey princess, what are you doing here?”


“Again? You’re entering my territory here. Twice in one month.”

Claire rolled her eyes and sat down as far away from “the criminal” as she could. Bender rolled his eyes in response before turning back to his table and sneezing loudly and uncovered.

Hishoo! Hashoo!

“Bless you.”

Bender turned in his chair and nodded at Claire. The two sat in silence for some time before Bender pitched forward yet again.

Hashoo! Hishoo! HASHOO!

Bender groaned as he heard Claire get up and take the seat next to him.

“You okay?”

“Fine. Leave me alone.”

Claire put a hand to Bender’s forehead, checking his temperature. Bender pushed her hand away and sniffled.

“Jesus Bender, you’re burning up!”

“I’m fine. Back off.”

Claire smiled and patted Bender’s back.

“Take a nap Bender. I’ll wake you if Dick comes in.”

Bender rolled his eyes yet again, but sighed discreetly under his breath. Trying to act like it wasn’t that big of a deal, he put his head down on the desk and faced away from Claire, closing his eyes. He had a slight smile on his face however, when he felt Claire place a small kiss on the back of his head.

“Sweet dreams Bender.”

Comments? Requests? Other things?

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Ahhhh! You wrote a Bender drabble?? Omg...you're amazing. :D I like all your drabbles, but Bender is just...yeah. :wub:

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Wow...Pippin, Bender, Arthur...wowza :D This is a great prompt idea, please continue!

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Quite Contrary-I agree Bender is absolutely amazing! Loves!

Grey on a Sunday-Thanks. I love Bender, Pippin and Arthur. 3 of my favorite characters ever! Enjoy some more.

Title: Colors Of The Wind (Pocahontas)

Fandom: original

Characters: Andy/Cody (allergies)

Author: Racheilla

Ashoo! Ashoo! A…AISHOO!

“Bless you Cody.”

Cody glared at his boyfriend and swiped his wrist under his nose. It was Andrew’s birthday so Cody, being the best boyfriend in the world, had cleared his schedule and told Andy they could do anything he wanted to do today. Andy, naturally, had decided to go on a hike up the trail not far from their home. The boys had been having a great time until they got to the top of the trail, a grassy field covered in daisies. The wind had been picking up as the day had gone on and, once the boys were in the field, Cody could practically see the pollen floating in the wind. Now, almost all the way back down the trail, Cody’s allergies were still making him absolutely miserable.

Ashoo! Aishoo! Ishoo!

“Bless you Cody.”


Andy stopped and turned around to face his boyfriend, kissing him sweetly.

“I’m sorry your allergies are acting up. I didn’t think it would be this windy or this….pollinated today.”

Cody snorted out a laugh and pulled Andy to him, kissing him long and hard.

“It’s okay Cody. It’s your birthday and you had fun so it’s totally worth it. Besides, you’ll find a way to make it up to me, I’m sure.”

“Yeah. You know, when we get home, you’re gonna need to shower. You’re completely covered in pollen and I’m not gonna be able to go near you until I shower cause I’m covered in pollen too. As an outdoors-y environmentalist, I think it would be beneficial to the planet if we save water by simply…sharing the shower….”

Cody looked at his boyfriend longingly for a moment before pushing past him and starting to run down the trail towards their car. Andy laughed and started sprinting down behind him.

Prompt: Animal (Neon Trees)

Fandom: Buffy/Angel

Characters: Tara/Willow (allergies)

Author: Rachiella

“Isn’t she the cutest little thing in the world?”

Willow smiled at her girlfriend, nodding in response to her question. Tara had found a cute little kitten lost on the street and, as much as Willow loved her girlfriend’s compassion, her allergies were not so happy. But when Willow saw the smile on her girlfriend’s face, she couldn’t say no.

“She’s adorable.”

Tara smiled and kissed Willow’s cheek. Willow’s nose twitched adorably as the kitten, still in Tara’s arms, got too close to Willow’s nose.

H…Hshoo! H..Hshoo! H…Hshoo!

“Bless you Will. You okay?”

