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My sneeze is not the reason I am posting this observation, but there was a sneeze so I figured this was the best place to put it.

A little background info - my boyfriend, Jay, knows about the fetish. He is really great about it in that he is willing to indulge me in every way, but also in that he really seems to understand me and my little quirk. This observation proves HOW much he gets me. So sweet ...

We went out with my parents for dinner and we all traveled in one car. Jay and I were in the back seat with my parents in the front. I started to feel that familiar tickle. Now, sneezing in front of family sucks a lot, but sneezing in front of family in an enclosed car ... EW, EW, EW and ICK! I kept pinching my nose, trying to breath through my mouth, closing my eyes as not to see the sun, but the tickle was persistant. Jay kept looking at me as though he was very confused (oh, to be one of us and realize, lol) and concerned. When I finally couldn't hold it back anymore I pinched my nose really hard and let out a nearly silent stifle. My parents certainly did NOT notice (the are complusive blessers) but Jay had a look of realization on his face. He smiled at me and mouthed "bless you." I melted righted there. I was grinning ear to ear when I mouthed back "thank you!"

When we were alone I asked him about our interaction. He said, "Well, it was clear that you didn't want your sneeze to be noticed, but I know you like being blessed. I wanted to bless you, but I didn't want your parents to realized you had sneezed because I didn't want you to be embarrassed." I'm still gushing ...

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Awww that is so sweet! And I would have found your nearly silent stifle with pinched nose totally cute!!

*silently mouths "bless you" so as not to alert parents*


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Wow, what a lovely experience with all that build up, and how thoughtful he sounds.


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KEEPERRRRR!!!!! Your boyfriend sounds like an amazing, thoughtful, considerate person! I'm happy for you :angry: how wonderful!!!And, bless you, your obs was adorable!

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Thanks so much, friends! Even now when I think about the interaction we had I get hot. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy it as well!

Thanks also for the blessings! You know I love it ... and my pants are even hotter :o

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oh my god that was SUPER sweet :( And yeah im with you on the not sneezing in front of family members....just EW. The only person im really confortable sneezing around is my younger brother. but that's about it lol

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He sounds like a very caring guy. Any you had one very meltable buildup. Bless you. B)

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