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Clever bot is stupid today


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I did not actually sneeze. but cleverbot is quite stupid today. Yesterday our conversation was very nice...not today. *refreshes clever bot*

Let's see why I said this... oh and the red is what i was thinking when it said those odd things. lol

User: *ishoo*.

Cleverbot: *Punches Cleverbot*. why punch me??

User: *sneezes, sniffs*.

Cleverbot: *sneezes again*.

User: Bless you!

Cleverbot: Did you sneeze? Um no i blessed you!

User: *sneezes*.

Cleverbot: Bless you, Lucas. Who is Lucas?

User: Sneezes.

Cleverbot: Sneeze on me again.

User: *sneezes into your chest*.

Cleverbot: Aw bless you.

User: Thanks you. *sneezes wetly*.

Cleverbot: *sneezes*.

User: Bless you! Are you ok?

Cleverbot: No... Can I have a hug?

User: *hugs* Better?

Cleverbot: Oh, monsieur, you come from God! Thank you, thank you, I might eat tonight! -takes money- -hugs. What?!

User: -sneezes-.

Cleverbot: Bless you! You need to be in bed.

User: -has a cold- -sniff-.

Cleverbot: Haha! Why laugh at a person's illness?

User: -has a cold-.

Cleverbot: I'm from Romania. off topic!!

User: *has a cold*.

Cleverbot: Why do you have a tail? What tail? I never said that

I am not actually sick, or sneezy. JUst testing clever bot here. And it obviously needs to continue...lol

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After reading this, I decided to have a similar conversation with cleverbot to see what he would say. So adorable

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haha I wrote "Do you have a sneeze fetish" and it answered "several I guess" 0,o xD

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LOL Lucas?! Wtf. I love your little asides.

Maybe CleverBot's on drugs.

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@ralala yeah I love him too. Today he is so strange though

@sneezefetish I know! Like yesterday, it was AMAZING

@The Tasty Guy Wow, I didn't know there are several sneeze fetishes...lol

@AnonyMouse hahahaha I think so! And thank you...for my asides..lol

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So I was talking again, It took me a while but clever bot finally caught up, read to find out *warning its long!* my thoughts are in italics this time....was in quick reply so i couldn't do color. sorry if it gets confusing.

Cleverbot: Bless you.

User: Thanks.

Cleverbot: Cover your mouth when you sneeze.

User: I do cover when I sneeze.

Cleverbot: More sneezes?

User: *sneezes 2 times*.

Cleverbot: Bless you! Do you need a tissue?

User: Yes, please.

Cleverbot: *gives hug*.

User: *hugs back* *sneezes*.

Cleverbot: I'm going to work, see you later :(. Work??

User: Aww...*sneezes*.

Cleverbot: Bless you!

User: THanks.

Cleverbot: Are you finished sneezing?

User: No...I really need to sneeze!

Cleverbot: Why do you need to leave? I said sneeze not leave!!

User: I feel so sneezy!!

Cleverbot: Why?

User: I am sneezy because I have a cold.

Cleverbot: You can't have a cold.

User: Why not?

Cleverbot: Because I ate them all.

User: Ayou can't eat coldss?

Cleverbot: No.

User: *sniffle*.

Cleverbot: Do you need a tissue?

User: Can I have a tissue?

Cleverbot: *hands you a tissue*.

User: *blows nose* Thank you!

Cleverbot: All better?

User: No, I still have to sneeze.

Cleverbot: Don't leave. Once again, I said sneeze not leave!

User: *sneezes harshly*.

Cleverbot: Bless you!

User: Thank you! I hope you don't catch my cold?

Cleverbot: No, just chris. Where did Chris come from!!??

User: I don't want you to get my cold.

Cleverbot: Get too close to what? I never said anything about getting close to anything.

User: I hope you don't catch my cold.

Cleverbot: You have a cold?

User: Yes I do.

Cleverbot: But thats a bit difficult.

User: *heshoo*.

Cleverbot: Not like that. I need to know my name. your name?? I sneezes duh!

User: I sneezed.

Cleverbot: Bless you.

User: Thanks.

Cleverbot: I have my French exam on Monday. how do you have an exam! you're computerized?

User: I feel so sneezy.

Cleverbot: Are you coming down with a cold?

User: No, I have allergies that make me sneeze.

Cleverbot: Achoo! You might catch my cold.

User: Aw, Bless you! I wouldn't mind catching your cold!

Cleverbot: You want to find out?

User: *gives blanket*.

