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Kurt Hummel was happy. Happy because it was a Saturday. Happy because his parent’s and stepbrother had gone to some football game, and now he and Blaine could be alone. He was happy because he had gotten a new cologne as well, Burberry. Kurt knew Blaine loved the unique scent of Kurt, so adding a bit of spice to it wouldn’t harm anything. Hopefully it would drive Blaine mad, wanting to kiss him all over. He sprayed a generous amount on his neck and did a spin as he heard his doorbell ring.


Opening the door, Kurt greeted Blaine with a huge hug and kiss. Kurt loved the way Blaine’s lips tasted. They were soft, and always seemed to have a hint of coffee and vanilla to them. Leading him inside, Kurt smiled and playfully hit Blaine’s butt, making Blaine spin around and kiss him again.

“I love you.” Blaine murmured against Kurt’s pale lips, one hand trailing against Kurt’s jaw line. It was then that Blaine reared back slightly, snapping his face to the side and putting his mouth and nose into the crook of his arm.

“H’ngxt’uhh!” he stifled, dryly, knitting his eyebrows in confusion afterwards.

“Excuse me! Sorry Kurt, that was totally uncalled for!” he blushed, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

Blaine knew he didn’t have allergies of any sort. He was graciously blessed with an impenetrable immune system as well. He rarely ever sneezed, maybe once every few months if he caught a cold, but today he felt fine. Perfect even. So why he sneezed baffled him.

Kurt laughed at his boyfriend’s confused expression. He truly thought Blaine was the cutest boy to ever walk the earth. Everything was perfect about him. His curly hair, his hazel eyes, the way he would sign his name almost illegibly. Kurt had never heard Blaine sneeze before. He thought it was one of his cutest traits.

“It’s fine.” Kurt replied, brushing it off. Blaine nodded, following Kurt into the Humdel’s den, sitting on the couch, snuggling up to Kurt’s side. He let his head fall onto the base of Kurt’s neck. The reaction was almost instant. Blaine felt his nose get stuffy, producing an irritated itch deep inside.

Blaine scrubbed his palm into it, sniffling a little, though it was hard considering how stuffy his nose seemed to be all of the sudden.

“H’stischh’uhh!” he stifled again, a wetter sneeze than the one had been in the foyer. Blaine rubbed his nose against the fabric of his shirt, sniffling again. “Sorry…” he mumbled, still confused as to why he had sneezed more than he had in the previous 4 months, in the last 5 minutes.

Kurt looked at him concerned. “Are you feeling okay?” he asked, putting a hand atop Blaine’s forehead.

“I feel fine. I don’t have allergies, I don’t know why I’m sneezing so much.” Blaine retorted in a slightly congested tone.

Kurt shrugged, lacing his finger’s with Blaine’s, Blaine’s head resting against Kurt’s shoulder and chest as Kurt pressed play on ‘Finding Nemo’. Blaine smiled up at him, Blaine’s eyes slightly watery and glassy. Stroking a hand through Blaine’s hair, Kurt smiled back.

“I love you.” He pressed a kiss into Blaine’s forehead.

Blaine smiled, but felt another sneeze coming as he rubbed at his itchy eyes. They were turning red, and Kurt grew concerned.

“Are you sure you don’t have allergies?” he asked, rubbing Blaine’s back as he felt him shutter from the pre-sneeze.

Blaine shook his head no as he pressed on the sides of his nose with his fingertips, taking a stuttered breath in.

“H’NGXST’uhhh!....Hehhh…..He’PTISCH’uhhhh! Ng’XGTT’huhhh!” he stifled, sniffling thickly as he moved his hand.

Kurt looked at his boyfriend, a sneezy, sniffly mess and was surprised at how turned on he was by Blaine being so vulnerable. He smiled gently.

“Honey, either your sick or you have allergies. If you feel fine and don’t have a fever, then you’re allergic to something in the air.” He said, his hand tracing down Blaine’s jaw line. He smiled more as he saw Blaine’s delicate pink nostrils twitch slightly.

“Kurt….ehhh….” his breath hitched, his hand raised, scrubbing at his nose. Kurt moved his hand shyly, using his own hand to trace each nostril, his nails tickling Blaine further.

“Kurt, stop….Heh’NXGSHT’uhh!” he stifled, not letting his mouth open. He rubbed his eyes blearily, sniffling to try and help, though it only made it worse.

“God….it tickles….sehhh….so much….” He squirmed, confused as to why Kurt was doing this to him.

Kurt was fully turned on. He had a raging boner, his breath heavy. Seeing his boyfriend lose control like that was utterly mystifying.

“You look so hot when you sneeze.” Kurt let the words tumble out of his mouth, his face flushed with embarrassment and lust. Blaine looked at him ridiculously.

“Seriously?” he asked, embarrassed but curious.

Nodding, Kurt kissed Blaine’s neck, and Blaine could smell Kurt’s new cologne strongly.

“K-Kuhhh….Kurt, do you have new cologne?” he asked, his nose running, his eyes itching badly. Kurt looked up at him and realized what he was getting at.

“I-I do…It’s Burberry. I thought you would like it…it’s doing this to you isn’t it?” he asked, a smile spreading on his pale lips.

Blaine could only nod. “Tighh….tihgckles…” he stuttered, shifting his head so he could breath in Kurt’s cologne more, the tickle intensifying.

“My my, you’re nose is so sensitive to this.” Kurt drawled out, a smirk appearing as he covered Blaine in his cologne ridden jacket.


R&R!! :D 1/? Update soon!!

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I completely forgot to make the sneeze's italic! I am so sorry! Next chapter they will be! D:

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I completely forgot to make the sneeze's italic! I am so sorry! Next chapter they will be! D:

It's totally okay! Do you want me to format them for you or is there like a specific way you want it done? (:

Your writing is lovely. :D

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Oh my god....just the thought of blaine stifling his sneezes...UGGGGH!!!!! omg this story is soooooo goooood i cannot WAIT for the next chapter :D Kurt and blaine forever <3

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Haha I loved this!!! sneezy Blaine :D I love it!!! thank you so much for writing this and looking forward to more! :) especially more Blaine sneezyness! :) :)

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Yes PLEASE make more. I have literally read this like at least 15 times O_O it's that good :winkkiss:

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Omygod!!!! O. My. God. Holy shit!!!! This was amazing! I have reread this at least twice a day since it's been posted!!!! It was just so.... Hot. I mean- amazing! No rush, but please update soon!!! Because this. This is fucking amazing. Just great. Pardon my french. Now I have to go make cat ears from like hairspray or aluminum foil and fabric. Hmmmm!

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Mk, I just re-read this and you can totally add me to the list of people waiting for an update! :)

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