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Gosh I've been wanting to start a drabble thread for months after seeing all thw onderful ones here! And now I am! :) So, read on! Comments/Critisiscm/Requests are more than welcome! :twisted: Le List:

1 - Kink

2 - Science Fiction

3 - Frightened

4 - Fake

5 – Pencil

6 – Squint

7 – Misplaced

8 – Joy

9 - Touched

10 – Cough

11 – Hot/Cold

12 – Sin

13 – Care

14 – Frail

15 – The End

16 – Three

17 – Never

18 – Midnight

19 – Promise

20 – Fight

21 – Pollen

22 – Embarrassment

23 – Alcohol

24 – Mask

25 – Mistake

26 – Suspicion

27 – Disagreement

28 – Assignment

29 – Purple

30 – June

31 – Calculating

32 – Fall

33 – Cry

34 – Relief

35 – Breath

36 – Miserable

37 – Chocolate

38 – Violent

39 – Muffle

40 – Swift

41 – Run

42 – Poison

43 – Contagion

44 – Tissue

45 – Sore

46 – Enraptured

47 – Wary

48 – Pathetic

49 – Sweat

50 – Gentle

51 – Milk

52 – Ravenous

53 – Blanket

54 – Needles

55 – Sports

55 – Ruin

56 – Lovely

57 – Hospital

58 – Annoying

59 – Mother

60 – Bike

61 – Idiot

62 – Puppy

63 – Control

64 – Unfair

65 – Similarities

66 – Raincoat

67 – Worship

68 – Attitude

69 – Fuck

70 – Confession

71 – Floor

72 – Remedy

73 – Don’t

74 – Ego

75 – Heartless

76 – Lullaby

77 – Secret

78 – Shut Up

79 – Music

80 – Grudge

81 – Solitude

82 – Magic

83 – Dirty

84 – City

85 – Teacher

86 – Sky

87 – Hypocrite

88 – Tattoo

89 – Money

90 – Childhood

91 – Goodbye

92 – Victory

93 – Weather

94 – Photo

95 – Rage

96 – Internet

97 – Fashion

98 – Favor

99 – Lazy

100 – Airplane

Series: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

Characters: Rodrick and Greg

Prompt: 33 - Cry

Word Count: 620 (Sorry :blink: )

"Mom, you can't be serious!"

Greg Heffley peered through his bedroom door, listening intently while his mom and older brother argued. Mrs. Heffley had her arms folded and a cross look on her face.

"Roddrick, I am serious. I can't believe that you're standing here lying to me again! You know how I hate it!" Before Rodrick could make a reply she continued with her rant. "And it's not like this the first time you've lied Rodrick. Every time you need to get out of something you don't want to do, every time! And now you're faking sick to get out of a Chemistry Quiz!?"

"But mom, I swear i'm not faking!" Greg, inspite of how correct his mother was, couldn't argue that Rodrick really did look unwell. He was much paler than usual, and he had dark smudges under his eyes (not thick enough to be from eye liner), his cheeks and nose were tinted pink and a there was a thin sheen of sweat above his eyebrows. "And how do you expect me to believe you, when you've looked much worse than this when you were faking! And besides that, i'm your mother!" She motioned to herself. "Don't you think I'd be able to tell when your are and aren't sick?"

Roddrick snorted. "Apparently not today..." Uh-oh. Greg knew he was in for it this time. He saw their mom getting ready to let Rodrick have it, when she stopped herself and took a calm breath, in then out, visibly calming down some. But her eyes still sent a chill up both of their spines. Rodrick tried again to plead with her. "Mom please, if you'd just feel my forehead, I seriously think I have a fever! Just feel it!" He placed his moms hand on his forehead, hoping to find some change in her icy expression. "Towel in the microwave, putting your forehead in front of the heater." Damn.

"Okay, maybe it seems like all those other times when I faked it but I swear to you, this time I am n-" Greg's brows knitted in confusion. Why had his brother stopped talking? It looked like he was just about to pull out the 'begging on hands and knees and cry' card.

