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My best guy friend


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Alright so I went to go hang out with my best guy friend (we'll call him S. He's 17, about 5ft 7, brown straighened hair, brown eyes, built but chubby) today and i parked outside of his house and then he opened his window and told me that the door is open to just come in. So i did and then i went into his room. I asked him if i could see my puppy (his dog had puppies and im getting one of them :D) so he went into his moms room and got my puppy. So he got him and he was like "I would of told you that you can go in there and get him but my mom is really sick right now and im probably getting it too" which i could tell he was. It sounds like he's getting a cold. I mean his voice was a bit hoarse, and he was sniffling like alot. like these stuffy sniffles. I was so disracted by playing with my puppy that i was able to contain my excitment because in my head i was like omg those sniffles are like :D

ANYWAY, later we go pick up one of my other friends (we'll call her E) to hang. So basically within those 4 hours of hanging out he was just basically sniffling the whole time which was enjoyable. Im like not into him like attracted to him but as of today im like into his sniffles xD ANYWAY like when we droped off E at her house we went back to his house and i had to go home so he was like "alright ill see you later" and as im getting out of the car, he sneezes. but his are like there is no buildup. it just comes out. and they are like cough-like sneezes sadly...but they are literally like "CHOO" but in a cough sounding way if that makes any sense lol

Hes also one of those people that just go back to what he was saying like as if the sneeze never happened so he never expects a "bless you" from anyone lol so as im walking down the driveway to my car he sneezes 2 more times the exact same way. I kind of like them since they are unique lol

Yeah only my 2nd ob on this fourm so far..ill get better at it soon xD

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