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I used two different random word generators to come up with these, so they are pretty random. I'm going to try to do them in order. Oh and my drabbles might be over 500 words a lot of the time. They shouldn't exceed 1,000 words, however. I tend to be long-winded. Haha.

(1) Buffoon. (2) Platter. (3) Reins. (4) Grasshopper. (5) Persistence. (6) Bikini. (7) Anesthesia. (8) Muddy. (9) Interrogation. (10) Sulky. (11) Germ. (12) Revulsion. (13) Perfectionist. (14) Sexism. (15) Elegance. (16) Omen. (17) Veterinary. (18) Hothead. (19) Porcupine. (20) Shrine. (21) Pansy. (22) Unfasten. (23) Humiliation. (24) Dainty. (25) Defeated. (26) Gravity. (27) Catholic. (28) Young. (29) Shelter. (30) Consultation. (31) Angel. (32) Presentation. (33) Horse. (34) Geography. (35) Triumph. (36) Alcohol. (37) Parody. (38) Hospital. (39) Obsession. (40) Garden. (41) Honesty. (42) Holiday. (43) Wedding. (44) Sponsor. (45) Kindness. (46) Counting. (47) Identification. (48) Ego. (49) Hate. (50) Mouse. (51) Battle. (52) Present. (53) Rub. (54) Admiration. (55) Cunning. (56) Violence. (57) Score. (58) Tradition. (59) Pun. (60) Caffeine. (61) Resolution. (62) Pregnancy. (63) Closure. (64) Innocent. (65) Fossil. (66) Compliment. (67) Fur. (68) Visitor. (69) Hangover. (70) Revenge. (71) Ethic. (72) Clean. (73) Scandal. (74) Bankrupt. (75) Wine. (76) Splint. (77) Mistake. (78) Materialist. (79) Cat. (80) Sign. (81) Lining. (82) Attraction. (83) Cinema. (84) Persuasion. (85) Scientist. (86) Swerve. (87) Demon. (88) Lust. (89) Stalking. (90) Surrender. (91) Mission. (92) Plane. (93) Anatomy. (94) Punishment. (95) Arrogance. (96) Steam. (97) Pride. (98) Incompetent. (99) Killer. (100) Curry.

(1) Buffoon

Grey's Anatomy, male, cold

492 words

Hih’IHZgsh. IHSHH.

“Why won’t you admit you’re sick?” Lexie asked, her voice rising with frustration as Mark Sloan bent forward again with two irritated sneezes.

“Cause I’b gnod sigk,” he protested stubbornly only to snap forward with another sneeze. Hih’IHHHSHH’uh.

“Bless you,” she grumbled out, scowling at him as she got paged.

“Rud alodg gnow add adswer your page,” Mark instructed with a smirk, leaning back against the nurse’s station.

“This is not over,” Lexie warned, narrowing her eyes in a scowl at him before turning on her heel and leaving Mark to stifle a sneeze harshly. Hih’IGGX.

Lexie spent the vast majority of her day distracted by the thought of Mark, who had been vehemently denying a cold for days. She knew she really shouldn’t worry about him considering they had been broken up for weeks, but she couldn’t help but imagine Mark going home alone and suffering. He had always been terrible at taking care of himself and so at the end of the day when she found out he’d gone home early, she couldn’t just ignore his state of health.

For that reason, she found herself standing outside his door with a bowl of soup and a feeling of foreboding as she heard a distinctly female giggle on the other side of the door. When Mark opened the door, she nearly dropped the soup as he was scantily clad and she could see a woman’s clothes littering the floor.

“Ledxie…” he murmured with shame as he saw the look of hurt on her face and then as he saw the soup in her hand.

Lexie set down the soup abruptly and turned to walk away. She was almost out to her car when she heard her name being called. Brushing away angry tears, she turned around to survey Mark who had thrown on some pants quickly. “What, Mark?” she asked bluntly. “Here to try to apologize? No need. We’re not together. I just thought…” She broke off, brushing at a few more tears. “Whatever! I should have assumed you wouldn’t be alone. My bad.”

“It’s not your bad, Ledx. I’b sohhhh’IZZGSHH. I’b sorry,” he whispered, his face torn as he watched his ex-girlfriend attempt not to cry.

“You shouldn’t be. But you’re sick, Mark! Just admit it!” she demanded hysterically, folding her arms over her chest.

“I’b gnod…” he began to deny only for Lexie to give a moan of frustration, entering her car and turning it on. He turned to walk away, expecting her to drive off and ignore him, but he turned as he heard the window roll down.

“You’re a buffoon, Mark!” she yelled petulantly before driving off, wishing she were better at telling people off. It was sort of embarrassing that was the best she could do, but as she glanced in the rearview mirror and saw Mark snap forward again with a sneeze she couldn’t hear, Lexie felt she had won the round nonetheless.

