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Crying obs (male) with coworker


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For those into crying and hurt/comfort, well, this happened about 5 years ago. I had a job that I no longer have now, in a place I am no longer in, and I didn't have the job for long, but there was a guy there who I just seemed to have this friendly chemistry with from the start. We used to have our lunch together and stuff like that. Anyway, his girlfriend ended up cheating on him and he was telling me about it. We were in a meeting type room with lots of chairs, and we were the only ones in there, but the room had a set of doors at each end, and people frequently crossed through it to get from A to B. Anyway, so he was telling me about the situation with his girlfriend, and as he was talking his eyes welled up a few times and his voice sounded emotional (like more throaty and cracking now and then). The tears didn't fall, but I was melting because he was opening up to me about something sad (which is totally my thing!) We were sitting across from each other, and his leg was resting straight on a chair in front of him. At one point, I reached out and touched his leg in sympathy... sort of squeezed his ankle, I guess... and I felt, um, mmmm... :rolleyes: I'm sure he couldn't tell, which was a good thing!

Anyway, I really wish I had been able to hug him while he was in that vulnerable state, but I guess it wasn't at that level where it seemed natural, as he mostly had himself together (I still dream of comforting a male friend during an actual FULL breakdown!) But here's the weird thing -- during our chat, people walked in and out of the room -- crossing through it to get from one place to the other -- and he never stopped talking or seemed to care! I would have thought he might be a bit embarrassed or shy and would try to hide what was going on, but no. He wasn't phased by it. I thought that was a little different for a guy, but hey, that's fine by me! I guess I hate for people to see me upset, but maybe others don't mind so much. It's probably what led him to open up to me in the first place.

Anyway, there's a crying obs for ya! Hope you enjoyed it!!

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Ooh, I loved that.

I love how he didn't care that others could see him getting teary and emotional. For some reason, I really enjoyed that.

He sounds cute too- another thing I love is when a boy/man will cry over a girl/woman :laugh:

Ok, now I dont wana go too overboard in happiness :) i'm sure he was very hurt.

Thanks for the obs!

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