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Room Service (Glee RPF, F/F Achele)


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Hey guys! Another RPF for you, based on recent real events. Dianna missed a bunch of shows at the end of the Glee Live Tour because she was sick...poor thing was posting apologies to her fans on her tumblr page, first for her weak performance (she said it was hard to move on stage because of the hot & cold flashes), then for missing shows all together when she was forced to stay in bed at the hotel and take the antibiotics she didn't want. Then Lea tweeted her a feel-better note with a little frowny face, saying the show wasn't the same without her. I just melt when I read stuff like this! The happy ending is that at her first show back when she was better, she totally broke choreography during "someone to love" and picked Lea up and spun her around! They both looked very extremely happy (check out the pic). So I can only imagine that Lea did a good job taking care of her little lamb! Here's my version...enjoy smile.png


Note: if you're not already achele obsessed enough to know this, Lea & Diana have been grabbing each other's hands during "someone to love" at almost every show on the summer tour. No one else is holding hands at any point during this number. Also Dianna caused quite a stir last month when she wore a LIKES GIRLS t-shirt on stage during the Born This Way number, which she later claimed she did to support the LGBT community; but I'm not convinced that that wasn't just an excuse the network forced on her after the fact. So it's been quite a summer for Lady Di!




Room Service

A Glee Cast RPF Starring Lea Michele & Dianna Agron

Part 1




Lea knew something was wrong when Dianna didn't grab her hand.

Every night of the summer tour, in every city, at every show, Dianna had grabbed her hand during the final refrain of "Somebody to Love." It didn't matter how much grief the network suits gave them, or how many hissy fits Ryan, Brad and Ian threw. Even after the shitstorm that happened behind the scenes on the night when Dianna came on stage wearing that LIKES GIRLS t-shirt, that got them both into so much trouble they'd had a huge fight back at the hotel afterwards-- Dianna still grabbed Lea's hand the next night, and the knot of anxiety and uncertainty in the pit of Lea's stomach instantly dissolved. Every night, no matter how complicated their lives had become in the whirlwind of fame and travel and grueling 18-hour glee days, Dianna grabbed her hand on stage and all was right with the world.

But tonight, Lea's hand was empty. She felt foolish just holding it out like that, waiting; but she couldn't break choreography to turn and look back, either, and she didn't want to give up too quickly if Dianna was just a step behind, and about to reach out for her. Dianna had been off on her cues a lot the past few shows, and tonight seemed to be the worst yet. The blonde girl seemed to be turning to wood, her movements lifeless approximations of the regular choreography as she struggled to keep up with the rest of the cast. It was obvious that she was under the weather, but every time Lea had asked, Dianna adamantly denied it, claiming she was just overtired from jet lag and it would pass. And Lea, keen to avoid another fight after all the stress they'd gone through lately with the tour and the "shirtgate" debacle, let it slide, even while she subtly (or as subtly as she could manage) kept an eye on her baby, bringing her cups of tea between shows in the green room and surreptitiously checking her temperature with little loving touches. She'd even managed to convince the stubborn girl to pop a Tylenol in the green room tonight, the first outward sign Dianna had allowed herself to give that, yes, she really wasn't feeling very well.

But the empty hand-- that freaked Lea out more than all the rest of it combined. As soon as the curtain dropped, she went straight to Dianna and gently took her ashen-pale face in both hands, abandoning all pretense of doing anything other than checking her temperature. "Lea, stop it," Dianna whined, glancing around in embarrassment as she noticed most of the cast watching her with looks of obvious concern on their faces.

"No fucking way, Charlie," Lea growled, her voice decisive and full of authority. "You're burning up with fever and you look like you're about to faint. We're going back to the hotel right now and calling you a doctor."

"I don't need a goddam doctor," Dianna grumbled, taking a wobbly step back from her girlfriend's gentle hands and wiping her sweaty forehead. "It's nothing. I just need a nap, and I'll be...fine..." The rest of the cast exchanged skeptical looks, watching the woozy girl begin to shiver as she flashed from hot back to cold.

"You're not fine, D," Naya spoke up, drawing closer to squeeze her friend's shaky shoulder. "Listen to your girlfriend. You look like reheated shit, and if you keep pushing yourself, you're gonna end up passing out on stage soon. You don't wanna give the fans a heart attack, do you?" Dianna groaned and buried her face in her hands, and Naya hugged her consolingly, raising an eyebrow at Lea over her shoulder as if to say get this girl out of here now.

"What the hell is going on out there, Dianna?!" Ryan Murphy stormed backstage with an expression of mixed fury and exasperation. "What's the next headline gonna be, huh? You look like a strung-out junkie out there. Outing yourself on stage wasn't scandal enough for one month?"

"What the hell is the matter with you, Ryan?" Lea snarled, planting herself firmly between her girlfriend and the angry bald man screaming in her face. "Can't you see she's sick? She needs a doctor, not another shouting match. Why don't you make yourself useful and go call one while we get her back to the hotel?"

Ryan glared at the tiny brunette who stood snarling at him, then glanced over her shoulder to assess the shivering blonde girl a few feet behind her. Dianna's normally ivory-toned skin was so pale she looked almost ashen, and up close, it was easy to see the fine sheen of sweat gleaming on her face and throat. Her eyes were glassy and fever-bright, and the rims of her delicate nostrils looked pink and a little inflamed.

"Oh. Fuck. That's just great. Let's get another petri dish started in the last ten days of the tour, why don't we? Be sure and cough on everyone before you go, that'll really be a help. C'mon Di," he sighed in exasperation as he grabbed her arm, jerking her a step forward impatiently. "Let's get you back to the hotel-- and the rest of you, go take some fucking vitamins or something."