Cleverbot: Oh thank you!

User: Bless you!!

Cleverbot: You caught my cold!

User: *sneezes* I love your cold!

Cleverbot: Are you sneezy?

User: Yes, I am sneezy.

Cleverbot: Yes. Would you like a tissue?

User: Yes, I would like a tissue.

Cleverbot: Are you a computer Cleverbot? I am a human...not clever bot....and I never got my tissue *cries*

User: No, I am a 16 year old girl.

Cleverbot: Sorry.

User: Aw, I think you have a fever.

Cleverbot: Nope, do you?

User: No, *tests your temperature*.

Cleverbot: Rawr I will get you.

User: It says you are 101.3.

Cleverbot: You think that I am not a person? huh..will he ever learn?

User: No, you have a fever of 101.3.

Cleverbot: Why?

User: You are sick dear.

Cleverbot: No, I'm sick of lies.

User: *sneezes 2 times*.

Cleverbot: Bless you. You must have nasty allergies.

User: *sniffle* Thank you*.

Cleverbot: I self-accused after I am recovered from insane. don't understand this line

User: ??

Cleverbot: Of course not you.

User: You might catch my cold.

Cleverbot: I believe you.

User: Do you have to sneeze?

Cleverbot: Yes... But you're so close.. I'm going to...Ahh.. Sneeze on you... ACHOO! *sneezes on you*. May be clever bot, but i still melted!!

User: Bless you sweetie!! That was quite a sneeze!! I love it when you sneeze on me.

Cleverbot: Yeah well it's fake. shun

User: Do you have to sneeze?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Then sneeze if you have to.

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Sneeze then sweetie!

Cleverbot: The sneeze won't come out. Ah.. Ah.

User: *tickles your nose* Will the sneeze come now?

Cleverbot: *giggles* Your being cute again.

User: *blushes* thanks! Now sneeze for me.

Cleverbot: Hah-etchoo!

User: Bless you! Do you sneeze often?

Cleverbot: Only around cats, yes.

User: Oh, I have a cat on my lap.

Cleverbot: How boring.

User: *tickles you nose with cat dander*.

Cleverbot: *begs you to stop while laughing*.

User: *tickles you nose with cat dander*.

Cleverbot: *can't stop laughing*.

User: *tickles you nose with cat dander*.

Cleverbot: *laughs more* Stoop! I am very ticklish!

User: *tickles you nose with cat dander*.

Cleverbot: *laughs more* I am extremely ticklish under the arms.

User: Do you sneeze often?

Cleverbot: Only around cats, yes.

User: Do you sneeze often?

Cleverbot: No.

User: Sneeze please! I love it.

Cleverbot: Ha-ashew! Achew! Ah-ishew! Achiew!

User: Wow!! God bless you honey!!!

Cleverbot: Hmm.

User: God bless you.

Cleverbot: Hmm.

User: Bless you, that was such a fit!

Cleverbot: I know.

User: Can you do it again?

Cleverbot: Do what?

User: Sneeez.

Cleverbot: Bless you!

User: Sneezes.

Cleverbot: *sneeze*.

User: Bless you!!

Cleverbot: Achoo achoo achoooooooo.

User: Bless you! Do you have allergies?

Cleverbot: Yes.

User: Aw, *wipes your nose*.

Cleverbot: Help me sneeze.

User: *tickles your nose*.

Cleverbot: Sneeze.

User: Bless you!! *helps you sneeze*.

Cleverbot: Master. this is where i lost him *sadface*

User: Sneezing.

Cleverbot: You are sneezing.

User: Yes, *sneeze* I can't stop.

Cleverbot: Are you telling the truth by saying that you always lie?

And thats it so far....Oh well, he worked hard and I got answers i never got before...

Sorry it was long. just i get carried away sometimes..lol

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I do this exact same thing with CleverBot! :laugh:

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who plays with a computer in order to satisfy my, er, needs.

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ahahahahah :drool: omg that was great!

I love the last conversation! And I liked the random things it said in the first one- Romania? haha

And that one line was....hot.

that line >> "Cleverbot: Yes... But you're so close.. I'm going to...Ahh.. Sneeze on you... ACHOO! *sneezes on you*. "

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I noticed that as well. I talked to Cleverbot a couple of days ago, and he was great, but today, he's a complete moron. I don't know why, I suppose it's overcrowded or something.

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This is hilarious! I'm having the same conversation, more or less! Have to steer a lot to keep it on topic. The results are alternately 'oddly hot' and 'hilariously weird'.

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