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guy in video rental store (M)


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There was this nice looking guy in the video store with a little girl who clearly was either sick or with allergies. I would guess that he was latino judging by his features and cinnamon complexion. he had a very straight pointy thin nose. He could not stop sniffling to save his life. He was sniffling literally every 2 seconds. His sniffles were very wet and were both congested and runny sounding. He had a very small piece of tissue with which he wiped his nose with probably twice in the store but it could not stop his constant sniffling. After a couple of sniffles he would start to sound relatively clear but instantly would return to wet gurgling congestion and runniness. After a while I guess sniffling was not enough to keep his nose from dripping all over the place in public so his sniffles turned into snorts, and they were equally as wet. I was hoping to high heaven for a sneeze or a loud nose blow but he just kept on wiping sniffling and snorting. Either way Im really glad I ran into this sniffly guy while i was renting movies.

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