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9 sneezes from 4 people (all f)

Joal 555

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So, after months without any obs, last Wednesday I got 4 on the same day!

I was at a client's in the morning sitting in a room with 5 females. Firstly, one of them sneezed a double, sort of "normal" sneezes and said "oh, excuse me" afterwards - the only other time I had heard her sneeze, she had stifled 3 in a row.

Then the youngest, who had been sniffling away, raised her hand and sneezed and then a few seconds later did the same again. She carried looking down at her work as she sneezed. Earlier she and the girl sitting next to her seemed to be discussing colds but I wasn't near enough to hear what they were saying.

Then another girl (aged about 35 to 40 I would guess) sneezed a nice double with slightly exaggerated and quite high pitched "choos" at the end (which I love) - I said "bless you" to her and she said "thank you" quite nicely with a smile. Mmmmmm. Then about half an hour later she sneezed another double, similar to the first occasion. This time one of the other girls blessed her but she didn't thank them (so in my mind, that meant she was happier thanking me!). Oh and inbetween the 2 sets of sneezes she had blown her nose on a tissue.

Anyway, after a while I returned to the office where we had a team meeting at lunchtime. I was sitting opposite a girl who although not overly attractive is a very nice person and perfectly presentable. I had never seen her sneeze before although I thought I had heard her sneeze quite loudly before. Suddenly, out of the blue, she raised both hands and cupped them round her nose and mouth and sneezed an almost silent stifle. It was a great sneeze. She and the boy next to her seemed to share a joke about the fact that she had sneezed although again I couldn't hear. Anyway, now I'm not certain if it WAS her that I had heard on previous occasions (although she may just have stifled this one because it was in a meeting)

I hope I have now "turned the corner" and will get loads more sneezes, in particular from the girl at the office!

Hope you enjoyed


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Sounds like you had a good day...9 sneezes all at once! I think it's cute that the one girl thanked you for blessing her, and then ignored the others, haha! Lets hope there are more obs from your work...and soon!

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I hope you've broken your obs cold streak too, Joal, because when you do have obs, like these, you write about them so well and descriptively! :wub:

Very nice obs, all of them! Thanks for sharing! :D

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