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Anybody out there interested in writing about or drawing these women? I hope I'm not the only one who'd like to read/see something about them:

Astrid (and maybe Ruffnut) from How To Train Your Dragon

Susan/Ginormica from Monsters vs. Aliens

Princess Fiona (preferrably human) from Shrek

Roxanne Ritchi from Megamind

Chel (or is it Xel?) from Road To El Dorado

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In all honesty, I might take you up on that Megamind one. I've been itching to write something for that movie for a while, so we'll see what happens. :D

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What episode of danny phantom is that gif from?

I've been looking for the ep for ages

sorry to not be helpful to you

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"What You Want". It was pretty early in the first season.

I loved danny's sneeze in that episode when I was younger. Danny phantom :yes:

Anyway more on topic, I love megamind and Spoo I hope you write it. :winkkiss:

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