(2) Platter

original, female, allergies

The chef used way too many spices, but, as a server, Madeleine Hayes was not allowed to comment. The guests seemed to appreciate the flavorful food, however, and so any hope of a complaint was gone as Madeleine carted platter after platter out of the kitchen and carried around the sausage roll hors d’oeuvres, trying her best not to breathe in the pungent smell that taunted her sensitive sinuses.

She couldn’t keep from breathing the whole time and occasionally she’d take a tentative breath, her nose beginning to itch deep within her sinuses. She couldn’t hold on for long and she desperately wanted a different tray to carry, preferably one that wasn’t so intensely flavored.

For the most part, guests noticed Maddie’s presence on their own and they helped themselves to the flavorful sausage rolls on her trays, emptying her platter quickly and leaving her to return to the kitchen to get more.

“The guests are liking your tray, miss?” the chef asked brightly, in the process of replenishing her platter.

“Yes, sihhhr,” she answered through a hitching breath. “May I take a minute to use the restroom?”

He nodded his approval and Maddie retreated to the bathroom where she blew her irritated nose and let loose a few allergic sneezes. Hih’ih’tschiew. Kih’hih’tschieww. Kih’ih’tschh. She blew her nose again harshly, effectively silencing any further sneezes.

“This is the last of these,” the chef announced somewhat apologetically to Madeleine as he handed her the full plate of sausage rolls. Little did he know that this revelation came as a great relief and Madeleine wandered back out to the guests, determined to get rid of these appetizers as soon as possible.

There were only three rolls left when her nose acted up. Fortunately, she had been heading back in the direction of the kitchen and was in a part of the room where only one person stood. Unfortunately for her, the sole person in the vicinity was a young and attractive man.

“You okay?” he asked after he turned around, causing her to flush with embarrassment, and as he realized she was gearing up to sneeze he took away the tray just in time.

Hih’kih’HITSCHIEWW. Kit’TSCHIEW. TSCHIEW. TSCHH’IEW. TSCHH’IEWW. At that point, she pinched her nose, rocking forward with six back-to-back silent sneezes.

“Woah!” he exclaimed, half concerned, half amused by her outburst, laying a tentative hand on her arm.

“Sohhhh’KTSCHIEW. Sorry,” she gasped out, scrubbing at her nose and wiping at her streaming eyes.

“ ‘S fine,” he said dismissively, his hand lingering on her arm to steady her. “You done?”

She sniffled wetly but was relieved to find the tickle had left her and she nodded, one hand loosely covering her nose in embarrassment.

“Bless you,” he said gently, balancing the tray with one hand as he dug into his suit pocket and pulled out a pristine handkerchief. “Here. Take it. I don’t need it,” he said, offering it to her.

She hesitated only momentarily but as he nodded encouragingly, Madeleine took the white fabric and dabbed at her nose with it. “Thags,” she said thickly.

“No problem. I’ll just take these off your hands,” he said with a smile, eating the final three sausage rolls.

Madeleine laughed softly, taking the tray back. “Thags,” she repeated, smiling at him shyly.

“More sausage rolls for me,” he said in a mock cheer, causing her to laugh again.

“Well, I better get back,” she said regretfully.

“You gonna be okay?” he asked, real concern evident on his face.

“Yeah. This was the lasdt tray,” she explained.

“Well, I’m glad. I’m Henry, by the way.”

Madeleine smiled shyly once more, turning a little to walk back to the kitchen.

“You aren’t going to tell me your name?” he asked teasingly as she began to stride towards the door.

“Mbadeleide,” she called at last, her voice still congested.

“Well, Mbadeleide,” he joked good-naturedly. “Take care of yourself.”

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These are really good! thanks for writing them! looking forward to more ;)

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((thanks, zane! oh my gosh, this next drabble got a little out of hand. it's pretty long. i am almost tempted to make it into a story, but we'll have to see))

(3) Reins

Criminal Minds, male, allergy

976 words

There were a multitude of reasons why Aaron Hotchner should have said no to the offer to go horseback riding, but the BAU was in good spirits after solving a child abduction case that returned seven missing children, Mrs. Peterson’s son included, to their homes. Many times their cases didn’t end so pleasantly and so as Mrs. Peterson suggested they take some of her horses and ride a trail on her property, Hotch decided to let them go. His decision was only partly influenced by his team in general and more had to do with a specific member’s expression when Mrs. Peterson had offered. JJ’s face had lit up at even the mention of horseback riding and Hotch couldn’t help but want to please her.

It was fifteen minutes into their ride in which Hotch felt something was wrong. It started with watering eyes, but he brushed it off as exhaustion as they hadn’t slept much the past few days. When his throat started to tickle slightly, he became a little concerned, hanging back a little as he cleared his throat softly, which didn’t help. It wasn’t long before he was sure he was having some sort of allergic reaction, an itch flaring deep within his nose, one he wasn’t sure he could contain.