Willow sniffled and nodded, smiling. Tara kissed Willow’s pink nose and offered her the kitten to hold. Willow shook her head before pinching her nose shut.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

“Bless you. Are you sure you’re okay baby?”

Willow nodded before pitching forward again.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!


Willow looked up at Tara through watery eyes.


“You’re allergic to cats, aren’t you?”

Willow sighed but nodded. Tara laughed and kissed Willow’s lips.

“Sweetie, why didn’t you say something?”

“I don’t know. You were so happy with the little kitty and…”

“Willow, the kitten doesn’t matter, not when she’s going to make you miserable. I’ll take her down to the shelter.”

Willow smiled and sniffled.

H…Hshoo! H…Hshoo! H…HASHOO!

“Bless you beautiful.”

Comments? Requests? Other things?

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Prompt: A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling (Queen)

Fandom: Inception

Characters: Eames/Arthur (allergies)

Author: Rachiella

Eames thanked the florist, grabbing the roses off the counter. He had finally gotten the nerve to ask Arthur out on a date and Arthur had accepted. Eames, though he would never say it out loud, was a huge romantic. He had bought Arthur a bouquet of a dozen red roses for the occasion. Eames walked down the street towards the hotel he knew Arthur was currently residing in. Moments later, Eames stepped off the elevator and walked towards Arthur’s room. He quickly straightened his tie and knocked on the door. When Arthur opened it, Eames, though he would deny it until the day he died, felt his breath catch in his throat. He only stuttered for a moment before he was back to his usual self.

“Hello darling.”


Eames smiled and took Arthur’s hand, kissing it gently. Arthur felt himself blush and smile but his smile faded when he saw the bouquet in Eames’ hand.

“Eames, are those…?”

“Roses? Yes, they’re for you.”

Arthur smiled and shook his head.

“Eames, thank you for the gesture but I’m really aller….aler….Issht! Issho! AISHOO!

It was Eames turn to blush as he quickly pulled the roses away from the younger man.

“Oh Lord Arthur, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay….Issht! Issht! Aishoo!

Eames blushed even more, prompting Arthur to kiss his cheek.

“It’s okay. It’s sweet, really. I appreciate it.”

Eames smiled and took Arthur’s hand, pulling him out of the hotel room. As the pair walked out of hotel, Eames passed the roses to a random woman on the street.

“Have a lovely day ma’am.”

The lady smiled and turned around, looking after Arthur and Eames as they walked down the street, hand in hand.

Prompt: Fields Of Gold (Sting)

Fandom: Bones

Characters: Brennan/Booth (allergies), Cam

Author: Rachiella

Booth sighed as he looked out at the field of tall grass and yellow flowers, already feeling his nose begin to tickle.

“Bones, can you go in and do your squint thing and then come out and tell me what’s going on?”

“Why would I do that? You are perfectly capable of walking into the field on your own.”

“Bones….Aissht! Aissht!

“Oh, are you suffering from a damaging immune response to a substance, in this case pollen, to which your body has become hyper sensitive?”

Booth looked at her, confused, just as Cam walked up.

“She asked if your allergies are bothering you?”

Booth rolled his eyes and looked at Brennan.

“See Bones, wasn’t that easier to say?”

Brennan looked at Bones, an almost shocked expression on her face.


Booth nodded and pitched forward again.

Aissht! Aissht!

Brennan smiled and touched Booth’s arm gently as she passed him.

“Wait out here. I’ll go and take care of everything.”

Booth smiled at the petite woman as she walked by.

“Thanks Bones.”

Brennan smiled and began to walk away. Just as she was about to enter the field, she turned her head around.

“Oh and Booth?”


“I recommend you take a drug or other compound that inhibits the psychological effects of histamine.”

Booth watched confused, once again, as Brennan walked into the field. Cam walked up behind him and smirked.

“She told you to take your allergy meds.”

Booth smiled.

“Of course she did.”

Comments? Requests? Other things?

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Ciuty80-Aw, thanks I appreciate it.

