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Nikole Xx

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These are my first ever self-obs- so forgive me if theyr not very good :)

I felt really sneezy yesterday, ever since i woke up. my nose was tickling all day, but i couldn't seem to get the sneeze out.

my boyfriend was over during the afternoon, and he was actually trying to help think up ways to get my sneeze out :) he suggested i look into the light or breathe really slowly and heavily. It was cute (and makes me wonder how he has some knowledge on the subject.) so anyway, i finally got to get a sneeze out- and when one came they wouldnt stop. I was sneezing ALL DAY.

"AHH-CHEWY" and "AHH-NXT-CHEW" was how most of them were coming out, (i have very embarressing sneezes) My boyfriend luckily thought they were cute, and was laughing at me and blessing me. He always cracks up when I let out my "ah-chewy".. but he sometimes tells me off for stifling, and tells me to "let it out like normal people."

So anyway, later that night we had most of my family over for my stepfathers birthday party. My nose was so red by then, and i looked like i had been crying. When I served my uncle a drink, i had to let out the biggest sneeze ever. Usually, i'm good with my stifling and can keep my sneeze girly and quiet- but these ones failed. I turned away from him, aimed at the floor and sneezed, "AHH-ESSSHOO. AHH-ESSH" They had to be uncovered as my hands were full. My uncle said "God Bless You!" I always liked how he blessed people.

So there were no more sneezes at the party after that, I just excused myself to blow my nose about a million times.

Later on however, my boyfriend and I went up to the spare room to get away from the noise. We watched some movies on the fold-out couch. By the end of the 2nd movie, I thought he had fallen asleep. I was laying with him as he hugged me, when of course I had to sneeze again. I was thankfully able to stifle this one "HEE-NSH-EW" My boyfriend was either awake or i had woken him up, because he then said "bless you" in a sleepy voice! :lol: :lol: :)

So again, writting is not my strength, but tell me what you think

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I think it sounds like a wonderful sneezy day, and you described it very well. I hope you'll sneeze a lot more and write about it. :)

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