He continued to hang back, stifling three sneezes silently, but his nose still burned and he felt a sense of dread as he realized his allergic reaction seemed to be from the horse and not some sort of plant as the trail delved into a different part of the land, the trail narrowing and the level of skill needed to navigate increasing as he dodged a few low-hanging branches.

Hotch swiped at his watering eyes, holding his breath in the hope that it would keep him from sneezing but eventually he had to inhale and when he did the tickle spread like wildfire, causing him to sneeze six times rapid-fire. Hih’ishh. ISH. ISHH. ITSCH. ITSCHH’uh. ITSCH’oo.

“Bless you,” JJ and Prentiss called from up ahead, and when he looked, JJ had swiveled to look at him with shock.

“You okay, Hotch?” she asked, gasping a little as he didn’t notice another branch, which scratched him in the face.

“Fihhhh—Fine,” he sputtered out, only to succumb to another fit of ticklish sneezes. Hih’ITSCH. ITSCH. ITSCH. ITSCHHH’oo.

By that time, Prentiss turned around, too, and they both stopped their horses, urging Hotch to do the same. He momentarily forgot what to do and released the reins on his horse, which took this freedom as a chance to begin to venture off path. Thankfully, JJ followed after him skillfully and quickly took over at holding the reins. “Scoot back,” she instructed, and he edged backwards, sneezing before he had a chance to ask what she was doing. Hih’ITSCH’uh. ITSCHHH. ITSCHHH. ISHHHH.

Swiping at his dripping eyes, he was able to see as JJ continued to hold her horse’s reins as she transferred from sitting on its saddle to sitting right in front of him. He reached a hand out to steady her, insuring she didn’t fall only to sneeze off to the right as far away from her as he could get. ITSCHH. ITSCH.

“Jeez! Bless you, Hotch,” JJ muttered in shock, taking his arms and wrapping them around her waist, steering his horse back towards the path and guiding her horse that way, too.

“I thihhh—think I am allergihhhhh—allergic to the horse,” he sputtered out, his breaths becoming erratic again as he geared up for another allergic fit. He didn’t know what to do, though, not wanting JJ to get caught in the cross fire, so he held his breath, his eyes streaming as the tickle increased.

“Hotch, it’s okay,” she insisted. “It’s not like you can help it. Go ahead and sneeze.”

He nodded, not that she could see, and bent over away from her, each sneeze tumbling out one after the other. KITSCH. ITSCHHH. KITSCHH’uh. Hih’TSCHHH. KSHHHH. ITSCHH. ITSCHHH. ITSCHH’oo. KSHOO.

Exhausted, he slumped forward a little bit and didn’t even realize as his head drooped onto JJ’s shoulder until he heard Emily’s concerned voice. “Is he okay?”

“Yeah. He’s allergic to the horse, poor thing,” JJ replied, smiling as he lifted his head from her shoulder with an embarrassed apology. “No apology necessary, Hotch. Go ahead and rest. And take off your tie. It should help with your breathing.”

He nodded, feeling like he was in a trance as he unknotted his tie. He meant to stay upright, but his eyes closed again and he once again drooped forward, the fabric of JJ’s shirt helping to keep his nose from registering the horse there. Before he knew it, he heard the rest of the team and felt himself being lowered to the ground. Opening his eyes, he was met with the concerned face of Dave Rossi, who had lifted him with ease from the horse.

“We’re going to get you some allergy medicine,” Dave promised as he steadied Hotch on the ground, who promptly covered his nose for three sneezes. Hih’ITSCHH. Hih’ITSCH’uh. TSCHH’oo.

Scrubbing at his burning nose to no avail, he let Rossi guide him blindly to the SUV, getting into the backseat with no complaint, feeling both embarrassed and grateful as JJ slid into the seat next to him and patted his knee. “You’re really allergic. I think you’ve even got hives. Haven’t you ever ridden a horse before?” she asked, grabbing tissues from Rossi and pressing them into Hotch’s hand.

Hotch shook his head, covering another itchy set of sneezes. ITSCHHH. ITSCHHH’uh. KTSCHH. KTSCHOO. KSHH.

“Bless you,” JJ soothed. “Just rest, Aaron.”

He complied, lowering his head onto her shoulder slowly and closing his eyes. It didn’t take long before he drifted back off to sleep, letting himself be vulnerable for once in his life.

