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We lie wrapped in each other, immersed in a sea of deep green fabric. Silent companionship; we need no words. This embrace says everything we could wish to. The gentle curves of your body are draped over my back like a second blanket and slow rhythmic breaths, warm like a summer breeze, drift over my neck. Sleep can’t be far away. I close my eyes and feel it reaching up to take me...

A sudden, harsh inhalation cuts through the soporific rhythm that previously filled my ears. Immediately I’m alert, my whole body alive to the possibilities. You sniffle again, and I feel slightly damp flesh rubbing against my shoulder, the edges of your nostrils catching slightly where my bones stick out. Butterflies fill my stomach, anticipation now gripping every part of me, a sensation only heightened when I hear your voice in my ear, dripping with delight:

“My nose is tickling.”

Part of me thinks momentarily about resisting, not wanting to give in to the knowing satisfaction in your voice that I’m now hanging on your every word, movement and sound.

Your breathing is becoming shallower, more desperate; the rubbing and sniffling didn’t help, just as we were both secretly hoping it wouldn’t. Your soft feminine tones fill my mind once more; the hint of smugness gone now, replaced by simple urgency:

“I’m going…to sneeze”

The unscheduled pause in mid-sentence tells me you’re already losing control. I know you’ll try and hold it back as long as you can, just to tease me that little bit more. You cuddle closer and place your head just behind my ear. I can now hear everything, feel everything. Your shaky inhalations grow deeper, you’re right on the edge now and I shift uncomfortably under the blanket, delighting in the exquisite torture. You try to whisper again, struggling to control the volume and pitch of your voice with the sneeze so close at hand:


No sooner have the words left your lips, I feel your nose and mouth pressed against my neck. Your nostrils twitch against my skin, begging as I now am for the release to come. A harsh breath in and you stifle against me:


Lightning courses through my body, radiating out from the point of the sneeze and setting all my nerve-endings on fire. I shiver convulsively as all the anticipation and tension is released.

“Excuse me”, comes the slightly embarrassed sounding whisper.

“Bless you dear” I gasp, suddenly realising I was holding my breath through the entire experience. I stroke your leg with my free hand, a mixture of thanks and sympathy in the gesture. The arms around me squeeze in response and you sniffle again:

“Still very itchy…”

Sympathy wins out and I release one of your arms. There’s a series of wet squelching sounds, like walking through mud, as you rub vigorously at your nose. Another frustrated snuffle suddenly gives way to a rapid series of staccato breaths and I tense in your arms once more. You attempt to speak but the speed and strength of the coming explosion leaves you unable to form words. A few vocalised gasps are all you can manage before you sneeze violently:


The sound of the release fills my ears, while a torrent of damp, warm air coats the back of my neck like a summer storm. My back arches as a wave of ecstasy flows up and down my spine and I have to bury my face in the pillow to stop myself crying out. Through the euphoric haze I hear you sigh with relief, the tickling in your nose finally sated. You hold me close; I quiver in your embrace like a live wire while the sensation dissipates.

“Gosh…bless you again dear” I whisper, slowly recovering my senses. A kiss on my cheek says thank you and we both settle, wrapped in each other once more, to sleep.

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Short and very, very sweet. :D Everything tma said. Very sensual, I could almost feel that spray against my own neck.

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You are an amazing writer hon :laugh: I love the sensual discriptiveness.


*steals tma's comment as it sums it up pretty well* :)

Completely awesome and wonderful as always dear and so very gosh. :blushing:

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Uhm...wow :):lol: Thank you so much everyone, so very glad you liked it that much :):lol:

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Such an adorable little story! I don't really even know what to say, other than it's just so cute! Blankets are the best.

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