Rodricks eyes fluttered shut as twisted sideways with a sneeze. "HUURASHEW! Ugh.." Greg winced. That had sounded really harsh and wet, not a normal sneeze for Rodrick. Mrs. Heffley was also startled. "Um...I'm going to assume that was faked?" Sniffling behind his hands Rodrick rolled his eyes as a fierce tickle shot through his sinuses. "N-no...ARSHHEW! HAaAASHEW! Haaaaah......HAARAASHEW! APPSHEW! Huuuhh....?" He thought that maybe the last one had escaped him, and rubbed his index finger under his nose ever so lightly. "Oh by go-HHAARSHEWW!!!"

"Bless you!" His mom and Greg choroused. Greg couldn't take it anymore. No matter how mean his older brother had been in the past, he had to say something. "Mom, I...I really do think Rodrick is sick.." She looked at Greg, her mouth hanging open in a loss for words, then back at Rodrick, who was sniffling thickly behind his hands. "Greg, are you...I mean, you really do...." Immediately she sighed and wrapped her arms around her elder son. "Oh Rodrick, my poor baby! I'm so sorry I didn't believe you, don't you even worry about going to school today, you're staying home! Oh you must think i'm the worst mother on this earth!..." Rodrick smiled beneath his hands and glanced over at Greg. He lowered his hands and mouthed "Thanks." The younger heffley just nodded his head and went back to his room to prepare for school.

Series: Original

Characters: Original (No name)

Prompt: 36 - Miserable

Word Count: 330

He hated it. He absolutely hated it. The cloudiness and pressure behind his eyes, the aching chill combined with the raging fire along his limbs, the swollen sinuses that he couldn't even breathe through but continued to drip onto his soggy shirt sleeve. It was uncomfortable, disgusting, and just plain miserable. 'But the worst thing ' he thought to himself 'is that i'm alone....'

'It's your own fault, you arrogant prick..' He growled at the voice inside his head. He hated that too.... "How is it my fault?" he croaked out. The voice chuckled in that deep baritone throat and he gripped his throbbing head. " *ugh* Could you not do that? By head really fucking hurts right now..."

'You know exactly why it's your fault, it's nothing new. Just the same old situation that you always manage to get yourself into.' He clenched his fists around a soggy handkerchief. "It n-naahhaha....IGGstcHEW! Id's dot by fault...". Instead of the sarcastic, mocking voice he was used to, another one began speaking. A colder voice. 'Of course this was your own fault...Everything is your fault.' He shivered and his lips trembled, trying to find his voice. "Dad...dad I-I didn't bead to...to leave you guys there...I o-only went out to the store for a couple of minutes..." 'Which was more than enough time for those burglars to bust in and shoot me, your mom, our little babie Annie...' He shoved his fists against his ears, tried to block out the words, the horrible scene when he'd arrived home. All that...blood... 'There was so much blood....' the voice was sobbing now, but it wasn't in his head. He was sobbing.

The tears were flowing down his face, wetting the pillows, along the sides of his red chapped nose. Amongst the sobs he started sneezing, his nose running down his chin.

"I-I'm sorry..ighssxxnt!...I'm so s-s-sorry....Your right..i-it Ihihggsh! it w-was a-a-ll my fa-fault...Ixxchew! S-so s-sorry...."

Yes, the worst part, was that he was all alone. Always alone.

Geez, that was kind of sad. Sorry about that lol! ;)

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I've never read or seen anything from Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but I liked that drabble. It was sweet, especially since it's come to my understanding that Greg and Rodrick aren't ever really on the best of terms. Plus, Rodrick seemed pretty attractive in the trailer I saw for the movie... :laugh:

And the second drabble was indeed sad, but I loved it. Poor guy, his life must really be sucking right now. I just wanted to love up on him throughout the whole thing. :) And then when he was crying and sneezing...I found it adorable. I know it was supposed to be a sad moment, but I just thought that was delightful. :drool: Not happy delightful, but...you know. Fetishy delightful.