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How have I not seen this yummy, drool-worthy, Hotch story?!! See, I go out of town for a couple weeks and little gems like this slip through the cracks. Love, love, love! :)

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((the lovely matilda3948's drabbles have inspired me to start mine back up. they're CM, too, because that's the mood i'm in. hopefully i didn't botch the relationships. it's harder to write characters convincingly when you have less space. of course, i still rambled on. ha))

(4) Grasshopper

criminal minds, male, cold

“And that is the art of making the perfect cheeseburger, young grasshopper,” Rossi said as he slid a perfectly formed burger onto a bun, handing the plate to Reid.

Reid stared down at the plate for a moment before robotically walking over to the kitchen table. In fact, all of his movements today seemed robotic. As if noticing his own odd behavior, Reid cleared his throat lightly and explained, “A lot of people attribute the phrase and idea behind ‘young grasshopper’ to the movie ‘The Karate Kid’, but historically apprenticeship goes further back and, in fact, that movie isn’t very realistic.”

Rossi made a humming noise and sat down across from Reid, taking a bite of his burger. He watched Reid expectantly, noticing as the younger man took a small bite, chewed it for longer than normal and then swallowed it with an almost imperceptible grimace.

“You could have told me you were sick, Reid,” Rossi said after a minute of silence after watching Reid force three more bites down. “I would have made my famous clam chowder.”

“I don’t think it’s famous unless it’s known and recognized by a body of people,” Reid argued, setting the burger down and clearing his throat again softly.

Rossi snorted a little with laughter and leaned back as Spencer’s expression became unfocused. He stood up and came back with a box of tissues, placing it resolutely in front of the youngest team member.

Spencer stared wearily at the box but soon gave in and grabbed a tissue, stifling two sneezes into it. Hih’IGXT. GXXXT’sch.


“Thank you,” Reid grumbled out.

“This is how this is going to work, Spence. You can either admit to me you’re sick or you can finish that burger. Your choice,” Rossi said, his eyes narrowing at the stubborn man in front of him.

“I’m not sick.” With that, he took a bigger bite but when he swallowed it, he made a soft noise of pain and pushed the plate away. “Okay, my throat hurts,” he admitted softly. “Can I bring this home?”

“Of course. Why’d you come if you weren’t feeling well?” Rossi asked, deciding not to force Reid to actually say that he was sick. Him admitting a sore throat was good enough.

Reid colored a little and shyly said, “I like your cooking lessons. I know you’ve taught the rest of the team some recipes, but I feel like this is something we get to do together.”

A smile appeared on Rossi’s face and he grabbed Reid’s plate and patted his apprentice’s shoulder as he passed. “I’m glad you came, Spencer. I just wish you were feeling better.”

As if on cue, Spencer grabbed another tissue and directed a few sneezes into it. Hih’itschh. Tschh’tch. Kishh’uh.

“Bless you. Now go home, rest and I’ll be by later this evening with some soup.”

“You don’t have to…” Spencer began to protest.

“The master never has to do anything for the apprentice, Spence.”

Spencer stood up, his shoulders sagging a little and let out a small sigh. Rossi could tell the kid felt rotten. “Sorry, Rossi,” he said quietly as he picked up his bag.

Rossi frowned as he looked at the shame on Spencer’s face. “Hey,” he said gently until Spencer met his eyes. “No apology necessary. I appreciate you coming. But for future reference, you having to cancel won’t suddenly make these lessons stop happening.”

Spencer nodded and offered a small, apologetic smile.

“You’ve still got much to learn, young grasshopper,” Rossi joked with a wink. “I’ll bring by soup later.”

“Thank you,” Spencer said again and smiled. “The burger was great, by the way.”

“I think the word you’re looking for is exceptional?” Rossi grinned as Reid chuckled, wincing at the pain in his throat.

“Exceptional,” he repeated and then opened the door. “I’ll see you later?”

“You betcha,” Dave said and gave Reid’s shoulder a squeeze. “Feel better. We’re making risotto-stuffed chicken next week.”

(5) Persistence

criminal minds, male, cold

When she knocked on the door, there was no answer, but JJ could see the light on and so she eased the door open hesitantly, unsure of what she would find. She didn’t know what she was expecting, maybe to find Hotch dead on the floor since he always answered, but instead she found him dozing on top of his laptop.

She approached slowly and he shifted a little in his sleep, waking his computer up from its sleep. On the screen was a bid for the hottest toy of the Christmas season and there were only five minutes left.

“Hotch,” she whispered softly, gently placing a hand on his bicep, noting the warmth that radiated from him. “Hey, wake up.”

He woke up with a start, wiping spit from his chin embarrassedly. His eyes were bright and so was his nose. Glancing at his wastebasket, she saw a pile of tissues in it.

“JJ?” he asked in a confused tone, glancing at his watch and straightening up fully in his chair.

“It’s 6:00am,” JJ confirmed as he looked at his watch again. “Have you been here all night?”