Prompt: Father To Son (Queen)

Fandom: 3rd Rock From The Sun

Characters: Tommy (cold), Dick

Author: Rachiella

Tommy sniffled as he continued his math homework, bored out of his mind. Stupid humans, he was older than all of them and he was the information officer for God sake, he was brilliant! He hated the High Commander for making him be the stupid adolescent boy.

Aishoo! Aishoo!

Tommy sniffled again, annoyed. He was annoyed at August, his obnoxious girlfriend with whom he was fighting yet again, he was annoyed at Dick for being bossy and intense but most of all, he was annoyed with how gross he felt. He had contracted another bug, even worse than the first one. He was sniffly and sneezy and his throat hurt and he felt achy and tired.

Aishoo! Aishoo!


Tommy turned around and glared at Dick.


“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. I have another bug…Aishoo! Aishoo!

Dick jumped back at Tommy’s explosive sneezes. Tommy rolled his eyes and got up to leave the kitchen, getting away from the man who was supposed to be his father. When he was tucked away on the couch, sniffling miserably, Dick walked in.



“I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well. Let me know if there’s anything I can do t ease your suffering.”

Tommy smiled slightly, suddenly not quite as annoyed with his High Commander.

“Thanks dad.”

Prompt: Sweet Carolina Rain (Christian Kane)

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Sam/Dean (cold)

Author: Rachiella

“Sam, please let me in.”

“No Dean! Go away!”

Dean sighed and leaned his head against the motel door. Dean had, once again, screwed up. He and Sam had started a…romantic (oh God, the word made him cringe) relationship and it was much more difficult then Dean thought it would be.

Hxxt! Hxxt!

Dean pulled his hoodie more tightly around him, trying to keep out the cold South Carolina rain. The boys were in South Carolina for a job, some stupid demon terrorizing young women, and Dean had caught a terrible cold.

“Sammy, please, let me in. You know I love you.”

“You’ve got a crappy way of showing it.”

Hxxt! Hxxt!

Dean’s head shot up when the door opened and Sam motioned him in. Dean began to smile but Sam put his hand up.

“I’m only letting you in because you’re sick.”

Dean nodded and walked into the room, stripping out of his clothes and going to shower. Sam sighed and lay down on the bed as he heard Dean let out 2 loud “Haishoo!”’s in the shower, no longer trying to hold them back when he thought Sam couldn’t hear him. Dean always became a grumpy yet clingy mess when he was sick. Sam felt bad for being so angry, Dean just didn't feel well. When Dean emerged from the bathroom, nose bright red, Sam finally gave in.

“Dean, come here.”

Dean nervously approached Sam. Sam smiled and motioned for Dean to come lay down on his chest. Dean smiled and lay down, wrapping his arm around Sam’s waist.

“I really am sorry Sammy.”

“I know you are. I’m sorry you don’t feel well.”

Haishoo! Haishoo!

“Bless you.”


Sam began to rub Dean’s back and kiss his head as Dean shut his eyes, falling asleep to the sound of Sam’s steady heartbeat and the sweet Carolina rain outside.

Comments? Requests? Other things?

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AAAAHHWWW!! I love how you added the 'sweet carolina rain' into the story!!! Seriously, all of your drabbles are amazing. Oh and don't even get me started on 'Colors of the Wind'. Sharing a shower? Yep, it's for the environment and I love it :drool:

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Grey On A Sunday: Oh thank you! I'm glad you like them! And yes, it is important for the environment that sexy, sneezy men share showers. :rolleyes:

Prompt: Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon (Queen)

Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (the Robert Downey Jr./Jude Law movie)

Characters: Watson/Holmes (cold)

Author: Rachiella

Watson banged on Holmes door, ignoring the sounds of gunshots coming from within.



“May I come in?”

“Watson, you are perfectly capable of entering a room.”

Watson smiled and opened the door, frowning at the sight before him. Holmes was sitting on the floor, doing God knows what with the shotgun. None of this was out of the norm, no, what worried Watson was the thin layer of sweat he could see on Holmes brow, even in the dark.

“Holmes, are you alright?”

