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I pulled an all nighter last night to catch up on some fun I'd lost while babysitting and attempting to work out to P90X. If I'd known what would have happened later on, I would have thought twice and slept...

After a much needed 3 hour nap, I awoke with a still groggy state of mind and a runny nose that soon became stuffy as well. I tried clearing it by sniffing deeply and by blowing harshly, but neither helped. It only made my nose tingle. I rubbed it, trying to push it away which worked. Until about half an hour when it came back with vengeance. Without time for a tissue I sneezed a double "HehESHoo eSHH". Just now, I sneezed a triple with about a second or two in between. "Heh..eSHoo...ESHoo.. KKSHH!" I can't be sick, since my brothers surprise party is this weekend and I wouldnt have fun when feeling bad..

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Hopefully it will all blow over, and you actually aren't sick. They do sound like some great sneezes, so thanks for sharing them. :D

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