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Grocery store (M)


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Just yesterday I was in the grocery store in the bread isle near the dairy freezers, when I heard a violent sneeze. IIIIIICKHOO!!!! I turned and saw a guy walk around the corner with what looked like his wife and kid. He was built kinda like a stout football player with a small pointy nose with a rounded tip. He let out to more sneezes just like the first one while he pushing the cart. They were really loud and sounded like the kind that burn the throat when they come out. His faced turned beet red every sneeze. I sneakily looked at him while i was pretending to look for bread and saw his presneeze face. He then let out a stifled HMMMPLRG!!!! It sounds weird in know but it wast an air stifle it was one of those kind that sound like he swallowed the sneeze. Strangly enough I found the last sneeze more attractive. I saw him a couple more times and his sneeziness pretty much had passed.

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I love grocery store obs! The vague taboo of sneezing around produce is strangely appealing to me, LOL. I agree the last stifle sounds like it was the best, also nice detail about his face getting red. :D

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