"Ryan, I'm sorry," Dianna mumbled woozily, wiping her nose with her free hand as he tugged her forward impatiently. "Didn't mean to get sick..."

"I'm sure you didn't mean to get sick last winter, either, but you still managed to set us back a month on our most expensive episode production yet," the older man said waspishly, as if to cure her illness by guilt alone. "Let's just hope your germs haven't infected anyone else this time, or we'll be refunding tickets next."

"Dude, you don't have to be such a dick about it," Naya said angrily, while Lea tried to push herself protectively in front of Dianna again.

"I'll take her home, Ryan," Lea said firmly, trying to pry his hand off Dianna's thin arm.

"Like hell you will," the producer shook his head, maintaining his grip. "You stay away from this little snot factory till the doc gives her the all-clear, you got me princess? We do not need any more sick kids on that stage, least of all you. Get out of here."

"I'm not leaving her with you when you're being such an asshole," Lea spat, glaring at him furiously. While they argued, Dianna raised her free hand to her face, a sharp breath hitching weakly in her chest.

"Hht-chshh!" *Sniffle.* She cupped her free hand over her nose and mouth, lightly pinching her damp nostrils between her thumb and forefinger in an attempt to stifle her sneeze. Embarrassment flooded her feverish body as she felt the blast of snot against her palm, instantly beginning to trickle down the inside of her wrist.

"Bless you," everyone chorused awkwardly, as Ryan dropped her arm in disgust. Lea, meanwhile, took the opportunity to slip closer, reaching out and rubbing Dianna's back gently.

"Poor little lamb, let's get you out of here. You need to be in bed."

"I told you, you're not going anywhere with her," Ryan snarled at the tiny dark-haired diva, who snarled back at him with equal intensity.

"And I told you--" Lea began, but Dianna interrupted her.

"It's okay, Lee-Lee," Dianna murmured quietly, reaching out a hand-- the one that hadn't been slimed with her germy sneeze-- and squeezing her girlfriend's arm reassuringly. "I'll go with Ryan. I...*sniffle*...I don't want to get anyone else sick." Lea sighed, and cupped a hand to Dianna's pale cheek, standing on her tiptoes to plant a soft kiss on her girlfriend's feverish forehead.

"Okay, angel. I'll come check on you in a little while."

"Us too," Heather piped up, and Naya, Chris, Amber and Jenna all nodded.

"Nobody is checking on Dianna except the doctor," Ryan snapped, glaring at all of them warningly. "I swear to God, we do not have time for this bullshit. The next person who comes in here with a runny nose is getting bitchslapped." And with that loving pep talk to his cast, the furious producer turned and marched out, Dianna trailing woozily behind him.

"That boy needs to unclench," Darren sighed as soon as Ryan was gone, and they all groaned in commiseration.

"You okay, divalicious?" Naya asked, raising an eyebrow at Lea's furious expression and rigid posture as she stared at the now empty doorway. "You look like you're about to pop a blood vessel." Lea closed her eyes and took a deep, cleansing breath.

"I'm fine," she said evenly, opening her eyes with a new expression of calm determination. "He may be acting like an asshole, but he is right-- the rest of you should protect your health and stay away from Dianna's room for a couple of days. She won't be contagious anymore once the antibiotics kick in."

"Oh, please," Chris rolled his eyes, a knowing smirk on his face. "Like you're not going straight to her room the second Ryan and the doctor clear out."

"I'm sure I've already been exposed to whatever she's come down with, so there's no point quarantining myself now," Lea shrugged, sighing worriedly. "I'll take as many preventative measures as possible, but I'm not going to let Ryan bar me from taking care of my own girlfriend." And with that, Lea marched straight to her changing room, already making a mental list of all the goodies she was going to have sent to Dianna's room when she got back to the hotel.



90 minutes later, when she was fairly confident it was safe, Lea snuck down the hall to Dianna's room, letting herself in with the duplicate card-key she wasn't supposed to have. She tiptoed in, her gaze falling on her girlfriend's pale form curled up in the center of the bed, snuggled under the blankets and surrounded by a few crumpled kleenex. Lea hesitated at the edge of the bed, unsure whether the blonde girl was awake or asleep; her eyes were closed, but the TV was on, so she might just be resting. A soft cough interrupted the little starlet's musing, as Dianna whimpered miserably and opened her eyes, groping for a tissue.

"Lea," she croaked weakly in surprise, pulling a fresh tissue from the box beside her head and rubbing it methodically under her damp nostrils. "Get out of here," she murmured sleepily.

"And hello to you too, my sweet little lamb," Lea sighed, completely ignoring Dianna's command and sitting down on the edge of the bed, stroking a few tousled strands of blonde hair back from her girlfriend's sweaty forehead. "So what's the verdict, hmm?"

"Upper respiratory tract infection," Dianna sighed sleepily, curling up more tightly on her side as a feverish shiver ran up her spine. "You shouldn't...*sniff!*...shouldn't be in here..." Dianna's breath began to hitch again, and Lea rubbed her back soothingly as she fought weakly to hold back another contagious sneeze, but it was obviously a losing battle. Snot trickled gently from her moist pink nostrils as they quivered and pulsed in irritation. "Huhh...heh-hehh...hhtshhiew! Huh-etshh!! *Sniff, sniffle...*" Dianna turned her face into the pillow when she sneezed, obviously trying to muffle the spray to avoid spreading her germs to Lea.

"Bless you, my poor little baby," Lea cooed, stroking Dianna's hair lovingly. Dianna sighed and blew her nose.

