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Dog Grooming school


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So yes I go to dog grooming school and basically that's just basically the world of sneezing...at least for some people lol really the hairs of certain dogs when you are shaving them or drying them with the turbo dryer can really get up your nose and thus sneezing occurs.

ANYWAY, so me and this guy in my class (we'll call him D) (he's pretty tall, built, late 20s, and asian lol) Him and i were teaming up grooming this huge goldendoodle (A golden retriver-poodle mix) and so we had to shave his body before putting him into the tub, so anyway like about 10 minutes into the shaving, D lets out this unannouced, loud sneeze. It scared the living daylights out of me...and the dog too actually lol then like about 5 minutes later he sneezed again but it was like half stifled kind of sounded like "Heh-mphshiii" It was pretty cute lol im pretty good at hiding excitment so i wouldn't say that i was dying but in my brain i was like :D:bounce:

I have like 4 days left of school but ill let you guys know if i observe anymore from him :D

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