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Self obs (m)

Joal 555

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I don't normally do self obs but just to say I'm gonna be really sneezy today! I woke up feeling all blocked up and with a very tickly nose. I've only been up an hour and I've already sneezed about 7 times. Strong stifled sneezes.......hhhnnngchooo! (or something like that)

Sometimes, when I start the day like this, it can carry on all day and yet it's not a cold or anything

Anyway, just wanted to keep you posted (literally)


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bless you, and please do keep us posted :D I love strong stifles! Did the rest of your day end up beingsneezy?

It lasted all morning but then the sneezy feeling went away in the afternoon

I'd call it morning sickness but that could be misconstrued...... :D

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