"Thag you," she murmured woozily, blinking up at Lea with a miserable expression in her sleepy hazel eyes. "But you have to go dow, Lea. I told you, I dod't wadt you to catdch by gerbs." She paused and blew her stuffy nose again, and Lea winced at how congested she sounded.

"Well I don't want to catch them, either, but that's not something either of us can control anymore. You know I've already been exposed, so let's not pretend that full isolation is even a possibility. I shall take my vitamins, and you, my love, will lie still and let me nurse you back to health." Lea stroked Dianna's face lovingly, gave her a little wink, then began rooting through the bag at her feet, coming out with several bottles of herbal immune-boosting supplements which she lined up on the bedside table. "We'll start with these, shall we? Four times a day for the rest of the week. They'll help the antibiotics work faster, and get you back on stage and feeling like yourself again in no time."

"You are so...fucking...stubborn," Dianna yawned, rubbing her eyes sleepily. A small smile twitched at the corner of her mouth.

"And a good thing, too," Lea smiled back, doling out a small pile of all-natural medicinals and helping Dianna sit up a little against the pillows so she could swallow them. "Like hell is my baby getting left alone in some scuzzy hotel room to recuperate from a serious illness while the rest of us traipse around having fun."

"This is a five-star hotel, Lee-Lee," Dianna pointed out, obediently taking the supplements from her girlfriend's outstretched hand and washing them down with a gulp of the chamomile tea Ryan had left her (even when he was pissed off and acting like a jerk, he did still care about his cast in the end).

"Whatever. The point is, I'm not leaving."

"I know. And, I love you," Dianna smiled woozily, snuggling down into the pillows with a soft sigh of contentment as Lea curled up beside her.

"I love you too, my sweet angel," Lea sighed, gently stroking her girlfriend's tousled blonde hair, and picking up the phone to order her some appropriately healing soup from room service.

...shall I continue...?

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Very cool -- I'm impressed by your Glee knowledge, I'm just excited I know what Ryan looks like from the Glee Project. Is he really such a jerk head? If you have more I'd love to read it. :cry:

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i would love to see more as well! You nhave these two completly pegged and it is absolutley adorable!!!!!

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awww, thanx guys! just to clarify, for polychrome & lexy-- I have no idea what ryan murphy is actually like, I've only heard him speak a handful of times, so don't take this story as anything other than creative fiction based loosely on real events. he just came out that way for the purposes of this particular story. I'm not totally sure why-- but I guess I was thinking that he's under a lot of stress with all the glee-balls he has in the air right now, and the whole world is paying REALLY close attention (the live tour, the movie, the glee project, plus he just hired a whole new writing staff and he's probably anxious about giving up control of the writing...) and on top of all that, I imagine he might still be really pissed about the t-shirt stunt dianna pulled last month. so that's how I framed his character for this story. but, I mean, in pictures the cast always looks very fond of him, so don't take my creative view as fact or anything!

and polychrome, since you asked, I do indeed have a bunch of other glee stories here, basically all achele or faberry (and one brittana)-- and I am more than happy to share! and FYI, I get my behind-the-scenes glee news from tumblr. they make it really easy! I just log in once every few weeks and browse through the achele & faberry tags to see what's going on. you have to skim past all the craziness (there's a lot of obsession going on there, obviously, and some people post the same crap over & over, but I think it's worth it to skim through). that's how I found the bare bones facts of this story...it was the picture of dianna spinning lea around on stage her first night back after being sick that inspired me to write this story. they both just looked so happy...! here's the pic.

and here are the rest of my glee stories for your enjoyment:


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some days are like that


what happens when brittany takes nyquil

...enjoy!! :D

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Thanx for the positive feedback, guys! You rock. Here is your reward B)




Room Service

Part 2

By WannaBlessedBe



“Okay, let's see how your temp is doing,” Lea said gently, picking up the ear thermometer from the bedside table and smoothing Dianna's messy blonde hair back to slip the end of it into her ear. It was early afternoon, and Lea hadn't left Dianna's side once since the night before, except to use the bathroom. The protective little starlet had watched over her girlfriend while she slept, called down to room service for tea and fresh ice packs every hour, and forced her to eat a little when she took her antibiotics so they wouldn't be too hard on her stomach.

Lea was moderately pleased with her progress thus far-- she'd gotten Dianna to relax and stay in bed, kept her hydrated and warm, and soothed her each time she woke frightened and disoriented from fevered nightmares. But it was almost 2pm now, and soon Lea would have to leave to go get ready for today's shows. She hated to do it, but hopefully Dianna would just sleep through it and not even notice she was gone. The thermometer beeped, stirring the dark-haired girl from her musings, and she pulled it out of the dozing girl's ear to see the result.

“A hundred and three?!” Lea exclaimed in horror, staring at the readout on the digital thermometer.

“S'okay, it'll break soon,” Dianna yawned, smiling weakly at Lea's overprotectiveness. “I always get a fever spike before I feel better...you remember last winter, when I had tonsillitis...”

“I didn't realize that high of a fever was a regular thing for you,” Lea sighed, putting the thermometer aside and stroking Dianna's sweat-dampened hair back soothingly. “Poor little thing, you must feel so wretched...” The dark-haired girl leaned down and began planting soft kisses all over her girlfriend's face, stroking her thumb lightly over Dianna's pale cheek.

“I feel better when you cuddle me,” Dianna murmured, with a sleepy smirk for her doting girlfriend, who immediately curled up closer and gathered the shivering blonde girl into her arms.

