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Guy I used to go to school with (M)


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Ok so there was this guy I used to go to school with. He hung with the "in" crowd and was the type of guy thought he was too cool for school.He spent most of high school making jokes (especially about me :lmfao: ). He made a joke out of everything even his allergies. When we took chemistry together he would sneeze atleast twice ever class. He would let out a loud half stifled "HIIIH-NCKXXT-CHOO!!!" The "CHOO" always had an exagerated femininity (one of his schtiks,it worked because it always made all of the girls laugh). Afterward he would spend the rest of class blowing his nose. One day I could tell that he was worse off than he usually was. That day was a lab day, and since he was my lab partner, I sent him over to the balance scales to get some measurements. As I handed him a flask of what ever element we were working with, he squinted his eyes. As he took the flask and walked away I saw the most beautiful stiffled attack hit him. I knew it was the real deal because he didnt make that stupid girly noise afterward. NNNKRRT!!!! MMNNCKXT!!! MMMMNNKRRRT!!!. They came like machine gun bullets, leaving him not even the slightest time to breathe in between. Needless to say my eyes were glued to him as he walked to the scale. Within a matter of mere seconds he had let out at least 11 stiffled sneezes without breath or break, squinting,leaning forward and slightly lifting up one leg with each one. Later as we were doing our write up he mentioned his allergies and did that thing I like where he sniffs through a congested nostril while holding the other one shut. After spending an entire class with him in this state I let him make any joke he wanted to make about me afterward :laugh: .

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Geez, I've never been lucky enough to come across a guy so sneezy! But it's nice to know they really exist. :lmfao:

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