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So, first time trying to post an observation. This was with my boyfriend, who has allergies but usually will only have a few sneezes in a day if they bother him. He knows all about me liking sneezing and likes to show them off for me, and generally gets a kick out of my enjoyment. If I am around, he usually holds off a little on medicine and lets me enjoy for a while. :heart:

Today was not quite a usual day. Started out while at the grocery store, with one big sneeze. He says finally, as it had been bothering him most of the time we were in the store, but was stuck. Then we get to the car, and he sneezes a few more times, with only a few seconds in between. This continues on through the entire car ride back home (about twenty minutes). He describes it as, his nose keeps on itching and feeling irritated, and no matter what, the feeling just won't go away, and blowing his nose? That only makes it worse.

We get back to my place, and it finally subsides. We figure that's the end of it. Well, it wasn't. Maybe a half an hour later, he starts sneezing again. Two to three at a time, every few minutes. He is making the most wonderful faces (really one of the things I love best about them), his eyes scrunching up, his mouth partially open, with quick little intakes of breath through his mouth, trying not to irritate his nose further. Until one finally comes out, generally quick, loud ones that make his whole body move. After probably a half an hour of this, I finally convince him to take some Claritin and some flonase. Then, even with these in his system, these fits of about 10-20 minutes continued for another two hours or so. They would be maybe singles, frequently doubles and triples. Sometimes even four in a row. This from a guy who usually only has one, maybe two, at a time. At this point, he took a benadryl. Yet when he left my house an hour later, it was still happening, just in shorter bursts.

I most certainly spent the afternoon torn between enjoyment and frustration. Due to circumstances beyond my control, including having no real time alone, I spent my time being able to show him my appreciation through not much more than some kisses and thank you’s. I certainly always do my best to let him know how much I appreciate his willingness to indulge me, and to let him know that I do enjoy this and that I feel so very lucky to not only have a guy that I am able to get this from, but also a guy who involves himself with my desires. And never makes me feel weird about it. Sadly, he had to go home, and I get to go to work now. But what a great afternoon ^_^

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Wow...*sighs dreamily*...I want a boyfriend like that...

Great obs! Especially the part where the blowing make it worse and the medicines barely work. That's some tough allergies.

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Aw, thanks for the positive feedback. Actually, I had asked him if it was okay to put this up here, and he was curious, both as to what i wrote and what the response was. He was pleased and i think a bit flustered at the positive reactions that other people gave. Also seemed to reinforce the idea that this is something that I really love and appreciate. So thanks.

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You are a very lucky lady, and he sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing such a great observation with us! :D

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