“Watson, it’s genius. I have figured out a way to…Haishoo! Haishoo!

:Bless Holmes. Are you ill?”

“A simple head cold. No need to fret.”

Watson walked towards his friend and placed a hand on his forehead. Holmes pulled away harshly. Watson smiled at Holmes.

“Holmes, you’re obviously ill. When was the last time you slept?”

“Three nights ago. Haishoo! Haishoo!

“Bless Holmes. Go to sleep.”

“And waste a perfectly good Sunday afternoon?”


Holmes glanced at Watson and held his gaze for a moment before he sighed and nodded.

“Perhaps a short rest would do me some good.”

Watson smiled and helped his friend off the ground and into bed. When Holmes was comfortably tucked in, Watson began to head towards the door.


Watson turned around and faced his friend.

“Yes Holmes?”

“Thank you.”

Watson smiled and walked out of the room.

“Sleep well old man.”

Prompt: Hot N' Cold (Katy Perry)

Fandom: Glee

Characters: Kurt/Blaine (cold)

Author: Rachiella

Blaine sniffled and curled up further under the covers. He had finally caught the cold that was going around the Warblers and now he was in his room feeling miserable.


Blaine looked up at the sound of Kurt, his boyfriend’s voice.

“Kurt, what are you doing here?”

“My boyfriend’s sick. What do you think I’m doing here?”

Blaine smiled as Kurt came and sat down on his bed, kissing his forehead.

“You’re warm.”

Ishoo! Ishoo!

“Bless you.”

“Thanks. And I’m freezing, not warm.”

Kurt smiled and pulled the covers back, curling up with his boyfriend. Blaine pushed him gently.

“No, you’ll get sick. We can’t have the 2 main singers of the Warblers sick at once…Ishhoo! Isshoo!

“Bless you.”

Blaine sighed and pushed the covers off him. Kurt laughed.

“What now?”

“Now I’m hot. Ugh, I cannot get comfortable!”

Kurt curled up on his boyfriend’s chest, curling up as close as he could. Blaine smiled, now feeling warm but comfortable, thanks to his boyfriend’s body heat. Kurt smiled.


“Much. Thank you.”

Kurt kissed Blaine’s lips gently and laid his head on his chest.

“Love you.”

“You too Kurt.”

Comments? Requests? Other things?

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Those are some genius titles! I love the way they're perfectly integrated in all the fic, too!

It seems like you've gone for all the popular fandoms on the site! No complaints here!

....Although if you were to take requests, let's just say I've been hankering for some Firefly fic lately....

Great drabbles as always! I'm so excited to see more! It's amazing how prolific you are, too!

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Those are some genius titles! I love the way they're perfectly integrated in all the fic, too!

It seems like you've gone for all the popular fandoms on the site! No complaints here!

....Although if you were to take requests, let's just say I've been hankering for some Firefly fic lately....

Great drabbles as always! I'm so excited to see more! It's amazing how prolific you are, too!

Do you have a Firefly pairing in mind? :hug:

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Erm, I"m sure I'm not the only one who feels cheated on the Mal/Inara front. Simon/Kaylee's unrequited love was finally requited by the BDM... but seriously, there should be a sequel at some point.

And yayayay!!1!

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Quite Contrary: Blaine/Kurt is one of my favorite pairings of all time. I'm glad you liked it.

swann_ee_song: It's not ready but I'm working on a Mal/Inara one for you. :twisted:

Prompt: Poor Tom (Led Zeppelin)

Fandom: (500) Days Of Summer

Characters: Summer/Tom (allergies), McKenzie

Author: Rachiella

Tom sniffled from his desk before pitching forward.

Issht! Issht!

“Bless you Tom.”

Tom looked up and smiled at Summer, his…um…girlfriend? Friend with benefits? Best friend? Honestly, he wasn’t so sure what they were.

“Thanks Summer.”

“You okay?”

Tom smiled and nodded.

“Allergies…Issht! Issht!

“That sucks.”

