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Blaine sighed. It had been 4 months since he and Kurt had broken up. August had started their new school year, their senior year at McKinely High. Blaine had transfered happily, wanting to be near to Kurt, and away from the strict rules of Dalton. Both boys had gotten in the swing of things, and their relationship was one to wish for. Then September had rolled around. Blaine and Kurt had had fights before but none like they had one cool day. The sun had been blocked by clouds, and Blaine and Kurt were sitting with Rachel, Finn and Mercedes at a lunch table out in the quad.

"So Kurt, are you and Blaine going to go to the same college?" Rachel asked, her high voice breaking the silence of the lunch table as they ate.

Blaine and Kurt looked at eachother. They had talked about maybe living together in college, but never really about where they were going. Kurt nodded hesitantly, and Mercedes picked up on it.

"Where are you two thinking of going?" she asked as she swallowed some water.

At the same time both boys spoke, and the whole table went quiet.

"New York!" "California!"

Kurt stared at Blaine. Had he really just said California? Wasn't their plan New York? Blaine looked up at Kurt, clearing his throat. "We should talk about this later." he murmured, not wanting to create a scene, but at the sight of Kurt's face, he knew there was no avoiding the talk right there, infront of their friends.

"California!? I thought we were going to New York Blaine! That's all I ever talk about!! Why would you want California? It's dirty, and to far away!" he yelled, drawing a few more looks from near-by students. Blaine calmly waved the students off and talked in a low voice. "Kurt, we never really talked about it much. Us, together. I'm sure we can find a compromise or something...." he suggested.

Kurt wasn't having it. "No! We're going to New York! Or atleast I am. Blaine, have fun in California...ALONE!" he shot back, to hurt to realize what exactly he was saying. He let a few tears fall from his eyes as he got up, ignoring the shocked faces of his friends. Walking off, Kurt went into the school, not looking back.

As Kurt left, Blaine ignored his friends, and bit his lip, trying his hardest not to cry. He was sure Kurt would come and apologize soon enough, knowing full well by the end of the week they would be the perfect couple again.

But he was wrong.

After Kurt hadn't called or talked to him for a week, Blaine tired talking to him, But Kurt ignored him. So for 4 months, they hadn't spoken. Blaine would constantly look at Kurt during Glee Club, or try and find him during lunch, but was never sucsessful. Kurt felt guilty and ashamed, stupid for breaking up with the love of his life, but was to proud to call himself out. He had wanted to talk to Blaine for months, but was to stubborn, until December 15th, when he saw Blaine in Glee Club.

Blaine walked in later than usual. He normally got in 10 minutes before it started. Today was diffrent. The ex-Warbler walked into the classroom almost late. Kurt looked up from his spot in the middle row to see his ex boyfriend in a heavy navy blue sweater and kahki pants. His hear was unkempt, still in it's usual curls, but looked more unstyled than his usual moussed curls. Finally, Kurt noticed Blaine's face. It was pale, with dark circles under his eyes indicating the lack of sleep he had missed the past few days. His eyes were glassy, a red rim around them. The red twinge also occupied his cheeks and nose. Blaine lifted a white tissue up to his nose, sniffiling before letting a sneeze spill out of his mouth.

"h'nxghttt!" Blaine wiped underneath his nose after sitting down in a back seat, away from the rest of the group. That was something Kurt had noticed more and more about Blaine. He had become more and more withdrawn from everyone. Kurt felt guilty, knowing that the reason everyone had been such good friends with him at first was because he and Kurt were together, and now to everyone else, Blaine was just the boy from Dalton.

As Mr.Shuester talked, he could hear Blaine's breath hitch slightly, and his heart ached. He could tell Blaine was sick, but knowing his ex-boyfriend, Blaine would never admit it. He would rather stay at home dying in his bed than admit he needed help.

"He...He'stchh'uh!...h'umphhh'chuh!" he stifled into his tissue, coughing afterwards.

Blaine sighed. He really felt like shit. His head hurt, his sinuses were pounding, his throat was sore. He could barelt breathe, his voice sounded weak and strangled, he kept sneezing and he felt achey all over. In the begining of the morning he had had a full pack of travel sized tissues, now he was down to 3. Shivering slightly, wrapping his arms around himself he sniffled again, trying not to draw attention to himself.