“I feel better when I cuddle you, too,” Lea murmured, twining their legs together with a soft sigh of contentment as Dianna yawned and laid her head down on Lea's shoulder.

“Thanks for staying with me, baby...sorry you're missing out on London...” Dianna sniffled and blew her nose softly into the crumpled tissue she held, as Lea slipped a hand under her pajama top and trailed her fingers lightly up and down Dianna's warm back.

“Screw London. It made you sick. I'm not talking to London.”

“London didn't make me sick,” Dianna snickered weakly, tossing her wadded tissue aside and grabbing a fresh one. “I just...got sick in London...*sniffle*...” The blonde girl weakly pulled away from her intimate position with her girlfriend, rolling over to face the other way as her breath hitched and her little nostrils flared into glistening wet circles.

“Hahh...ahhhh...atshhiiew!!” Lea rubbed her back as it jerked forward.

“Bless you,” the little starlet cooed, pulling a couple more tissues from the box and passing them to her sniffling girlfriend. “Here baby, that sounded juicy.”

“Uhhh, thadk you,” Dianna sighed miserably, cupping the fresh tissues to her running nose and giving a weak, half-hearted blow.

“Now will you come back here and cuddle?” Lea asked impatiently, waiting for Dianna to turn toward her again on the bed.

“No, I...just...huhh...” Dianna began to shiver again as a fresh tickle welled up in the back of her nose, and she pressed the damp tissues to her ill-tempered nostrils as they quivered and twitched. “Hehh, hehh...*sniff!*...ughh, fuck,” she sighed when the sneezy tickle suddenly receded, leaving her nose tingling irritably.

“Aww, honey-- come here,” Lea murmured, putting a hand out to Dianna's shoulder and gently helping her roll over again, back to their snug position cuddled up together. “You shouldn't keep turning over like that every time you feel a sneeze coming, you're tiring your poor little body out even more.”

“Have to,” Dianna mumbled woozily, sighing happily when Lea's fingers began to play gently through her hair. “Protecting you...”

“Well stop it, it's not your job to protect me right now. We can't help sharing our germs Di, that's just what happens when you're in a relationship. The most contagious phase is already past, and I'm taking all my vitamins, remember? I'll be fine. And I only have a little while left to cuddle you before I have to go down to the theater, so please, just let me hold you a little longer...”

“Mmm. 'Kay...hold me longer...” The blonde girl yawned woozily and nuzzled her face into Lea's throat, shivering weakly against her girlfriend's warm body. “Lee?” She mumbled after a minute.

“Mm-hmm?” Lea murmured absently, trailing her fingers lightly up and down Dianna's back.

“How much longer...till you have to go?” Lea looked at the digital clock on the nightstand.

“About forty minutes.” Dianna's breath started to hitch again; but after a moment Lea realized she wasn't fighting off a sneeze. She was crying. “Oh, angel...” Lea pulled back a little so she could see Dianna's face, tilting her chin up to force eye contact.

“I'm s-sorry...being such a baby...”

“Shh, it's all right love,” Lea murmured, wiping the tear streaks from her girlfriend's flushed cheeks and kissing her forehead.

“I just...really w-wish you didn't...*sniff!*...didn't have to go...”

“Me too, baby,” Lea sniffled, feeling her own tears well up at the sight of her girlfriend's distress. “Shh, it's just a little while...I'll come right back as soon as the show's over, and snuggle you all night, sweet girl...” Lea cupped her hand to the back of Dianna's head, holding her feverish body close and rocking her lightly.

“Lee-Lee, can I have another blanket?” Dianna murmured, shivering against Lea's body and curling up tighter with a soft cough.

“Of course, sweetie. Let me go look in the closet, okay?” Lea kissed the top of Dianna's head and slipped out from under the covers, going to one of the two large closets in the front entryway of the room to investigate. There was a nice fluffy blanket on the top shelf, but it was out of the little starlet's reach. Of course. “Stupid tall british people,” Lea grumbled, looking around for something to stand on. While she was looking, a cheerful knock sounded on the door-- obviously not the hotel staff, they wouldn't use the “shave and a haircut” knock, she was pretty sure.

“Hi,” Chris waved sheepishly when Lea opened the door, with Heather, Naya, Amber and Jenna standing in the hall behind him. He was holding a bunch of balloons in one hand and a bouquet of fresh flowers in the other, and Heather held an enormous, fluffy stuffed sheep with a bow around its neck. “Did someone here order a get-well-soon package?”

“Guys, you shouldn't come in here,” Lea chastised them gently; then as she looked at their smiling faces, her eyes filled up with tears.

“Oh, sweetie!” Chris cried in alarm. “What's the matter?” He craned his neck to see past her to Dianna, but the bed was hidden from view by the short entryway.

“Nothing...I'm fine,” Lea sighed, wiping her eyes apologetically. “I just...really wish I didn't have to leave her today.”

“Well let us come cheer her up a little, so you won't have to agonize so much about it, hmm?”

“Okay,” Lea sniffed, taking a deep breath. Naya wrapped an arm around her shoulder and kissed her on the cheek.

“Don't worry, hon, Heather made us go to every freakin' toy store in London. We got the absolute snuggliest, fluffiest stuffed animal in the entire UK to keep Di company while you're on stage.”

“Thanks, you guys,” Lea smiled weakly, finally opening the door and ushering them in. “You just have to swear to wash your hands as soon as you leave, and take lots of zinc and vitamin C tonight.”

“Yes Mom,” Amber joked, squeezing her shoulder as she went past. They all crowded into the room and sat around the edges of the bed, making Dianna stir and open her eyes as she sensed the shifting pressure on the mattress.

