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Ok so this guy in my class, is the most hottest guy (in my opinion), He's tall with spiky brown hair, and looks like Robert Pattinson, kind of. I'm not very good with details. I have had a crush on him for a few months, but in the past couple of weeks i havent really liked him. Most likely because he rejected me and i knew nothing could happen between us.

All throughout the first semester, I never heard him sneeze, not once. Then all of a sudden he sneezes seven times in one day.

Our school is very eco-friendly and tries to get kids involved, any way they can.

They wanted us to plant trees at a wet, muddy farm.

The guy, we shall call him F, was sniffling all morning, I thought it was just the cold weather making everyones nose run, but I kept watching. One of the teachers was demonstrating how to plant the trees, and I was looking over to F, who had the cutest pre-sneeze expression ever, he rubbed his nose then sneezed twice uncovered (I suck at spelling them). I was so distracted that i had no idea what to do with the trees, so worth it though.

Throughout the day he was rubbing his nose with the back of his wrist, and whenever we stopped and formed a group, he would sneeze another gorgeous double.

He might've had a cold, because he sounded congested and was sneezing earlier in the week, or it could be allergies because there was hay and animals around. But I really don't mind :D

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Lovely obs! I sure hope you get some more out of him! Thanks for sharing! :D

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