Quinn had leaned over from where she had been sitting, and gave him a sympathetic smile.

"I was sick last week with the same thing." she whispered, trying not to distract Mr.Shue. She let her hand rest on his forehead for a moment before nodding.

"You feel warm, you should probably try and get some rest tonight." she told him, before noticing his squinted watering eyes, his jaw going slack. She grabbed an unused tissue out of her backpack quickly and handed it to him just in time.

Blaine took the tissue from her blearily and held it up to his nose and mouth.

"h'SCH'uh!....n'GXHTTT'huh! Hep'tCH'uh!" he sneezed, rubbing his nose tiredly with the tissue afterwards.

"Thangk you." he mumbled, smiling lightly at the blonde, before hearing the bell. He got up woozily, grabbing his black messenger bag and throwing it over his shoulder before bumping into Kurt.

"Egxuse mbe." he said, trying not to look into Kurt's blue orbs. Kurt on the other hand had worked up enough courage to put a small hand on Blaine's shoulder and make him stop moving.

"We should talk." he told the raven haired boy, taking his left hand and walking him out into the snow. "We're going to the Lima Bean. I'll bring you back to our car when we're through." Kurt explained before getting in his own car. Blaine sighed, wishing he had medicine with him, before getting into Kurt's Navigator and buckling his seatbelt. The ride was quiet the whole way there, aside form Blaine's sniffles and occasional stifled sneezes.


As Kurt brought Blaine his coffee and sat down at their old usual spot, he took a moment to look at how worn down Blaine appeared. His nose had transformed to the light pink it had been earlier that day to a deep raw red. He was breathing through his mouth, small shaky breaths that looked like they hurt his chest.

"I got you your medium drip." Kurt said, resisiting the urge to run a hand through the older teens curls.

"Thangks. That was sweed of you." Blaine said before taking a few sips, smiling at the fimiliarity. His smile dorpped however, when he felt the steam wind up his nose, causing it to tickle. His nostrils flared, twitching as he took in a hitched breath.

"Hehhhh....He...H'eitischhh!...h'NGSXSHT! Hep'TISCH'uhh!" he sneezed into the collar of his shirt, sniffling before letting out a small irritated sneeze. "Hish!" Blaine rubbed his nose against the sweaters material, making look even redder if that was possible.

"Blaine..." Kurt murmured, letting one hand find Blaine's acorss the table, his thumb running over the other teen's knuckle. Blaine looked at Kurt.

"I'mb sorry. Aboudt colledge. Everythingh. I shouldn't habve obver-reacgted." he said, his voice congested and hoarse. Kurt just shook his head.

"I'm sorry. I over reacted about it all. It was me who broke up with you, I am so sorry." he said, feeling a tear fall down his face. Blaine nodded, wiping the tear away. Kurt grabbed Blaine's hand as he stood up. "Let's get you home and in bed. You sound horrible." he commented, kissing Blaine's warm forehead.


Thanks Guys! I'll update soon, R&R!!

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Ahhhhhhhhh! :bleh: this is soooooooo good! I love this! poor Blaine! :hug: you so need to continue this! Thanks for writing this :unsure: hope there's more sneezy Blaine to come :P

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So cute! Blaine and Kurt forever!

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Wow, this is awesome! This is the first Glee fic I've read and now I want to read more...

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Thanks for the reviews guys! Hope you enjoy. Will update again soon.


Kurt took Blaine back to his house. As they got inside, Kurt looked at Blaine.

"Sit on the couch, I'm going to get a blanket and pillow for you."

Blaine nodded, slightly out of it. Padding across the room, he sat on the comfy leather couch, coughing into his elbow. He looked up when Kurt came back down, adjusting the blanket on the couch, propping the pillow up at the end. Blaine silently got in it, burying his warm face against the cool material of the white pillow. He could tell it was Kurt's personal pillow. The way it was shaped told Blaine it had been slept on many many nights in a row. He held it to him closer, sniffling as he clutched the blanket.

Kurt laid down with him, guilt consuming him. He felt bad for his.....boyfriend? He supposed he would have to talk to Blaine about that when he was feeling better.

"Ku...Kuhhh-Kurt...tig....tihhhhh.....tigkles so buch..." Blaine rubbed at his nose desperately wanting to expel the itchy tickle from his raw and sensitive nose.

