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Sooo I'm a shameless fetishist. I'm involved in several Glee roleplays offsite, and I've wormed some sort of sickness or allergies into each of them. But no one's called me on it, so I'm not about to change ;)

The following is an excerpt from a roleplay in which I play Santana. Brittany and Kurt went out and adopted puppies while Santana and Quinn were crashing a frat party, and Brittany can't wait for her (newly official) girlfriend to meet Scooter. I'm sorry in advance for disjointedness - the gal who plays Brittany is brilliant with dialogue, but her writing is a little loose. Alsooo I haven't spelled out the sneezes, because I'm not that eager to get caught, haha.

But! Enjoy!~


Fluff & Stuff

Santana knocked on Brittany’s door, checking her watch absently. Okay, so she hadn’t used jetpacks or a submarine or anything, but she had gotten there in less than fifteen minutes. Nice.

Santana was not a big animal person. She didn’t like cats (they reminded her too much of herself - it was just creepy), and yappy dogs got on her nerves. Plus they smelled bad. And they’d never had pets at her house, but she was pretty sure she was allergic. But this dog - Skeeter or Scruffy or whatever - meant a lot to Brittany, so she would grit her teeth and power through.

Brittany was extremely excited to show Santana her puppy and the second she heard the knock on her door she stopped playing with Scooter, picked him up, and skipped down the stairs. She opened the door with a big smile on her face as she saw Santana there, she stepped aside to let her in “Hi! You got here pretty fast, did you fly? Oh! This is Scooter” she said looking down at him “Scooter, this is Santana my girlfriend, she’s super awesome, you’re going to love her.”

Santana couldn’t help but grin when Brittany met her at the door, clutching a wriggly black puppy. It stuck out its tongue in a doggy grin and wagged its tail frantically as it saw her, squirming in Brittany’s arms as it tried to say hello to Santana. She rubbed its ears briefly before stepping back.

“So this is Scooter, huh?” she asked, crossing her arms. “He’s certainly full of energy.”

Brittany nodded “Yupp! I know when I saw him he was by himself walking in circles and he hasn’t stopped moving since.” She turned around and set Scooter down “Run Scooter run!” and she turned back around to Santana and pulled her inside as she kissed her “He’s probably going to grab one of his toys and make us play with him”

Santana snorted. “He was…walking in circles? Are you sure he’s not retarded or something?” She watched as the puppy careened around the living room, finally settling on a tennis ball and bringing it happily back to the girls. He dropped the slobbery ball at Santana’s feet and sat back, whining with excitement. Santana eyed the ball with a faint expression of disgust and nudged it with her foot towards Brittany.

Brittany tried to give Santana a serious expression as she attempted to fight off a smile “No, he’s just special. Except if you throw the tennis ball at the wall he’ll run into the wall, I figured that out the hard way.” Brittany picked up the tennis ball and rolled it across the floor and smiled as she watched him run after it.

Santana snorted. “Yeah, he certainly doesn’t need any more brain damage. He might think he’s a parakeet next.” Scathing tone aside, she still threaded her arm around Brittany’s waist. “So you had fun with Kurt?”

Brittany looked down at Scooter and shook her head giving him the hint that what Santana was saying wasn’t true “Santana, be nice you might hurt his feelings.” Brittany knew Santana probably wouldn’t care about that so she had a better idea “If you aren’t nice to Scooter then I’ll withhold something you love a lot from you.” she said with a wink. She nodded “Yea, it was pretty fun. Did you have fun with Quinn?”

Santana looked affronted. “Really? You love that furball more than you love your…” she leaned in close, breathing in Brittany’s ear, “…girlfriend?”

She pressed her lips to Brittany’s earlobe and drew back, flipping her dark ponytail nonchalantly. “It was fine, I guess.” She shrugged. “Quinn’s not much of good company anymore. She’s obsessed with her image.” She rubbed at her nose absently. “It’s kind of weird.”

Brittany got goosebumps as Santana whispered into her ear, it was one of her weaknesses and Santana knew it “Of course not, but when he grows up into a big doggy you want to be on his good side or he might jump on you and slobber over everything you love.” Brittany knew Quinn had always been obsessed with her reputation and stuff, but Quinn knew she was the pretty blonde so obsessing over her image was new “Yea, that is weird, maybe she’s jealous of you, I mean you are the prettiest girl at school.”

“I try,” Santana smirked, but she pulled Brittany up against her until their hips were brushing. “Quinn certainly knows she won’t get the award for prettiest blonde…that one will always go to you, my love.” She was leaning in to trail kisses up Brittany’s neck when she suddenly ducked to the side to catch a soft sneeze against her wrist. She paused, holding her forearm to her face, then sneezed again.