Tom sniffled and blew his nose loudly and painfully. Summer winced in sympathy and touched his arm as she walked past him towards the photocopy room. Tom smiled and turned his head to watch her go until he heard a snicker coming from next to him. He turned his head to see his best friend McKenzie grinning at him.


“Nothing. Just….you have summer allergies…”

Issht! Issht! So?”

“So…dude, you’re allergic to Summer. Get it?”

Tom glared at McKenzie and rolled his eyes.

“Shut up, you idiot.”

Prompt: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (Wham!)

Fandom: That 70's Show

Characters: Jackie/Hyde (cold)

Author: Rachiella


Hyde opened his eyes to see Jackie getting up and changing back into her clothes.


Jackie leaned over and kissed Hyde’s lips.

“I just wanted to say I love you.”

Hyde groaned, prompting Jackie to frown.

“You okay Puddin’ Pops?”

Ashoo! Ashoo!

“Stephen, are you sick?”

Hyde sniffled and buried his head into the pillow, trying to get away from his girlfriend’s annoying voice. He loved her, not that he would ever admit it, but she was too much during regular mornings, let alone mornings when he was sick. Jackie smiled as Hyde turned his head away.

“Oh Stephen, you’re worried about me getting your germs! You’re protecting me! Oh, you’re se sweet!”

Hyde rolled his eyes before pitching forward again.

Ashoo! Ashoo!

“Bless you Stephen!”

“Thanks. Now leave me alone to suffer in peace.”

Jackie’s smile faded and she placed her hand on her boyfriend’s forehead.

“Stephen, I’m not leaving.”

Hyde’s head shot up.


“Puddin’ Pops, I can’t leave when you’re sick. I’m going to stay and take care of you.”

Jackie pulled the covers back from the cot and lay down next to her boyfriend, despite his protests, kissing his cheek lightly.

“Let me know if you need anything. Love you.”

Hyde couldn’t help but smile. She may be annoying but she really was trying.

“Thanks Jackie. Love you too.”

Comments? Requests? Other things?

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That's okay it's not ready yet. 'Cause when it gets here, it'll be fan-frickin'-tastic!

And in the meantime, I can sit back and enjoy all the other fic.

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Prompt: A Well Respected Man (The Kinks)

Fandom: Original

Characters: Alex/Ben (cold)

Author: Rachiella

Hahishoo! Hashoo!

“Bless you.”

Ben turned around to see a man around his age sitting in the seat behind him on the bus.


“Do you need a tissue?”

Ben smiled at the young man and nodded, accepting the small travel pack of tissues offered to him. The young man moved to sit next to him.

“I’m Alex.”

“Ben…Hahishoo! HahiSHOO!

“Bless you.”

Ben sniffled and wiped his nose on a tissue before wiping off a small bit of spit that had stained his suit jacket. Alex smiled at him.

“Bad cold?”

Ben nodded and sniffled again, blowing his nose harshly. Alex winced in sympathy and rubbed Ben’s back. Ben glanced at Alex and smiled. Alex withdrew his hand.

“Sorry, I’m overly affectionate. Especially with people who look like they could just use a hug.”

“It’s okay…Hahishoo!

“Bless you! Why are you doing anything besides resting in bed if you’re this sick?”

Ben smiled.

“I have to go to work. I have a business meeting today.”

Alex nodded, smiling at the businessman. Ben smiled in return before getting up to leave the bus.

“It’s nice to meet you Alex.”

“You too Ben.”

Ben took his card out of his pocket and passed it to Alex.

“Call me sometime.”

Alex nodded and winked at Ben just as Ben turned his head away.

Hahishoo! HahiSHOO!

“Bless you Ben.”

“Thanks Alex. Have a good day.”

“You too. Feel better.”

Prompt: My Eyes (Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog)

Fandom: Dr. Horrible

Characters: Penny/Billy (allergies)

Author: Rachiella

Billy sniffled from his usual spot on top of the dryer while he waited for Penny. When he finally saw her, he smiled from his spot and waved her over. Penny smiled and began to walk towards him, holding up 2 cartons of frozen yogurt.

“Hi Billy.”


“Bless you! You alright?”

Billy nodded, sniffling.