Kurt got up and went to Blaine's bag, searching for tissues but found none, so he grabbed the box from the kitchen, pulling out a few tissues quickly. Despite the germaphobe Kurt might have been, he didn't care when it came to Blaine. He had only seen the Warbler sick one other time, when he had caught strep throat from Jeff during the previous fall.

Feeling brave, Kurt placed the tissues against Blaine's nose, rubbing gently at Blaine's quivering nostrils through the tissue with his perfectly manicured nail. Immediatly Blaine could feel the effects.

"Hetishhh! Huptichhh! Kurt...st...stohhhh....st'TCHHSH'uhhh!! He'NGSTCH'ishh! Id itches so bad Kurd...he'ishh! ishhhh!" Blaine let out a few more tickly sneeze's against the white material, tickling his nose further. "Heitsihhh! Heishh! H'ngxxttcuhhh!"

"You have quite a cold in your nose Blaine." Kurt said, rubbing the underside of Blaine's pink nose with his tissue. Kurt had felt something...new when Blaine had begun sneezing. He was used to seeing Blaine so in control all the time, so perfect and well. Seeing Blaine so un-restrained and vulnerable made Kurt's heart speed up, and he felt a warm spot dripping in his lower stomach. He felt himself become aroused at how sexy Blaine looked when he couldn't control what was happening to him. Curiously but slowly, Kurt put a new tissue to Blaine's nose.

"Blow." He commanded, not thinking about how sexual it sounded. Blaine shook his head.

"Do, I'll ged you sick." he snuffled into the tissue, already feeling another tickle build. His eyes fluttered shut, his nose running freely.

"Ugh...Kurd...ba...bake id stob...it's so...sohhhh...ticgkly..I...I deed do sdeeze id all...ouhhh...out...Hgng'SHHHH'uhh...h'NGXZST'uhh...such a bad....code....Hepitchhhh!" Blaine sneezed into the tissue. But it wasn't a tissue. It was far to soft to be one. Looking cross eyes downward, Blaine saw it was Kurt's soft delicate hand.

"Kurd...god i'b so sorry...Hishhh!" he let out another small ticklish sneeze, rubbing at his nose.

"It's okay Blaine. I don't mind. Honestly..." Kurt couldn't believe he was about to say this. "I think you're incredibly sexy when you sneeze. The way you try to hold back and you can't, the way you look before them...you are the most incredible guy ever." he said, a blush rising to his pale face. Blaine stared dumbfounded for a moment but looked at him again.

"So...whad i'b doig righd dow....it's baking you horndy?" he asked, his voice overwhelmed with congestion. Kurt nodded, pulling him into a small hug. Blaine leaned against him before turning into Kurt's navy shirt, stifling a few sneezes.

"h'EPITCH'uhh....HGISHHH! n'XGHT'chuhh! Kurd..so...so sdiffly....herishhh! Hepimshhh!" Blaine rubbed his runny nose against Kurt's shirt, sniffling thickly afterwards, a stuffy, tickly sniffle that made his nose go mad.

Hehhh…heptshiu! Gh’hih…hgsht! Uhh…hih! H’ngtschu! Eptshiuh!....hg'rshzzzt'mpphh!!" Blaine stifled the last one into Kurt's shirt, Kurt's body shaking slightly.

"Bless you baby. I think you just need to sneeze this cold out." Kurt said lovingly, curling a strand of Blaine's hair in his fingers. Oh yes, Kurt Hummel would be having an amazing senior year.

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Right. This is awesome. I can see it happening.

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Thanks guys for all the comments! I realized that it ended pretty well, so I'm working a new one with sneezekink!Kurt and an allergic to cologne Blaine. :P

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Thanks guys for all the comments! I realized that it ended pretty well, so I'm working a new one with sneezekink!Kurt and an allergic to cologne Blaine. :)


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o.o -picks up pieces of scrambled brain- That. was. amazing. God I love this soo sooo soooo much!!!!

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oh my god how did i miss this the first time.....i just totally fan girled at this fan fic......i LOVE sneezy blaine.....so fucking cute holy crap xD

I hope one day that they make an episode where blaine is sick....it would make my life complete ^_^

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