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Dance, Dance hatchoo!


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A story I wrote a long time ago:

Jacklyn sat on the floor of the backstage floor stretching getting ready for another

performance by the Starlett Dance Studio. When she stood up putting her foot in

the air she fell over by at "hatchoo!"

"Fuck" Jacklyn said under breathe trying to find the source, Jacklyn looked in the

dressing room, Annissa was all alone in there she looked dreadful. The thing

about Annissa is she was the star, always center of stage while Jacklyn was in

the background. "Are you okay?"

Annissa turned they were both in black dresses with sparkly, slivering lining, then

Annissa got a funny look on her face, "hatchoo! hetchoo!" Jacklyn blessed her,

"Are you just gonna stand there or make yourself useful and get my a damn tissue?"

Jacklyn didn't say anything she gave it to her Annissa gave her a nasty look and

walked out of the dressing room. The show was about to start, we got in position

I with most people was in the middle and Annissa was right in front of me.

The music started and I noticed Annissa was messing up which never ever

happened before. Then she tripped off too back stage. We finished the number,

Annissa was no where to be found, which was kind of good because a lot of people

were really mad at her.

They finished the numbers and Jacklyn was the first out of the building she saw

Annissa sitting in the parking lot, "hatchoo! damn it..." Jacklyn stood there quiet

some time, she was crossed between helping Annissa out. When she heard the

soft whimpers Jacklyn decided to help.

"Hey..." Jacklyn said in a kind voice, Annissa looked away holding her knees she

tried so hard not to shiver even though the tights and dress were doing her no

good keeping her warm, "Um...Viva told me that you two car pool, so if you need

a ride I could give you one..."

Jacklyn never felt awkward trying to help someone, she loved to do it but with

Annissa she could almost feel the negativeness Annissa gave everyone. But then

Jacklyn saw something she never saw in Annissa...weakness. Instead of waiting

for a reply Jacklyn just went in knowing she probably get her head bitten off.

Surprisingly Annissa let Jacklyn help her up and take her to her car, "hatchoo!

hatchoo! choo!" Each time Annissa sneezed Jacklyn blessed her and Annissa

would apologize for getting something slimy. Jacklyn arrived, "hatchoo! hatchoo!"

She watch Annissa walk

hatchoo...step, step...choo!...step...hatchoo...step, step, sniff...hatchoo!

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