I love how this is going! You seem to be a marv writer, and I can't wait to read more! :drool:

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Awesome Galaxy: Ya, im kind of embarrased that I rented the sequel lol :wub: But yes, Greg and Rodricks relationship is...well, it's way better than it was in the first movie. :D And yes, Rodrick is nummy :proud: I'm really glad you found the 2nd one adorable!! Sad/Crying/Sneezing boys are :drool:;) in my book! Thank you!

Scion: Hmm powerful? Wow! Now I blush.. :):laugh::laugh: Thank you so much hon!!

FFR: Aw thanks! I'm glad you like them! :D

Well, im a bit busy at the moment, but I wanted to post something and say thx for all the awesome comments!

Series: Glee

Character: Sam/Rachel

Prompt: 69 - Fuck

Word Count: 236


26. Sam had sneezed 26 times in the past ten minutes. Exactly. And it was making Rachel aroused. Very, very aroused. She couldn't help but glance back as he blew his nose into an already soggy tissue.

'God, he sounds so congested...and so....'. Rachel tried to pretend like she was listening to Mr. Schuester as he went over their lesson plan, but it was virtually impossible to ignore her steadily increasing heart beat, her rosey cheeks, that weird but warm feeling she was getting....down there.

'Just don't think about him. You can't let yourself get distracted! Just, take a deep breath...and...'

"IIhihigISHUU!!" Perfectly manicured nails clawed the edges of her seat. "Fuck..." she hissed under her breath.

Sam sniffled into his sleeve, no longer seeing the point in using a drenched tissue anymore. Before he could pull another out of his travel pack, that same itch that had been plagueing him all period burned his sinuses. He scrubbed under his pink nostrils urgently, but the sneeze was still building, his chest expanding. Fucking allergies... "Hhihih...hihih...hih..Hiihi!" There was no stopping it now.

Rachels mind was screaming. Each breath sent a shiver through her small body, sinking deeper, deeper into her chair. As if he was breathing down her fucking neck. 'Oh god...please please please just get it over with...'

(Bah..forgot to say this one's a tbc lol)

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I'm not going to lie to you. I hate Rachel. With a passion.

But this? This made me look at her a tid differently. Thinking of her as one of us makes me like her. And I'm sure we could all relate to her anxious feelings of wanting it to be over, but loving the whole experience like mad at the same time. And I adoooore your use of words like "expanding" and "urgently." It sends a tingle down my little spine...

All in all, MARVELOUS drabble.

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Aw man, you guys are so sweet.

Awesome Galaxy: Hehehe, tingles. :P But anyway im kind of a Rachel girl, just because she and I are a lot alike, but im sooo glad that I made her likeable! (she can be kind of...well, you know, hard to like....like me... :D ) Thank You soooo much! :wub:

poptropical1: Yay! Awesome stories! Thank You dear! :P

Kay guys, I am seriously running low on ideas and I really want to continue this drabble challenge! Seems like every time I start something I never end up finishing it..grrrr... :P So if anyone has any suggestions/requests/ideas, just pm me or post them here I guess. That's okay right? :P Thank You a gillion times over!!!

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I just found your drabbles and you are quite a lovely writer!

Aw thank you obsessed! And thanks for the title change lol :twisted: Okay, apparently staying up late gives me inspiration. Who knew? :P This drabble is about the movie (that I will be forever hooked on) 'The Social Network', and it takes place during filming of the movie. Enjoy! :dead:

Series: The Social Network

Characters: Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield

Word Count: 379

Prompt: 37 - Chocolate

Jesse was in his dressing room, going over the next scene to be shot. "And so Eduardo talks about the 'having to carry around a chicken' thing, and that he fed chicken to the chicken." He couldn't help but smile at that bit. "...and then he accuses me of-"


'Now where could that have come from?' Jesse sighed. "As if I even have to wonder..." He was already knocking on the culprits door. There was another muffled sneeze, and a pathetic sounding "Who is id?"

"It's Jesse, can I come in?"

Silence. "Do..."

He raised an eyebrow. "No? Why not?" He pressed his ear to the door, he could barely hear Andrew now.