Hotch let out a sigh that turned into a few hoarse coughs. He rubbed his throat before he could help it. He opened his mouth to try to think of an excuse for why he was asleep in his office at 6:00am when an itch in his nose made him swivel away from her, directing four sneezes that rocked his body forward into his forearm. Heh’ETSHchh. ETTSCH’uh. Hngg’SHHuh. NGTSCH.

“Oh no, Hotch. Bless you,” JJ said softly, her voice dripping with sympathy.

“I’b fide,” he tried to protest only for a straggling sneeze to come forth. Hih’ITSCHH’uh.

“You don’t sound fine,” JJ chided and looked at the screen again. “You gonna win the bid?”

“Huh?” he asked dumbly, much unlike himself, before he realized that the bid was almost over. He let out a small gasp and coughed harshly down towards his chest as he started trying to focus on the screen. He squinted at it, looking dizzy as he tried to type in some numbers.

“Here,” JJ offered, tugging the laptop away. “What bid do you want?”

“Higher thad whad’s offered,” he said simply.

She let out a breath as she noticed the bid: $550. She chose not to comment, though, and typed in $555. There were only 30 seconds left and she watched in horror as someone else typed in $560. Quickly, she amended her bid and so the process went another couple times until the bid closed at $600 even and Hotch was declared the winner.

“There,” she said with a smile, turning the screen back towards him.

“You wod id?” he asked, a smile beginning to form on his lips.

“Yeah. I guess Jack really wants this toy, huh?”

Hotch smiled in a pained way and JJ noticed the moisture that had collected in his eyes. “Yeah,” he confirmed thickly. “Haley had probissed to ged id for himb, budt of course she couddng’t… Add thed I forgod to ged id before id sold oud. Jagck told mbe he doesd’t wadt adythidg this year, bud I hopbe he ligkes id.”

“Oh, Hotch,” JJ breathed out, feeling her own eyes dampen. She gingerly squeezed his shoulder, feeling heartbroken and worried as he leaned his cheek against her arm. It was the closest they had come to a hug and she kept the contact up until he took a gasping breath and ducked forward with a series of violent sneezes. Heh’ETSCH’uh. TSCHH’uh. KTSCHH. HNGSTCHH. Hih’ITSCHHH.

“Bless you,” she whispered, crossing her arms in worry.

JJ didn’t know whether the sneezing had dislodged a few tears or whether they had squeezed out in his grief, but when he looked at her, his cheeks were damp. She fought the urge to hold him, knowing that even if she did get him to let go, he’d feel embarrassed later, so instead she stroked his hair once and placed a kiss on the top of his head. “I’m so sorry, Aaron,” she whispered against his hair.

He ducked his head and his shoulders shook once, then he placed a shaking hand against his lips. He took a measured breath and nodded. “Thadk you… Truly.”

She let her hand slide to his shoulder and looked at the screen over his shoulder. “How long did it take you to get this?” she asked gently, trying to divert his thoughts away from Haley and back onto the positive: that he had won the toy.

“12 hours,” he admitted with a rueful smile, rubbing his neck. “I was a liddle obsessive.”

“You? Obsessive? Never!” JJ teased, squeezing his shoulder again before pulling her hand away. She could see he was stable now. “You’re just persistent, Hotch.”

“Persisdendt,” he repeated quietly, swiping at his cheeks quickly to rid them of the evidence of his weakness. “I guess thad’s a nice way to pud id…”

JJ laughed and took a few steps towards his office door. “I’m not being nice, Hotch. I’m being honest. Henry wants that damn toy, too, but I don’t have the patience to get it for him.”

He smiled and met her eyes. “Really?”

“Really. Now, I’m going to go make some coffee and leave you alone so you can hopefully blow your nose in peace and celebrate your victory.”

Hotch looked at her in pleasant surprise and smiled. “Hey, Jeddifer. Thadk you.”

“I do accept gifts for my stealthy bidding skills,” she teased. “Or, you know, just a day or two off.”

He chuckled lowly and watched her as she opened the door. “I’ll see you id the kidtched id a few bidutes.”

“Alright. Oh, actually…” she dug through her bag and pulled out a pill. “It’s Dayquil. I thought I saw you were getting sick, so I brought this.” When she noticed his hesitance, she shrugged. “I mean, even if you aren’t sick, there’s no harm in taking it.” Hotch again looked surprise at her sensitivity and nodded.

“Mbide as well,” he agreed softly and began to unwrap the pills. She didn’t wait to make sure he took them, but as she began to prepare the coffeemaker, she heard gurgling nose blows and a few coughs.

“Persistence,” she murmured to herself with a small smile. “It pays off.”

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((this one is a beast! i may flesh it out into a story instead of compressing it.))

