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Harry Potter Sneeziness (again...)


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So I went to see the new Harry Potter movie again with a different group of friends, girls this time. (For my obs about the first time I went click here )

While we were waiting to buy tickets I saw my younger brother N and a friend of his standing in line. N looks sneezy as usual; he has sneezy allergies to everything in the known universe. While we're waiting to buy tickets he sneezes a double. "Heh-ASSHHH! ASHH!"

After we bought the tickets we had about half an hour before the movie started, so me and my friends were sitting around and goofing off. My younger brother comes up and asks where we're sitting, and it turns out that we have seats right next to each other. Now, normally I'd be annoyed that he's there on my girls' night out, but there's obviously something around here that's making his allergies act up (more than usual, that is) and he looks so miserable with his scarlet nose that I can't bring myself to get annoyed.

As we're taking our seats, R, the last member of our group shows up (she was stuck in traffic so we bought her ticket for her) and she sits down on my left. My brother is on my right.

During the commercials, R stifles three sneezes into the crook of her arm. "Heh-MPH! hah-MPH! ah...ah-MPH!" There's a chorus of bless-yous and are-you-okays from us. Two minutes later she sneezes twice more.

"Are you okay?" I ask because she's usually not a very sneezy person.

"Yeah, I think I might be getting a cold," she says.

"Oh, that's too bad."

As the movie starts, I have a sense of deja-vu because (again) I'm sitting next to my brother who keeps stifling into his hands every ten seconds. But this time R is also sneezing, although not as frequently. People give them dirty looks so I have to use my trademark evil glare again. :D (Or did I use a different smiley last time...?)

There was one funny moment when N sneezed during this really important part of the movie, and I remember J (my older brother) sneezing in exactly the same place last time!

I can feel a tradition in the making...from now on I won't watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 without bringing a box of tissues for my allergic brothers and cold-ridden friends :D

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I posted an obs twice again! Seriously, I'm talented! This is the second time in a row! Maybe there's a problem with my computer...

If any staff members are reading this, please delete it (again. Why does this keep happening?)

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Why does this keep happening?)

I occasionally double post, usually on occasions when my computer and the forum seem to be working very slowly together. I click on the "Add Reply" button, and then nothing happens for ages. So I assume I mis-clicked and click on it again .... and then it posts twice. Not sure if that sounds familiar, perhaps there are other ways as well but I know that's how it happens for me.

Nice obs anyway. Cold-ridden sneezers in cinemas = :lol:

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