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Vegas sneezes


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I was in Vegas last week and had been meaning to jot this obs down! :lol:

One of the blackjack dealers in the casino we stopped at seemed to have allergies to smoke. She's asian, petite, about 40ish, short black hair, and a small round nose. From where I sat I had a clear view of her fit without seeming to stare. I couldn't help staring though, not only because of the loudness and harshness of her itchy sneezes but also because the group of boys laughed, cheered, and counted out loud every sneeze. So without counting them myself I know she sneezed 23 times.

I heard the first 3 clearly but I didn't look up immediately so not to draw attention to myself. I didn't need to worry because she was obviously not done. When I finally did glance, I saw the dealer directly within my line of sight snap her waist to her left and sneeze harshly onto the back of her left wrist. Heeh'gxkshiew! She kept the cards firmly in her grip of her left hand and I'm sure some of it must have gotten sprayed.

She turned back as if nothing happened, dealt two cards, and then snapped back to the left in a back bending fit of 5. Hhh'kxh! Heeeh-sheiiw! Hshew! Heeeh he-heeh hek'xshew! Hhhh'shxiew!

When she turned back this time, she wrinkled her nose and rubbed her nose awkwardly with the back of her left hand which still held the deck of cards. Even the boys had figured at this point she wasn't done yet. One of the other dealers on her right leaned over and explained "It's allergies. She's allergic to smoke."

I whip around trying to find the source but failed. Perhaps the smoke had just lingered in the air and only just now triggered the sneezes? Well, I couldn't see the smoker.

The dealer attempted to deal the rest of the hand even with her nose flaring slightly, but she didn't manage to finish before the sneezes overtook her again. Each itchy sneeze was well drawn out, throaty, with about 3 seconds of desperate hitching between each, and harsh enough to bend her at the waist each time. As she sneezed repeatedly onto the back of her left wrist the boys began to count loudly after each sneeze.







She tried to laugh it off and apologize for her sneezes but each time she tried to open her mouth, her breath began hitching again and she had to snap back for another sneeze.

heeh... hhheexkchew!


"S-sor... hexhhh! Sorr... sorry. It's th... the... hexchhew! the smoke."

"14... 15..."

Hehhh. heeeh....hhhxchiew! Heh... heegxshew! Heeshew!!!!

"16, 17, 18!!" the group of boys laughed loudly and even the other players and dealers had begun to stare.

That last one seemed to clear her sinus however and with a sharp sniff and a quick rub to her nose she smiled and continued on with the game. The boys' talk soon returned to whatever topic they had been on before being interrupted. I didn't stop glancing discretely at her direction however. Sure enough, not even 2 minutes later I saw her nostrils flare widely before she quickly snapped to the left again.


"Oh, 19!" the boy on the right shouted.

"There must be someone smoking nearby." The other dealer commented.

Heexshew! Heh-hhhh'chh! HEEHXCHHHEW!

"20,21,22!" they laughed again.

"Oh sorry it's the smoke!" she apologized again before continuing to deal. She hadn't let go of the cards once!

The last sneeze I saw was perhaps another 5 minutes later, a softer final Hxcch! that prompted a "23!" from the boys but that seemed to end her fit. I would have hung around longer but the others wanted to eat dinner. Anyways I had already lost my money sitting there without paying attention. :lol:

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Great obs! The sneeze-related conversation makes it even better :) Maybe it would have been more appropriate if she had finished at 21? ;)

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A dealer allergic to smoke? That's like someone with cat allergies working at a pet store. ;) It's so cute that those guys counted the sneezes and that they stayed interested enough to keep count all the way to twenty-three. I agree, love the sneeze-related conversation and the fact that she kept trying to apologize throughout the fit.

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A beautifully described observation that combines two of my great passions, sneezing and card games! :laugh: I love all the details you put in about how she was covering the sneezes and what everyone said, makes it seem like I was watching it with you. Thanks for sharing :lol:

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