“You guys...shouldn't be here,” she whined, rubbing her eyes absently.

“Poor little thing, you look absolutely dreadful,” Chris tutted, putting the flowers on the bedside table, beside the neat row of herbal supplements and a few empty cups of tea. “Thank goodness you've seen the doctor and you're snug in bed. We just wanted to come by and give you a little love before we go down to do the show...you know we all just hate to go without you.”

“Thadk you,” Dianna smiled woozily, as Lea came back with the requested blanket (which Heather had reached easily) and settled it over her shivering body, crawling under the covers beside her and gathering her close again.

“We got you a little lamb to keep you company,” the tall blonde said happily, handing over the fluffy stuffed animal with a huge smile on her face.

“Aww...thadks, you guys,” Dianna sighed, nuzzling its soft fur as a soft yawn overcame her. “I'b really sorry...I screwed up the...*sniff!*...the show...” Her soft breath quivered in her chest as a trickle of moisture slid wetly from one pink nostril, which she hastily pinched in a tissue as her eyes fluttered shut. “Hhtshh! Eh-tchhiew!! *Sniffle.*” She didn't turn away from Lea this time-- probably because she was even more concerned about spreading her illness to her friends-- and the dark-haired girl happily took the opportunity to cuddle her poor sick girlfriend closer, snuggling her and rubbing her back when she sneezed.

“Bless you!” Everyone chorused sweetly, making Dianna blush a little as she blew her stuffy nose.

“And don't you dare apologize,” Naya added, scolding her lightly, smoothing a stray lock of hair back Dianna's pale face and gently pressing the back of her hand to her friend's forehead to feel her temperature. “You're the one who's suffering, and it's not like you did it on purpose. We all know that, sweets. No one's mad at you.”

“Except Ryan,” Dianna pointed out, sniffling again and groping for a fresh tissue from the box beside her pillow. “He's reah...huhh...really pissed...iht-chiiew!! *Sniff.*”

“Bless you,” Lea murmured, handing her girlfriend a fresh tissue as the poor thing sniffled wetly behind her hands.

“Yeah, well he's had a bug up his ass all summer,” Naya snorted. “He'd still be bitchy even if you showed up every night looking like the Christian cheerleader chastity queen he wants you to be.”

“That's what I've been telling her,” Lea sighed, smiling appreciatively around at them all.

“Just do what I do, Di,” Chris shrugged, squeezing her leg through the blankets. Then, in an imperious, Wizard of Oz voice, he trilled: “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” They all laughed, regretting it a moment later when Dianna's weak giggles turned into a rattling cough.

“Take a little sip of this, sweetheart,” Lea murmured, reaching for a half-empty glass of ginger ale from the bedside table and holding it to Dianna's lips.

“Thadk you,” the blonde girl murmured softly, her eyes fighting to stay open as long as her friends were in the room. “Really...love you guys...” She yawned, her heavy eyes finally sliding shut. A fresh trickle of snot began to drip from one raw pink nostril, but she seemed too sleepy to notice; so Lea tugged a fresh tissue from the box and gently wiped her girlfriend's runny nose for her.

“I think you guys had better go now,” Lea whispered, giving her friends a lopsided half-smile as she glanced up gratefully at them. “I'm gonna try and get her to sleep before I go.” They all nodded silently, and one by one they quietly got up from the bed, waving and blowing kisses as they slipped out of the room. Lea ran her fingers lightly through Dianna's hair. After a few minutes, when she was sure the blonde girl was completely asleep, she slipped out of bed and snuggled the fluffy stuffed lamb into Dianna's arms in her place. The sleeping girl hugged the stuffed animal unconsciously, with a little sigh, and began to snore very softly. Lea giggled and kissed Dianna's hot forehead.

“Sweet dreams, my angel,” the little starlet whispered, taking one last look back at her baby-- still so achingly beautiful, even with messy sweat-dampened hair, fever-flushed cheeks and pink-rimmed nostrils dripping snot-- before turning and slipping from the room with a heavy heart, to perform a show she no longer had any interest in at all. As she sat miserably in the back of the limo, she pulled out her phone and posted a quick tweet to ease her misery just a little: feel better @DiannaAgron! The show isn't the same without you ;)

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Oh my gosh this is super cute :o you seriously should write more :naughty: it's really good!

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Hey guys!

So this chap is especially for my friend, gleeky11, who still has not been able to get a working account here at the SFF board for some reason (anyone have suggestions? I said try starting from scratch with a brand-new email address...) At any rate, gleeky11 wanted to see Lea catch Dianna's sniffles in this chap, and even though this story is based on real life and I'm pretty sure that's not what actually happened, it's still fiction and I can still do whatever I want! So, enjoy a little contagion, my dears :mellow:




Room Service

Part 3

by WannaBlessedBe



The next time Dianna opened her eyes, the room was dark, and Lea's arm was curled protectively around her waist under the fluffy down comforter. The blonde girl yawned and rubbed her eyes, trying to stay still and quiet so as not to wake the exhausted girl curled up against her back, who after all had just spent an entire day waiting on her hand and foot before rushing off to perform two back-to-back stage shows of the hi-impact cardio variety. After a minute of quiet stretching and blinking in the darkness, though, Dianna's stomach started to rumble, and she realized she was wide-awake and starving.

As quietly as she could, she slipped out from under Lea's arm, swinging her feet over the side of the bed and sitting up with a soft yawn as she stretched her arms over her head. She still felt a little groggy and weak, but the woozy, drugged feeling and the irrepressible shivers had finally passed; and she felt properly hungry for the first time in a few days. She glanced at the digital readout on the bedside clock-- 2:47am. Hopefully, the room service menu was an all-night deal, because the idea of waiting for breakfast right now was excruciating.

