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1st almost crash with a sneeze(f)


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So I went driving today with my dad because i'm 16 and in need of my liscense and stuff like that. So I was just driving listening to my dad gicing tips for judgement and all of a sudden I had to sneeze while driving for the first time(I've been driving before just havn't had to sneeze beore) and this is how it happened:

There was a car coming and on my side there was a parked car going around a curve. So I sneeze just as I was passing the car that was parked and coming. My dad had to grab the wheel to prevent me from hitting the catilac. I did cover and sneeze to the left so it wouldn't hit him. I was more shaken up about the fact I almost had my first crash(with a catilac) than my 1st sneeze while driving. That is the closest call I've had to crashing too. Other than that I was fine, I even made my fist U-turn in a narrow road on top of that. I've been super sniffly too and having severe sinus pressure headaches.

I've been needing to sneeze for a while now that I think about it, bad timing that's all.

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Wow! I'm glad it turned out OK. Driving gets easier to coordinate the more you do it. It's a great feeling of freedom, isn't it?

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Sounds scary :wacko: but I'm glad everything turned out okay and you didn't crash! :blushing:

Anyway, bless you and thanks for sharing! :bag: And don't worry, take it from me - once you do get your license, when you have tons more experience, and you can also be alone in the car - you can sneeze to your heart's content :blushing:

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