“Damn it,” she swore softly, then dove in to nibble on Brittany’s neck before she could be otherwise distracted again.

Brittany smiled and blushed a little, Santana was the only person who could make her do that. She watched as Santana sneezed and at first thought she was sick, but Santana was usually grumpy when she was sick and then she noticed her puppy “Are you allergic to Scooter? We can put him in a different room if you want..” and she trailed off as Santana started nibbling at her neck and she tilted her head to give her better access.

“Probably,” Santana murmured against Brittany’s neck, “but ‘s ok.” She gently pushed her girlfriend back a few steps until she had her pinned against the wall. “I missed you last night,” she continued almost lazily, drawing her tongue along the soft skin along Brittany’s jawline.

Brittany smiled and bit her lip when Santana pinned her against the wall “I missed you too” she mumbled as she put her hands on Santana’s hips and pulled her closer “But this is making up for that, your sweet lady kisses make up for everything”

“Ditto, girlie.” Santana grinned against Brittany’s lips. She traced the lines of her mouth with her tongue, tasting the faint mint of Brittany’s favorite lip balm. That thought was undeniably sexy; Santana growled softly and moved lower, biting down on Brittany’s skin and feeling the heat and pulse of life beneath her tongue.

Brittany let out a little whimper as she felt Santana’s tongue on her mouth, she opened it slightly trying to capture Santana’s tongue. The sound of Santana’s growl made Brittany let a little moan escape from her throat, no matter what sound it was whenever it came from Santana it was sexy.

Santana was beginning to trace patterns on the side of Brittany’s neck with her tongue when a warm, wet something on her ankle made her yelp and jump back. She glanced down to see Scooter happily licking at her toes, his little tail wagging animatedly. Santana groaned and rolled her eyes.

“Britt, your dog is a total cockblock,” she said, nudging him away gently with her foot. Scooter just moved over to her other foot, lapping at her feet like he had nothing better to do. She sniffed and drew the side of her hand under her nose as it began to run, trying to make as little fuss as possible. She didn’t want Britt to worry about her.

Brittany frowned down at Scooter and then she looked up at Santana and noticed her allergic reaction to her dog was starting up again “I’ll put him in my room real quick” and she scooped Scooter up and quickly went up to her room and put him on her bed and then shut the door as she went back to Santana “Do you want some allergy medicine? I think I have some because my Mom gets super bad allergies in the spring time.”

“That’d be great, actually.” Santana made a face. “B…I’m sorry. I know you’re excited about Skeeter, and I’m sorry I’m not being a better girlfriend about it.” She twined her fingers gently through Brittany’s.

“I honestly didn’t know I was allergic - we’ve never had dogs before, and it’s been ages since I’ve been around them. Sorry about that,” she apologized again, rubbing at her nose with her free hand and sniffing harshly. Dammit. Way to ruin the mood, Scooter.

Brittany smiled at her and shook her head “It’s okay, I know you’re not big on animals, but you’re doing a really good job actually. I’ll be right back with the medicine.” and she walked down the hall to the bathroom “It’s Scooter by the way!” she said hoping it was loud enough for Santana to hear. She grabbed the medicine and then got her a glass of water and brought it back to her “It’s totally fine, well now you know and now we both know not to take you somewhere filled with dogs.” she handed her the glass of water and medicine “I hope this makes you feel better.”

Santana gratefully swallowed the pills and chased them down with a swig of water. “Thanks,” she said, placing the glass on a nearby coffee table. Santana Lopez doesn’t use coasters - they’re for sissies, and Kurt Hummel.

“I meannnn,” she continued, drawing out the word as she circled slowly around behind Brittany and put her hands on her shoulders, “as long as you’re there, I’d suffer through anything. I mean it,” she added very seriously, giving Brittany’s shoulders a little squeeze. “If you want to go have sex in a dog pound, by all means, let me get my keys.” She smirked a little bit. “But really. I’d walk to the ends of the earth for you, B. A little sneezing is nothing.”

Brittany just smiled and pulled her into a deep, warm kiss.

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"Santana Lopez doesn’t use coasters - they’re for sissies, and Kurt Hummel."

CLASSIC. good job with this, yay glee!!!!! you should try just writing your own sneezy glee story here...I certainly enjoy it :P

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"Santana Lopez doesn’t use coasters - they’re for sissies, and Kurt Hummel."

CLASSIC. good job with this, yay glee!!!!! you should try just writing your own sneezy glee story here...I certainly enjoy it :D

Ahhh, thanks so much!! I read and adore your Achele fics - having you comment on mine makes me glow with happiness ;) Yeahh, Santana's taken up residence in my brain since I've started writing her, haha. I certainly swear a lot more than usual now. Thank you for reading! :D

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