“Yeah, just allergies.”

Penny smiled and sat down next to her friend. Billy sniffled again and pulled a tissue from his pocket, blowing his nose into it. Penny knocked his hands away as Billy began to rub his irritated eyes.

“Billy, don’t itch your eyes! You’ll just make them worse.”

“I know, but they really itch! Hashoo! HaSHOO!

“Bless you.”


The 2 sat in companionable silence for a few minutes, the only noise being the washers and dryers and Billy’s sniffling. Finally, Penny turned towards her friend and gave him a one armed hug, just as Billy began to itch his eyes again.

“I’m sorry your allergies are bad today Billy. But stop scratching your eyes.”

Billy smiled at Penny.

“Thanks Penny. For taking care of me.”

Penny kissed Billy’s cheek gently.

“It’s what friends do for each other.”

Billy smiled a sad smile at Penny before returning to his frozen yogurt, careful not to irritate his itchy eyes any more.

Comments? Requests? Other things?

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I'd love to see a showdown between Captain Hammer and Doctor Horrible...with Penny trying to comfort Hammer, even though Billy is probably suffering more. =P

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HYDE!!! :blushing: I llike Hyde :lol1: He FINALLY told Jackie he loved her! AWWWWW!!! Loving your drabbles Rachiella44!!

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swann_ee_song-I'll work on a Captain Hammer vs. Dr. Horrible drabble for you. :lol1:

Grey on a Sunday-I love Hyde too! He's one of my favorites! I'm glad you're liking them.

Prompt: Our Last Summer (ABBA)

Fandom: 21 Jump Street

Characters: Penhall/Hanson (allergies)

Author: Rachiella


Penhall jumped up from his desk in shock before turning to the source of the loud sneeze. Hanson walked into the chapel, nose red. Penhall smiled at Hanson as he came and leaned against Penhall’s desk.

“You okay?”

“Allergies. Stupid summer allergies. I am so tired of sneezing…ASHOO! ASHOO!

“You going to be okay to work this job today?”

Hanson nodded before walking around to the other side of the desk and pulling a chair up next to Penhall, dropping his head on the desk. Penhall patted Hanson’s shoulder.

“Sorry your allergies are bothering you.”


Penhall smiled just as Captain Fuller came in to the room.

“Penhall, Hanson, I’ve got a case for you. I need you to go under as the McQuaid brothers.”

Fuller dropped the case file on Penhall’s desk and walked away. Penhall and Hanson glanced at each other, smiled and jumped up.

“The McQuaid brothers!”

“The McQuaid…ASHOO! ASHOO!

Penhall began to laugh as Hanson sniffled miserably and blew his nose.

“Bless you. Poor little Tommy. He’s got the sniffles…”



“Shut up.”

Prompt: Fire And Rain (James Taylor)

Fandom: Harry Potter

Characters: Lily/James (cold), baby Harry

Author: Rachiella


Lily looked up from the dinner she was making, baby Harry perched in the high chair next to her.

“James? That you?”

Hishoo! Hishoo!

Lily walked over to her husband and sighed. James had woken up with a cold that morning but he had still insisted on going to meet Sirius, Remus and Dumbledore for a meeting about the Order. Lily had started to get worried when it had started to rain, worrying about her already sick husband getting soaked. She was right. James was drenched from head to toe, shivering and sniffling.

“James! My poor darling.”

Hishoo! Hishoo!

“Honey, come get warm by the fire.”

Lily led James to the couch near the roaring fireplace and sat him down, wrapping him up in a warm blanket and kissing his cheek. James smiled at his beautiful red headed wife.

“Thank you Lily…Hishoo! Hishoo! H…HISHOO!

“Bless James. Stay here and warm up and I’ll make you some soup.”

Lily placed her wrist on James’ warm forehead, testing his temperature. James removed her hand from his forehead and kissed her palm tenderly.

“Thank you for taking care of me Lily.”

“I love you James.”

“I love you too.”

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M'awwww. That HP fic was... just m'awwww. I have no words. <3

P.S. Soo excited for what's to come!!

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