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Rain poured heavily and storm clouds rattled as Zana walked down the street. "I can't believe he made me walk ALL the way to that hospital in the pouring rain because he's too 'proper' a vampire to just go and suck the blood from a human like a normal vampire!" She vented to herself. She shivered against the cold rain and wind, mentally kicking herself for not bringing an umbrella, or at the very least, a coat. Of course, when she had left, it was beautiful. Lazy clouds, looking as soft as cotton puffs, drifted in the blue sky overhead and warm gusts of wind playfully blew through her long red hair. Now though, she was soaked, freezing, shivering, with sharp, cold winds cutting right through her, exacerbating her suffering.

She walked down the corner and looked up at the gray sky, stars just beginning to poke through. Of course, Vladimir would be waking. She wondered what he would do if she dropped the blood on the side of the curb and walked back without it, telling him she'd been mugged by a ravenous vampire, or possibly if she just didn't return at all. Maybe he would expell her from his clutches. Or perhaps, he'd simply leave her to die, fending for herself. Her next thoughts were cut off as a wave of water hit her, turned up from the rapidly spinning wheels of a passing car. She was now, thoroughly soaked. "BLOODY HELL!" She yelled, glaring the direction of the car. "THANKS A LOT, JERK!" She shivered, continuing her journey back home, wondering how long it would take before she turned into an icicle.


Zana cursed everything as she walked up to the door of the base house she was sharing with Vladimir. She cursed the storm, she cursed the car that had splashed her, and she cursed her nose, which had not stopped running since she'd started her journey back home. But more than anything she cursed what she knew would be waiting for her inside. Quite correctly, she was afraid. Pulling open the door, she straightaway was greeted by the knowing smirk of the vampire that had ruined her life. "Wet day?" He asked jokingly. "Shove it, Fang Face, I'm not in the mood for you." She said crossly, throwing the blood bags at him, which, of course, he caught perfectly. "Come now, there is no need ot be cross." He said, looking at her tired face which,at this remark, grew slightly twisted in annoyance. "No need to be cross?! You made me walk 3 miles in the cold rain to get you BLOOD! Something you could've easily found in any old person to walk by"

At this, the old vampire just smiled. "I have already explained to you why I cannot drink directly from a human. It violates the rules." "I'll show you violating rules..." Zana griped as she sat down on the couch. "What was that?" "Nothing." She sighed. A silence fell upon the room, save for the occasional sniffle from Zana. After a few moments, Vlad spoke up. "It is not my position to coddle you, Young Zana, but are you getting sick?" "No." She sniffed. Then, as if to squarely prove her wrong, her nose started to tickle. She rubbed her nose, trying to rid herself of it, when suddenly... "Heh.. Heh-itschew!" A high pitches sneeze errupted from her. She'd just barely caught it in the crook of her arm. She stayed in that position for a moment, not even daring to chance a look in Vladimir's direction.

When she finally did turn, she saw the outstretched arm of the vampire, offering her out a tissue. She took the tissue and held it to her nose, letting out a rather wet blow, then tossed the tissue into the waste bin that lay a few feet to her left. She glared at the vampire, and he gave her a smirk. "What is the glare for?" "I hate it when you're right."

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