Dianna turned on her bedside light, being careful to keep it on the lowest setting, and called down to the front desk to order some pancakes and orange juice, keeping her voice low so as not to wake Lea. When she hung up the phone and rolled over on the bed, however, she found her girlfriend yawning and smiling up at her sleepily.

“Aww, baby, go back to sleep,” the blonde girl cooed softly, stroking a lock of sleep-mussed dark hair back from Lea's face. “I didn't mean to wake you. Just ordering a snack.”

“Sounds like you're feeling a little better,” Lea murmured woozily, rubbing her eyes and sitting up to feel Dianna's forehead.

“A lot better,” Dianna corrected, taking Lea's hand from her forehead and kissing her palm. “Thanks to my own personal Florence Nightingale...”

“Mm, good,” Lea smiled sleepily, stroking her thumb absently across Dianna's cheek. “Your fever finally broke a couple of hours ago, but I wasn't sure if it was gonna go back up again...seems like it's still going down, though. Let's just make sure.” Lea twisted away and grabbed the ear thermometer from the other beside table, gently tilting Dianna's head away from her so she could slip the end into her ear.

“You don't have to keep babying me like this, Lee-lee,” Dianna murmured shyly, feeling a lot more self-conscious about everything her girlfriend was doing for her now that she wasn't in a half-conscious daze from the fever. “I feel better now...” The thermometer beeped, and Lea pulled it out to inspect the results.

“Well I'm glad you're feeling better, angel, but you're still a bit under the weather,” Lea sighed, turning the digital readout around so Dianna could see the flashing 100.8. “So let's not get ahead of ourselves, okay? You need at least another day in bed, getting cuddled and loved and not lifting a finger for any reason. I suppose you can feed yourself, though. You getting your appetite back, hmm?” Lea yawned again, sitting back against the pillows and rubbing her nose sleepily.

“Yeah, I...” Dianna started to answer, but trailed off when she noticed Lea's breath catch. The dark-haired girl froze for a second then, head tilted back, eyebrows knit together; then she raised her left hand to her face, which Dianna suddenly noticed was holding a crumpled kleenex, and cupped it to her nose and mouth just as she snapped forward sharply at the waist.

“Hehh-ishSHEWW!! *Sniff!*...ugh, egscuse be,” she sighed wearily, bringing her other hand up to her face to hold the damp tissue firmly in place as she gave her nose a soft, wet blow.

“Aww, honey! God bless you,” Dianna groaned, reaching for the box of tissues on the bedside table and passing them to her sniffling girlfriend. “I knew this would happen. You're sick, and it's all my fault, and the rest of the tour is ruined. I knew I should've kicked you out yesterday...”

“Shh, Di, it's okay,” Lea giggled, unable to stop the delighted grin that spread across her face at her girlfriend's comically horrorstruck expression. “I'm not that sick, okay? I didn't get the full whammy, just a little bit of a cold. I don't even have a fever. I'm taking lots and lots of vitamins, and I already had two cups of my special miracle tea before I went to bed, and we have two days before our next show in Dublin. I'll be fine. Please don't cry, angel...”

“You're just being stoic so I won't feel bad,” Dianna sniffled, shaking her head miserably. She pulled a tissue from the box and wiped her eyes absently.

“I'm not being stoic,” Lea shook her head, smiling sleepily as she curled up in Dianna's arms, trailing her fingers lightly up and down the blonde girl's back under her pajama top. “I'm spending two days in bed with my girlfriend-- that's, like, the opposite of stoic. Totally indulgent and stress-free.”

“But I made you sick,” Dianna whimpered, pulling back a little so she could see Lea's face, inspecting her more closely in the shaft of light from the bedside lamp. She really didn't look too bad; her eyes were a little red and puffy, but it was almost three in the morning, after all. Other than looking very sleepy, Lea did seem more or less like herself; her skin was its usual golden olive, and she didn't seem sweaty or feverish. The skin under her nose looked a little raw, though, and the fact that she'd fallen asleep with a tissue clutched in her hand was a pretty good indicator that she was suffering a fair amount from sniffles and sneezes.

“I'd rather be sick here with you than healthy on stage without you,” Lea shrugged, giving her anxious girlfriend the little half-smile that turned her into a pile of mush every time.

“Really?” Dianna sniffled, wiping her eyes on her sleeve as a soft yawn caught her off guard.

“Of course, baby,” Lea murmured, holding Dianna by the back of her neck and pressing a gentle kiss to her warm forehead. Then the dark-haired girl pulled back, hastily tugging a fresh tissue from the box over Dianna's shoulder and pressing it lightly to her wet nostrils as they started to drip again. “Ahhh...ACHHIEW!!” Lea's sneezes were, unsurprisingly, loud and intense, and Dianna could feel her girlfriend's small frame shuddering helplessly with the force of it.

“Bless you, little star,” Dianna cooed, trailing her fingers lightly through Lea's hair as the shorter girl gave her stuffy nose another soft blow.

“Thag you,” Lea sighed, rubbing the tissue absently around the rims of her tingling nostrils before scrunching up her face and blowing a little more forcefully into it. “Sorry my sneezes are so freakishly huge. I can't really help it. I thought about stifling so you wouldn't be grossed out, but I'm just terrified I'd burst an eardrum and destroy my career.”

“Aww, Lee-lee...you don't have to be embarrassed,” Dianna giggled, cuddling up close to Lea again and kissing the tip of her running nose. “I think your sneezes are adorable, just like everything else about you.”

