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My first story ever posted :D

this is only the first part, expect the rest soon :blink:

also, feedback is appreciated, tell me what you think! :D

Agent E

"Sir, we have all the information on that woman you wanted."


Name: Emma Hiplan

Age: 23

Height: 5'7

Weight: She won't tell.

Occupation: Undercover Agent

Emma was an attractive woman. She had olive skin, a sultry face, long dark flowing hair, and a very generous figure from her chest to her rear. And on top of all this, she was an expert in espionage. But she had been on more than one occasion foiled by her arch nemesis: her long, overly-sensitive nose.

She walked into a very modern looking office, wearing a tight black dress, where she was greeted by a shady, but very official-looking man.

"Ah, there you are Emma." he greeted her.

She smiled at him. "Hello sir, I understand you wanted to speak with me?"

"Yes, I have a very important assignment for you."

"Of course, what is it sir?"

He rose and gave her a small metal breifcase.

"This is extremely important and confidential informaition." he said. "We need you to deliver it to our associates."

Emma raised an eyebrow and neared him. Did she smell cologne on him? It must have been so, because she felt a very weak tickle in the back of her nose.

"Oh, so now I'm your d-delivery girl?" she said indignantly.

"Oh, it's more than just delivery Emma. The person who needs this information is stationed undercover in out enemy's base. You need to get in and out without being noticed which is why I chose our best agent." he smiled.

Emma suddenly felt a shar tingle in her nose as her eyes fluttered, and her breathing became heavy. Damn that man... she thought. He knows I'm allergic!

"So Emma, what do you say?" he asked.

"HEEEEEEEIIICHEEEEEWWW!!!" was her enthusiastic response.

Emma landed just outside the outskirts of the base in her skin tight espionage suit, as she looked up at it and took a deep breath. She was terrified of the trouble her nose might get her into.

"Calm down chica..." she said to herself. "You've got this."

Emma skillfully scaled the walls of the fortress and entered through a broken window. She pinned her curvy figure against a wall and held her breath. She then ever so slowly, began her way through the dark corridors.

"Gotta get to that room..." she mutteed to herself.

Suddenly, she heard a door slam. She spun around as she heard footsteps advancing.

"Damn!" she cursed under her breath. She needed to find a place to conceal herself, and fast!

So, in a moment of Solid Snake qualities, she turned the corner and dove under the nearest theng she found: a giant cardboard box.

She remained completely motionless as the footsteps grew nearer, keeping her breathing shallow.

Then, she noticed something.

She was currently surrounded...COVERED even, in a very fine powder!

Her nose realized what was going on before her brain did.

It began to twitch and her nostrils began to flare as she realized this box had probably not been touched in ages. Becasue it was laced with dust.

A wave of panic came over her as her breathing became more and more labored. She knew her sensitive nose could only hold out for so long.

Her eyes began watering, as she began building up as silently as she could. "haaaahhh....n-no....not...n-now!!!"

The people were so close, she could make out what they were saying. It seemed the closer they got, the closer she came to an enormous sneeze....

Her mind was racing as she tried with all of her being to avoid this catastrophe. She had often tried even training herself to avoid a sneze....but to no avail.

Emma's face scrunched, her nostrils flared to their largest capacity, as in a single moment of weakness, she gave in.


"What was that?!?!" exclaimed one of the men.

"HHHEEEEEEGGSHHEEEWWWW!!!!!" as Emma was thrown into an allergic sneezing fit, she knew it was all over.

To be continued...

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Wow, this is a ton of fun already! I can't wait to see how this plays out. Sneezing while hiding scenes are always fun, and since this is a spy story, I doubt that this is the last one. xD

Keep up the good work!

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Wow, this sounds suspensful! Please continue!

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Yes, please continue! These are just the sort of stories that I like most - the 'must not sneeze because my life depends on it' kind :D

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At first I wanted to write "ooh starting to like this" then I thought that "Aah I am loving this" is more correct :angry:

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