(6) Bikini

criminal minds, Prentiss, allergies

762 words

For the record, Hotch had not been on board with this idea. The body had turned up on a beach in Virginia. With some digging, Garcia had discovered that similarly killed bodies showed up on beaches up and down the East Coast and she soon found the common denominator: a group of lifeguard friends who moved every couple of years to experience a new city. They all seemed nice, normal even, but it was pretty clear that one of them was involved, but Hotch suspected that they wouldn’t be forthcoming about any suspicions between friends, so when Emily offered to go in and flirt with the most likely suspect, he had to let her go.

The rest of the team was stationed throughout the beach, seated on towels or talking at the pier to blend in, but Hotch knew they were all nearby in order to help apprehend the suspect. He was waiting for Emily who was getting changed into a bikini in the bathroom. When she came out, he kept his eyes trained on her face, only allowing himself a brief glimpse to confirm that any guy would be crazy not to be attracted to her. The bikini was a navy color with beading on the top part in the shape of a flower.

“How do I look?” she joked.

“Great,” he said simply, not daring to delve into anymore enthusiasm.

Emily smiled at him and glanced around to locate the lifeguard. “Let’s make this smooth sailing because I want seafood later tonight, not to be cooped up in the precinct.”

Hotch smiled. “If you can prove he’s our guy, we’ll go wherever you want.”

“I’m holding you to that!” she warned and set off. He caught himself watching her walk for a moment too long, and he cleared his throat looking away until she walked up to the lifeguard. He watched and listened as they talked, impressed as she touched his arm, and just like that Emily delved into talking about how the killer must have been an amateur, a failure. He watched closely as he heard Emily’s voice raise and she spoke quickly. The suspect became disgruntled and just as they assumed, he couldn’t sit still as she insulted his work. His defenses started out general, but after a minute or so of coaxing, he darkly murmured, “He hasn’t been caught yet” with a wink, and that was enough to at least arrest him and tie him to the case.

Emily touched his arm again, but this time she pulled his arms behind his back. As he got closer, he could see her eyes were watery and he frowned, letting Rossi apprehend the lifeguard as he led Emily away. “Hey, Prentiss, what’s wrong?” he asked gently, watching as a few tears trickled out.

“He wahhh was wearing AhhAxe or somethIH’TSCHOO. Itshoo. Hishoo.

Hotch watched with concern, wrapping an arm around Emily’s shoulders after a moment and leading her back towards the car.


“Oh my God,” she moaned, wiping her streaming eyes. “I tried so hard not to sneeze while I wahh’TSCHoo while I was talking to hihhh’TSCH’oo him.”

“Bless you, Prentiss. You succeeded, although not for your own good. Are you alright?”

“Fihh’TSCH. TSCH. TSCH. TSCH. Fine. So dihh’TSCHOO. TSCHOO. dinner is my choice?” she asked.

He couldn’t help but chuckle and nod. “Dinner is your choice,” he confirmed, opening the car door for her and digging through his suit jacket pocket for a handkerchief. He handed it to her and then brought his jacket up front, offering it to her after he turned the AC on full blast. “Do you want to wear this?”

She glanced down and colored as she noticed she was in her bikini top, which barely covered her as she jerked forward with sneezes. She hurriedly nodded, sliding into his jacket. “Just breathe, Emily,” he instructed softly as she struggled to catch her breath and keep from sneezing.

She nodded, blowing her nose into his handkerchief. “I’ll clean this,” she promised in an out-of-breath voice, smothering a fit of sneezes. Hih’ITSCH’oo. Tschhoo. Tsh’SCHOO. SCHOO.

It took a good 15 minutes before Emily’s allergic reaction began to pass and she leaned back in the seat, panting in between straggling sneezes. “Can we eat at that crab place?”

Hotch laughed as he looked at her, her eyes puffy and nose red, but expression hopeful. “Wherever you want,” he repeated. As an afterthought he patted her knee and said, “Thanks, Emily. We couldn’t have done this without you.”

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i'm in criminal minds heaven. i think i may have lost touch with reality, actually. not that it's a problem.

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i'm in criminal minds heaven. i think i may have lost touch with reality, actually. not that it's a problem.

laughing.gif I was just thinking, "Have I crossed over into unhealthy obsession?" After careful consideration, I've decided no. Not quiet yet.

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obsession with criminal minds can never be considered unhealthy wink.png these are brilliant though, thankyou so much for the entertainment

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((it's been a really long time, but i'm going to try to pick this back up.))

(7) Anesthesia

Criminal Minds, Female, Allergy

Words: 290

He shouldn’t have known where she was. Although Prentiss was usually perfectly able to take care of herself, Hotch had given her far too much leeway. Normally she wouldn’t take off to investigate a situation without back-up, but he didn’t blame her for thinking a trip back to the mechanic shop that the latest victim had visited would be at all dangerous. By the time he realized something was wrong it had been nearly two hours. He found her on the brink of death in a shed out back with some supplies tied to the ceiling with cuts over 30% of her body.