“Really?” Lea asked skeptically, raising an eyebrow suspiciously as Dianna just grinned at her, trailing her fingertips lightly over the back of the shorter girl's neck.

“Really,” Dianna nodded seriously, with a sleepy smile.

“You're awesome,” Lea beamed shyly, with another groggy yawn.

“You're awesomer,” Dianna replied, with a yawn of her own. “Mmm, hope my food comes soon, so I can eat and go back to sleep...”

“Well as long as we're up, let's get another dose of Advil in you, hmm? Get rid of that nasty old fever for good,” Lea sighed, sitting up and rubbing her eyes as she rooted around on the bedside table for the Advil bottle. “Then we can...*sniff!*...have some more tea for our sniffles...just have t-to...”

Dianna pushed the tissues directly into Lea's lap, as the dark-haired girl's eyes were welling up to the point where she probably couldn't see what was right in front of her anyway. Her mouth fell open, and her head tilted slightly back as she pulled a few tissues from the box and held them up a few inches in front of her face with both hands.

“Hehh-ETCHIIEW!! *Sniff!*” Lea snapped forward at the waist again, her tiny body hopelessly overpowered by the force of another intense, shuddering sneeze. She sniffled wetly, and blew her cold-filled nose vigorously into the tissue.

“Bless you, my poor little sweetie,” Dianna cooed, sitting up and rubbing her eyes with a yawn. “I can get my own Advil, you just relax babe...”

“But you're still sicker thad I ab,” Lea pouted as Dianna reached across her and grabbed the little bottle, popping two pills out and swallowing them with a gulp of water.

“Says you,” Dianna grumbled suspiciously, grabbing the ear thermometer and gently sweeping Lea's dark hair aside to slip it into her ear.

“I told you, I dod't have a fever,” Lea whined, but she didn't pull away from her girlfriend's gentle hands.

“I'm just making sure,” Dianna murmured, pressing a soft kiss to Lea's temple before the digital thermometer beeped importantly.

“Told you,” Lea smirked victoriously when they both looked down to see the flashing 98.6. “That means I still get to get to be the nurse, and you get to be the patient.” Before Dianna could argue, a soft knock sounded on the door, and a polite voice chirped “room service!”

“I'll get it!” Lea smiled, jumping up from the bed before Dianna could even think about it. The dark-haired girl really did seem more or less like herself, despite the late hour, the exhaustion, and having a runny nose. Dianna could hear her talking softly to the bellboy in the hall, and smiled at the thought of spending two more days in bed with her sweet little star, with no shows, no demands, and no need to get out of bed for anything other than opening the door for room service. Maybe getting her girlfriend sick wasn't so bad, after all.

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Awh this is adorable I'm glad Lea got sick! not as sick but it's still really awesome :)

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Hey gleeks! I'm glad you're enjoying this...just saw the glee 3D concert movie this weekend, and it make this little tale all the more real to me! Enjoy the rewards... :lmfao:




Room Service

Part 4



The next time Dianna opened her eyes, there was a shaft of rich, golden sunlight spilling through the parted curtains, and soft, even breathing from the warm body on the pillow beside her. Yawning, the groggy blonde girl rolled over to face her girlfriend, still fast asleep, and spent a few quiet minutes drinking in the little starlet's beauty. Dianna hardly ever woke up before Lea; usually she was the one who opened her eyes to find the dark-haired girl smiling goofily at her, watching her sleep, adoring her with those bottomless brown eyes. And even though Dianna certainly appreciated this rare chance to watch her baby snooze for a while, she couldn't help also being concerned about the fact that it was almost noon, and her little energizer bunny was still dead asleep. Everyone on the cast and crew of Glee knew that it took a lot to slow Lea down; she could get by on four hours of sleep and still wake up bright-eyed for an early morning trip to the climbing gym before a sixteen-hour day on set. Dianna could barely keep up with her most of the time.

But right now, the hyperactive little starlet wasn't going anywhere. There were dark shadows under her eyes, and her normally golden-toned skin looked a bit wan and pale; even her usually rosy lips had lost some of their color. She looked a little sweaty, too, and when Dianna reached out and stroked the sleeping girl's forehead, her skin felt clammy and damp. "Poor baby," Dianna murmured, reaching for the thermometer from the bedside table and gently slipping it into Lea's ear without waking her. The readout flashed quickly; 99.4, which technically didn't even qualify as a fever, but still, it was obvious that Lea's body was stressed out and fighting something off. Dianna was flooded with a fresh wave of guilt, wishing she'd kept her germs to herself; but she knew that if the tables were turned, she'd have done exactly the same thing Lea had, and she also knew her girlfriend didn't blame her for passing along her illness. With a sigh, Dianna stuck the thermometer in her own ear, her mood slightly improved when she saw that it had dropped a little more to 100.3. With a yawn, the drowsy blonde girl sat up to give herself another dose of Advil, sniffling softly as her nose began to run.

"Huhh...chhew! *Sniffle.*" Dianna sneezed sleepily into her hands, snapping forward sharply at the waist as her stuffy nose blew snot from both nostrils. "Ughh, fuck," she grumbled softly behind her hands, groping clumsily for a tissue.

"Bless you," Lea murmured huskily, opening her eyes with a soft yawn.

"Aww, baby, I dided't bead to wake you up," Dianna groaned, cupping a clean tissue to her wet nose and blowing thickly into it. "Go back to sleep, I...*sniff!*...I'b okay. Ahhchiiew!! *Sniffle.*"

"Bless you," Lea yawned again, rubbing her eyes as she smiled sweetly up at Dianna from her pillow. "I don't wanna go back to sleep right now, miss bossypants. Am I allowed to stay in bed and be awake?"

