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Brad was just sitting in his Psychology class when in the nearly dead silence he heard a faint sniff, which instantly peaked his interest. He turned not so subtly around to find out it was coming from a girl named Jessika that sat to his left. He already had a crush on her, so the anticipation of an impending sneeze almost made him have to leave the room, but he managed to contain himself. He was trying to listen for further sniffles from the cute Italian girl so intently, that he didn’t notice his pencil rolling until it made a loud noise as it made contact with the cold tile floor. As he reached down to retrieve it she bent down to grab a notebook out of her bag and they bumped heads. He apologized swiftly, being embarrassed, and she simply smiled and giggled. The professor kept on with his lecture as if nothing happened, but Brad could no longer pay attention. He kept wondering what it would be like to go on a date with this girl. Suddenly a soft “Hissh” brought him out of his reverie. He quickly glanced over to Jessika and caught her with her hand covering her nose, as she sniffled.

“Bless you.” He said.

She mumbled a thanks, looking slightly embarrassed, but smiling as well.

“D…do you think you, uh, would like to get dinner with me tonight?” Brad stuttered. What an idiot! he thought to himself.

Jessika giggled. “Not tonight,” Brad’s heart sunk. “I’ve got dance practice. How about the day after?” “Oh, that would be good too.” Brad couldn’t hide the relief in his reply.

Continue or not? Constructive criticism accepted and appreciated :blush:

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