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Crazy Restaurant Sneezes (F)


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Was out for a meal yesterday when my attention was drawn to a pretty young lady sat side-on to me at the next table. She had black, straight hair and large eyes, with a lovely curvy body. Without warning she suddenly started to sneeze. Not sure what had set her off, whether it was allergies, spices, maybe too much pepper on her food.

Her eyes were scrunched shut and her mouth ever-so-slightly open. What made these sneezes so unique was that they were obviously very powerful, and built up with a desperate 'HuuUUUUUU...', but the actual release never came. She repeated the 'HuuuUUUUUUU...' three times, getting the attention of the whole restaurant as her build up was louder than most womans actual sneezing! :rolleyes:

Not sure whether she had managed to stifle the release mentally, or whether that was how she sneezed? Afterwards she seemed a bit dazed, blinking those big eyes and dabbing at the tip of her nose. Anyone else either sneeze like this or have seen something similar?

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