"Dodn't wadda ged you sigck." Jesse shook his head and tried the door knob. Open? Yes!


"Yes." replied Jesse, who sat on the edge of Andrews tissue covered couch. "Besides, it sounds like you've had this cold for a couple days. There's a 50/50 chance I'd catch it even if I didn't come in here.

The brit sniffled and pouted. "Well...still it's....id's really grody id here..." he said, motioning to the used tissues.

Jesse shrugged. "I've seen worse dude." Standing up he placed a hand onto Andrews forhead. "H-hey!" He jerked away and ground his nose into his fist.

"Ugh, w-wait...wait..." Jesse bit back a smirk as Andrews round nostrils expanded behind his hand. "Ihhihh...Hih...HIIEKSHO! KIHISHOO! NGKISHOO! "

Jesse was trembling from the effort it took not to laugh. It would be totally mean to laugh at Andrew in such a state! No matter funny his sneezes sounded. He only grinned and ruffled the sniffly boys chocolate curls. "Bless you, Andy.." He moved behind Andrew and rubbed his back gently. "OOoohh, that feels good Jess...ub, Jess?"


"D-do you thidk that...you could possibly, uh...." Jesse kissed a now blushing Andrew behind the ear. "Stay here until you feel a little better?" Andrew smiled as he bit his lip nervously.

"Well...only if you want to. I mean, you might get sick. But, then again, I have had this cold for about two days now so, there's roughly a 50/50 chance you'd catch it amyway." He tilted his head back, smiling up at Jesse . "Right?" Jesse smiled back, kissing Andrew tenderly on the lips.


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GAH! How did it take me this long to see that you updated?

Okay, I've never seen the Social Network, but I totally love what you're doing with these too. Andrew sounds maaarvelous. :twisted: All British and sickly and whatnot.

Cannae wait for the next update!

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Awesome Galaxy: Aren't sniffly, sick british boys just the best? *daydreams about phineas..* Ugh, I was sooo nervous about posting that one because I wasn't sure if I could capture their connection quite right, but it makes me relieved that it's worth loving! You're so sweet !!! <3

obsessed: Seriously, it's like a dream combo isn't it!? :D I'm very glad you like it!

Might be the last update for a while, with school and what not. But im really not as consistent as I'd like to be in my writing anyway so, ya, still working on that. :):P

Characters: Original (Non specified gender.)

Word Count: 186

Prompt: 76 - Lullaby

It was raining. I stared at the grey window and the streaks of water. The icey glass feels so warm against my fevered skin, but the rest of my body shivers. My nose crinkles up, and I wince as it makes contact with the window. Eyelashes wet with tears flutter against the pane, my breath fogging up the glass as I gasp in ecstacy. A tickle slithers down my sinuses, scattering inside my nasal cavity, and I sniffle back the wetness, like a downpour of rain rushing upwards. "Heeheh...eeehhh.....heh! Heheh!" The rain pelts harder and harder, drums that urge the pressure building, my nostrils expanding wider. Head tilting back with every breath, the rain beating down outside, it's...almost...there....

A body of heat warms me from behind, and a hand gently folds a handkerchief over my flaring nose. I release. "eeehh! - ESHOO! HESHOO! ESHHOO! Heheee...ESHHOOO!" I fall back into your arms, shaking and weak. You dab away the wetness above my trembling lip, and hum a sweet lullaby. My head sinks into your chest and I listen to your metrenome heartbeat, and I smile. It's raining.

P.S. My attempt at being descriptive/poetic/somethingelseireallydon'tknow...

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:) You did Andrew Garfield AND Sam from Glee? I'm in love with you. Really. These are fabulous. I like the descriptive/poetic/somethingelseireallydon'tknow. It was that, actually. Exactly that. :P Thank you!
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O.O Dude. That's INANELY poetic and descriptive. I could never hope to get that in tune with my writing like that! :D Seriously, that last one was flipping AWESOME. Have I mentioned that I LOVE your writing? Because I do. You're freaking fantastic. I just wanna kidnap you so you can write me sneezy stories allday. :mf_boff:

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