“When will the anesthesia wear off?” Hotch asked as a doctor peeked his head in to check on Emily, who was still asleep, bandages covering the wounds that had been sewn up.

“Any minute now. Page me if she needs me, otherwise I’ll be back in an hour to do her post-op.”

Another 15 minutes went by before he heard her sigh and was met with those dark eyes.

“How are you feeling?” he asked tentatively, resisting the urge to lecture her. It wasn’t her fault. It was his.

Emily took a shaky breath and he stood up, prepared to buzz the doctor before her head bobbed forward with a series of self-restrained sneezes. Hih’ktschh. Kshh. Kshh. Ktchh. Ktchh.

He knew they were just sneezes, but Hotch worried if they were painful or potentially dangerous. What if she ripped her stitches? Thankfully with another set of four similar sneezes she got it under control.

“Hey.” Although her lips were strained in pain, she had forced a slight smile. “This always happens when I come out of anesthesia. Don’t worry.”

“I always worry.”

“And thank God for that.”

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((A Bones drabble and a CM Reid one for you, amberlight24. Feel free to PM me if you have a Reid fic request. I'm really itching to write a story for someone that I can enjoy writing and that I know will be enjoyed being read!))

(8) Muddy

Bones, Female, Cold

Words: 441

“Jesus, Bones. Slow down.”

“I cad’t.” She has been sifting through the dirt for what feels like an hour looking for a missing phalange of a child’s skeleton. “Id’s here. Id has to be.”

“Bones, you don’t sound so great,” Booth murmurs gently, kneeling so that he’s next to his partner. Since becoming a mother, these cases have been hitting her hard. Booth doesn’t have the heart to tell her to stop even as he notices her nose is running and her cheeks are pink with fever. Everyone else is too afraid to mention her ill health.

“I’b fide, Booth.”

He can see the frustration rippling off of her, and he winces as she takes a sharp breath and brings her forearm to her nose. Hah’KNTschh. Huh’ktsch.

“Bless you,” he says and is unsurprised to find that she does not acknowledge it or the sneezes. He lets her dig for another half hour until it begins to rain and the dirt starts to run back into the hole she’s digging and she takes another wavering breath.


“Alright, alright. That’s enough. You’re sick, and you’re coming home. Let’s go home.” His appeal seems to fall on deaf ears as she swipes at her nose, leaving a trail of dirt along her face. “Temperance.” His voice turns flat and he gently grabs her arm.

“Gnoh, Boodth.” It’s raining, but he can tell there are tears mixing in with the mud and the water and the snot. “I have to cobledte hib.”

“Temperance.” His voice softens and she looks at him, her lips quivering. Her nostrils flare once and she ducks her head. Heh’KTSCH. KNGSCHH. He moves so that he’s holding her hand, and he feels relieved as she begins to move towards him. He helps to lift her onto level ground and wraps his arms around her shivering body, noticing the heat radiating off of her. “The team will scour the ground. We’ll figure this out.”

She looks like a child as she nods and allows him to lead her away, back to the SUV where she sits all with a vacant look muddy in the front seat. He knows not to push her to talk. Instead he keeps a hold of one of her hands as she cries, facing the window because even after all these years of intimacy she still hates to let him see her cry. As she sniffles pathetically, he lets go of her hand and pulls open the glove compartment, handing her some napkins. She mops at her face and once again sneezes. Hih’KTSCHH’uh.

“Bless you,” he murmurs and this time she looks at him.

“Thadk you.”

(9) Interrogation

Criminal Minds, Male, Cold

Words: 492

“How many times have you sneezed today?”

Reid colored and sniffed away any further sneezes. “Uh, I dod’t gdnow. I’b sorry, Hodtch. I’b fide. Really.”

Hotch stared at him with the intense expression that scared the hell out of any member of the BAU who was on the other end of this interrogation-style questioning.

It didn’t help that Spencer’s nose decided to act up again and he pinched it to no avail. Hih’GNXtt. IGXXXT.

“Bless you,” Hotch said flatly. “Go home, Agent Reid.”

“I’b sorry, Hodtch. Id’s jusdt a cold. I’b fide to worgk.”

“You’re sick.” It wasn’t a question.

“I’b sorry. I’ve beed fightidg id and dod’t bead to worry you. I’b fihh’KXTT. IXXT. GNKT. ‘TKK. Fide. I’b sorry.” Reid could feel his hands shaking. He hated being the weakest link of this team, and he hated disappointing his unit chief.

Hotch sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. When he looked at Reid, his expression had softened. “Spencer, bless you. You’re not in trouble. I’m just worried about you. You’re too hard on yourself.”

