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Sooo, I don't sneeze in public... EVER. I like the idea of someone blessing me, but I had this traumatic sneeze experience as a kid at a huge regional church service in which the pastor blessed me after I tried to stifle this explosive sneeze that came out as a weird and embarrassing sound. Since then I haven't sneezed in front of anyone except my brother because he's someone I can trust not to ever acknowledge my sneezes. Even still, I try to avoid sneezing around him, too.

I don't know if I'm getting sick or what, but today I got this insane tickle in my nose. Usually I can will the tickle away, but today it just would NOT leave. I was working fitting rooms and so I opened the first fitting room which is more of a walk-in room, pretending that I was checking it for go-backs and I stifled one irritated sneeze. Hih'GNNX.

There weren't any customers around and all my coworkers were across the store, so I don't think anyone heard but I was mortified, especially since my nose was kind of stuffy for the rest of work. My nose tickled most of the remainder of my shift, but I could withhold those sneezes until I got to my car. I sneezed six times on my 15-minute drive home, each unrestrained since I was in my car. Hih'TSCH'oo.

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