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So today I was hanging out with a bunch of my friends including one who we'll call J. J is pretty tall with short dirty blond hair and really green eyes and he plays basketball, soccer and baseball so he's really fit. He's absolutely gorgeous! Anyways, we were all hanging out watching TV and he got up to go to the kitchen to get another batch of cookies. When he came back in, he stopped in the doorway and got this sniffly looking pre-sneeze face. My friend C was looked up and said "J, can you pass me the cookies?" and J was like "Hold on, I need to sneeze." And then he pitched forward with a really forceful sneeze that bent him over at the waist "HahiSHOO!" We all blessed him and then he said "Thanks" and sat down next to me. A moment later, his breath hitched again and he pitched forward with another harsh sneeze that he tried (and failed) to stifle against his wrist. Once again, I blessed him and he thanked me. Another moment later, the same thing happened a third time and I finally asked him "You okay?" and he said "Yeah, allergies just suck." That was the last sneeze but he kept sniffling for the rest of the night. Yummy!

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