Spencer felt his cheeks redden and also felt his nose threatening to drip. He tried to discretely sniff, but immediately Hotch offered his handkerchief. “Gnoh, I’b…”

“Fine?” Hotch asked with what almost looked like a smile. “Take it, Reid. I’ll come collect it tonight.”

“Tonighd? Uhh, do we have a case?”


“Thed whahh’KISH’oo. TSCH’huh.

“Bless you. I’ll come take it and bring you some Kleenex when I stop by to check on you.”

Hotch said it like it was obvious, and Reid took a deep breath trying to figure out a way to dissuade his boss, grimacing as it triggered a phlegm-rattling coughing fit. When he was done, he noticed Hotch was gone. He took a hesitant look around, but by the time he faced the door again, Hotch had returned and was offering him a cup of water. Reid wanted to decline, but his throat was still itching and so he took the cup and drank from it. “Thagks,” he rasped out.

“Please go home, Spencer,” Hotch said. “You can drive, I presume?”

Reid gave a small nod before he opened his mouth to argue with Hotch’s plans. “You really dod’t have to…”

“I know. I want to. I promise not to make you uncomfortable. I just want to make sure you’re alright.”

“You did’t...” Reid began to protest, feeling even more embarrassed.

“Yes. I did. But I got you to admit you’re sick.”

Before he could help himself, Reid found a question coming out of his mouth. “How did you gnow I’d admid id?”

“I’m pretty skilled at getting confessions,” Hotch said and before Reid could look at him quizzically, Hotch confirmed his joke with a rare smile. “Now go home. I will see you later.”

“Ogkay,” Reid said slowly before he turned and exited Hotch’s office unsure if the bullets of sweat were from his fever or the interrogation he just survived.

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Aww...I'm soooo glad you're back! You're back and writing awesome CM fics!! This latest Reid one was especially fantastic :)

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Omg, I loved your Bones drabble. Poor Brennan! :( It makes sense that having a daughter would make her more sensitive when it comes to cases involving kids. At least she has Booth to comfort her. :heart:

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((thanks everyone! i've recently been on a new girl kick so here you go! this may end up being a story!))

(10) Sulky

New Girl, Male, Cold

Words: 506

“Where’s Nick?” Jess asked as she returned from shopping to find her two other roommates sitting on the couch.

“The bar,” Winston answered, not bothering to take his eyes off the TV.

“Do you guys want to go visit? I don’t know about you, but I could go for sex on the beach! The beverage or… You know.”

“I would, but I don’t want to. Plus Nick’s in one of his sulky moods. Male PMS or whatever,” Schmidt answered and Winston nodded his agreement.

Jess frowned but didn’t press it. Instead she changed into her new dress, a red and white polka dot vintage piece, and made her way to the bar. When she arrived, she could see Nick scowling as he cleaned off some pint glasses and stowed them haphazardly. When she flopped down, he didn’t even look up until she cleared her throat and drummed her fingers on the counter, smiling at him as he surveyed her with a bleary look.

“What’re…” He paused to clear his throat, rubbing a hand over his face as if to clear it of cobwebs. “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to say hi. Now I’ll take one fruity cocktail because I am a girl.”

Nick said nothing in response and began to mix her drink. He wasn’t the warmest of people, but Jess noticed that today he seemed especially frigid, saying nothing even after he placed the beverage in front of her. She was about to ask what was wrong when he swiveled away from her and brought the crook of his arm to his nose. Hah’AHTSCH’uh. Ahngshh.

“Bless you,” she offered, sipping her drink, which she suspected was lacking an ingredient.

Nick nodded his thanks before his head bobbed forward again. Hih’NKKttsch.

“Bless you again! You okay?”

Now that she really studied him, his eyes looked glassy and his cheeks seemed red.

“Fide.” He barked out, wincing as he contained a few coughs in his mouth.

“I see now why you’re sulky.”


“You’re sick. Poor Nicholas.”

At her sympathy, his resolve crumbled and he leaned heavily against the bar. “Is id thad obvious?”

“Only when I look at you,” she joked only to pat his hand. “Want me to bring you some medicine so you can get through your shift?”

With a sniff, he nodded slowly, his expression becoming dazed as he ducked forward beneath the bar to sneeze harshly. HAH’AKTSCH.

“Bless you. I’ll be back.” She stood up, leaving her drink almost entirely untouched.

“Hey Jess?”


“I thigk I lefdt the gredadide oud.” He gestured towards her drink with an apologetic look.

“I didn’t need all that sugar, anyway. Now just hold tight because I’ll get you feeling back to normal in no time.”

He smiled as he dumped her glass and stowed it in the dishwasher. She was halfway out the door when he let out a few barking coughs and called her name again. When she turned, he was rubbing his throat but he rasped out two words: “Thagk you.”

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