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So, we all love Sneesee here, right? We all know she's an awesome fic writer, and awesome teller of obs, and an overall incredible asset to the community. But unless you've actually been lucky enough to meet Sneesee, here's what you're missing.

Sneesee is unendingly sexy. She has this great combination of beautiful/cute that just kills me. She's wicked, wicked smart, but she doesn't try to upstage anyone...she's more like this quiet genius who you really get to see once you start talking with her. She's a kind, calming presence, and she has this way of making everyone around her feel equally important. She's a giver, she's a lover, and she has this near boundless capacity to care for people, even when they don't quite seem to appreciate it. She's an amazing friend who is always there with a sweet word of encouragement if you need it. She's also a phenomenal kisser, she's got a great ass and a great rack, but, well...I won't tell you anything more about them because VFP and I need to keep some fun stuff to ourselves. ;)

But in case you didn't know those things about her, now you do. So let's thank her for being Sneesee, okay?

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I completely agree. She is funny, sweet, caring, sexy, cute, and an overall lovely person. Beautiful inside and out. ;) That in addition to writing YUMMY!! fics.

I feel Incredibly lucky to have gotten to meet her, and hope to get to again at some point. Love ya chicka!! :wub:

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Sneesee was one of the first people I noticed when I joined the community. She has always been incredibly friendly and kind, always willing to listen and take the time to help when help is needed.

And yes, she's a wonderful writer, both of fiction and of wicked observations. This place wouldn't be the same without you Sneesee. :D

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Nicole what a great thread. She's all you said and more. I love her dearly, as many do, and she most certainly deserves a Kudos. Not just here but every day by everyone who knows her. Being around her just makes you feel good about yourself. She has that gift. :D

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Nicole, I am completely touched, and think I might cry right now. :laugh: Seriously, you all made me feel very special, and I love all of you so very much. I don't even know what else to say, I'm speechless. Thank you. :D

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