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Something I wrote a long time ago:

Princess Lillian wanted a prince but she was very picky about who she wanted, her father begged and pleaded for her to tell her what she wanted in a man but the stubborn girl wasn't talking until one day she spoke, "The first man rich or poor to make me sneeze three times then I will marry him!" So her father request for ever man in the kingdom, the men lined up to try and make the princess sneeze.

Lillian was very beautiful and everyone wanted to marry her. Then men brought cats, feathers, dogs, flowers, anything to tickle her large nostrils. The first man arrived carrying in large daises trailing the floor with pollen, he walked into a room finding the princess sitting on a bed, "I am Sir Erik, sniff my flowers freshly picked with pollen..." Lillian did pollen going up her nose, she scrunched up her nose then nothing, throwing them in the trash.

The next gave a large fluffy cat, when someone petted it fur would go everywhere, Lillian did sniffing nothing not even a twitch. Another came hold peacock feathers colorful and long, Lillian leaned over and let the man tickle her nostrils her eyes closed and nose scrunched up but nothing. As the hours went by no one could make Lillian sneeze three times the most any way got was a little hitch in her breathing.

Her father was angry as she sat on her bed, took a handkerchief out a blew her nose, "Excuse me sir..." They both looked up, "I am finish cleaning the palace." A young man came in covered head to toe in filth. Lillian looked at him, she rubbed her large nose then told him to come sit next to her, her father confused, he did as we was told. The more closer he came the more Lillian's eyes would fluttered and her nose would twitch.

Lillian smiled when he sat down seeing the dust and dirt went on bed, she put her small index finger under her nose, "What is your name?" He told her, "James...tell me do you enjoy sneezing?" He nodded, "Wonderful. Do you happen to have a handkerchief with you?" He pulled out a small piece of dirty cloth he tried to get the dirt off, "Oh no..." Lillian leaned in, "It's fine." Sitting up straight she tried to put the handkerchief to her nose but couldn't her nose already took control, "uh....uh...." she mumbled her father left the room as James watched the princess' nose, "uhhh...uhhhhhh...uhhhhhhhh...hhaaaaattCChoo!!!"

"Bless you princess..." Jame said Lillian wasn't done another was coming she took James and pushed on top of him her nose flaring, "Need help princess?" She nodded unable to speak, James took his index finger and ran it down the bridge of her nose to the tip of her nose, then ran it around her nostrils.

"uhhhhhh....uhhhhhhhhhhh......uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...hhhaaaaaaCHHHOOO!!!" Lillian sneezed on James dust flying in the air and into Lillian's nose her, she rubbed her nose on James' shirt it was getting ready to rip, "uhhhh...uhhhhhhhh....uhhhhhhhhhhhh.... uhhhhhhhhhhhh....haaaaaaaaaaaaTCHHHHHoooooo!!!" But Lillian wasn't done yet, "hhaaaaachhhoooo!!! hhhaaattCHOO! uhhhhhhhhhhhh....HHHHAAATTTTCHHHHHHHOOOO!!!!!!!!" Lillian blew all the dust off James with her powerful sneezes, she looked into his eyes, "Marry me."

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This is such a cute little story! I love faiytales and this one is perfect! I think you should send it to Disney to have it made into a movie ... that is one DVD I would need in my collection! :rolleyes:

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