"Yeah, of course babe." Dianna sighed and blew her nose in a fresh tissue, then immediately sniffled again, like it hadn't helped in the slightest. "Ugh, I'b all stuffed up."

"You certainly are," Lea agreed sleepily, finally sitting up and stroking a lock of messy blonde hair back from Dianna's face. "I have a tea for that in my bag..."

"Stay put, I'll get it," Dianna instructed firmly, swiping the crumpled tissue under her pink nose one more time before climbing out of bed to retrieve Lea's travel backpack.

"You don't know which one it is," Lea grumbled irritably, rubbing her forehead as another huge yawn overtook her.

"Well I'll just get the whole bag, ahd you cad tell be," Dianna shrugged, retrieving the small bag and flopping back into bed with a yawn of her own.

"What am I, a paraplegic? I can't get my own bag?" Lea grumbled, grabbing the backpack from Dianna and beginning to toss things out of it haphazardly as she hunted for the right herbal remedy. Then her eyes welled up, and she cupped a hand woozily to her face, gently squeezing her irritated nostrils between her thumb and forefinger as they flared helplessly. "Ahh...EKTCHEW! *Sniff.*"

"Bless you, crankypants," Dianna teased gently, passing Lea few tissues. "Poor baby, you don't feel good either." The blonde girl yawned and rubbed her girlfriend's back.

"Ugh, I doe," Lea sighed in miserable agreement, blowing her nose and then pressing a hand back to her forehead. "I feel so weird...my head's all heavy, like wet cement. My sinuses are pounding. *Sniff.*"

"Aww, poor little Lee-lee," Dianna cooed, stroking a lock of dark hair back from her girlfriend's face. "Here, take some of my Advil. Even though you don't have a fever, I think it'll still make you feel better. Especially if you have a headache." Dianna popped the lid on the Advil bottle, and doled out two little pills for each of them, which they both gulped down quickly.

"How about you, angel face? Feeling any better today? We need to take your temp..."

"I already did," Dianna smiled sleepily, nestling back down under the covers as a wave of exhaustion rolled over her weakened body. "It's getting better...100.3."

"That's good," Lea nodded absently, following Dianna's lead and curling up under the covers with a little shiver. She pulled a fresh tissue from the box, rolling over to cuddle against Dianna's shoulder as she rubbed and kneaded irritably at the tickle in her nostrils; but it was far too deep to reach. "You just...gotta stay in bed now...HASHHEW!! *Snrf.*" Lea curled up weakly against Dianna's shoulder as she sneezed, her forehead pressing up against the blonde girl's collarbone.

"Bless you," Dianna cooed, threading her fingers through Lea's silky hair as the dark-haired girl blew her wet nose again. "And I'll stay in bed as long as you stay with me, sweetheart. We're gonna take really good care of you and make sure you're all rested and well for Dublin, right?" Dianna kissed Lea's forehead. Lea whimpered miserably.

"Ughh, I hate being sick," the little starlet whined plaintively. "It's boring..."

"I doe," Dianna sighed, sniffling softly as a fresh trickle of snot began to leak from her stuffy nose. "But we really have to rest...ahd I dod't feel buch like doing adythig, adyway. I just wadt to cuddle ahd drihk sobe tea. *Sniff!*"

"Aww, honey, I forgot you were waiting for tea; and you're sounding really sniffly. I'm sorry. Let me call down for some hot water." Lea kissed Dianna's warm forehead, and leaned across her to pick up the house phone.

"We have to eat sobe breakfast, too," Dianna murmured, yawning woozily as she cuddled up closer to her girlfriend's warm body.

"Yeah, okay," Lea nodded absently, threading her fingers through Dianna's adorably tousled blonde hair as she cradled the phone to her ear. "What do you want, honey? More pancakes?"

"Whatever, I dod't care," Dianna sighed, pressing a fresh tissue to her wet nose with a soft, liquid sniffle as her wretched cold overcame her again. "Ehhchoo! Ahh-chxieww!! Ughh..." Lea kept stroking Dianna's hair as she quietly ordered breakfast and a carafe of hot water from the front desk.

"Okay, goodies on the way," Lea said quietly, hanging up the phone and snuggling back into the blankets so she could hold her sniffling girlfriend closer. "You know what else would be good for our stuffy heads and runny noses right now?"

"Uhh, what?" Dianna asked absently, rubbing her pounding forehead.

"A nice hot shower. Are you up for it?"

"That souhds awesobe," Dianna grinned weakly, sitting up and rubbing her eyes woozily. "Will you do the forehead rub thidg?"

"Of course, baby. C'mon, let's get all wet and steamy." Lea winked, and Dianna giggled weakly.

"You doe we're too sick to fool arouhd id there, right?"

"I know, I'm just trying to make you smile. And look, it's working..." Lea stroked a lock of tousled blonde hair back from Dianna's face, and planted a few soft kisses across her cheek and the bridge of her nose.

"I love you," Dianna sighed, closing her eyes.

"I...hehh-ISHHIEW!!" Lea bent double with her hands cupped to her face, sneezing wetly into Dianna's lap. "Ughh, dambbit. Sorry. *Sniffle.*"

"It's okay, baby," Dianna smiled sleepily, passing Lea a fresh tissue. "Let's go get id the shower...thed I cad get by voice back, ahd you cad get your head cleared out." Lea nodded and blew her nose, and Dianna leaned in and kissed her forehead, making them both giggle weakly. Slowly, they climbed out of bed and made their way to the shower, blessing each other several more times along the way.

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