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450 splash pain


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Setting: Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater are at a live smackdown show (when they were actually still a tag team) getting ready for a match when Justina Gabriel feels a tad under the weather. But wait it gets better :o

"Hey Man, mind tossing over my shirt?" Justin said to Heath as he was lashing up his boots

"Sure thing" He grabs the shirt and threw it at Justin and gave a chuckle

Justin smircked as he said "Gee thanks"

"So you ready to defend the titles tonight?"

"Yeah man we're definatly going to kick ass tonight" Justin said as he was warming up

Heath was just getting his shirt on and lacing up his boots when behind him he suddenly heard "henxghuhh.."

He turned around and said "Justin, was that a sneeze?"

Justin sniffed and gave himself a nose rub with the palm of his hand and said "yeah man sorry.." "No need to apologize..bless you by the way"

"uh Thanks"

"We're next Justin come on..oh don't forget the tag titles" "Oh right." Justin went over to the locker the got the tag team titles and handed Heath his. "Arlight man lets do this" Heath and Justin started to walk to the entrance. They were standing right near the entrance to wait for santino marella and Vladimir Koslov to finish their fooling around in the ring. As Justin was looking on, suddenly his nose started to run and as that happened, he started to sniffle very wetly. Heath looked at him with concern and said "Justin, are you alright?"

Justin rubbed his nose upwards and said "Yeah im fine..i don't know why im sniffling all of a sudden" As he finished his sentence, he suddenly felt a tickle deep in his nose. He knew he was going to sneeze but he knew he was up next so he was just thinking "uhh not noooow". He pinched his nose and turned over to the side to try to ward off the tickle in his nose but it was not working. His breath was starting to hitch..and he knew he could not fight it off for much longer.."Heath hold on a sec-" suddenly he was cut off with a fit of sneezes which still holding his nose "HE-NXXT-uhh huh.. ha-MPPH-guh.. heh...heh HA NPH-uhh "oh my god.."

Heath looked on as he saw Justin rub his nose to ward off any other sneezes that might of been still coming "Wow..bless you."

Justin looked at Heath and said "oh thanks..sorry about that..i have no idea why im sneezing so much"

"Do you have any allergies?"

"Not that i know of" Justin said as he was sniffling like crazy

"You sure you're not sick?" Heath asked as he raised an eyebrow as him

"Pfft no come on i never get sick" Justin said as he wipe his nose with his wrist

Heath was not convinced but he said "Alrighty then...OH! that's our music. Lets go man"

Justin smiled and took in one last sniffle as he said "Cool lets go"

Part 1 of ? not sure...this is my first sneeze fan fiction..i hope it looks ok :naughty:

Fixed ~ obsessed

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Oh man i forgot to describe the sneezes...i knew i was forgeting something lol those sneezes are all stifled by the way in case you guys couldn't tell :o

And at the beginning i ment to say "KICK ass" and not kiss ass" xD sorry it's my first fanfiction on here guys..ill get better i promise :naughty: and sorry about the font being all weird. im still getting used to using the font. ehh hehe *rubs back of neck* I'll get used to all of this eventually :P

Posts merged and fixed ~ obsessed

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Oh my god. I read this story over and can't believe how well i actually did lol i really thought i sucked at it :D alright well here's the next chapter

Chapter 2

Setting: Justin and Heath are just heading back to the locker room after sucessfully defending their tag team titles when Justin starts to feel worse.

"great job man. you totally KILLED it out there with that 450 splash"

Justin was walking right next to heath holding his ribs "Thanks..jesus what is Vladimirs body made of? Bricks?"

Heath laughed and said "did it really hurt?"

"It usually doesn't hurt as much..maybe i landed wrong"

"want me to get you some ice? Heath said as he opened the locker room door

"Yeah that'll be great actually"

"Alright sit down and relax and ill be right back"

"Ok." Justin went over to the leather couch and laid down on it as he held onto his ribs. He laid there for a few minutes before realizing that he could not breathe through his nose. Laying down made his nose all stuffy so he sat up but laid back down because he suddenly had a spliting headache... He got back up and sat up on the couch resting his left arm on the arm rest holding his head up with his hand. He felt so drousy and he dozed off for a minute.

"Hey man i got the ice" Justin was startled as he woke up as he gave out a stuffy sniffle.

"ugh thanks man" Justin said as Heath handed over the bag of ice

"Dude, you alright?" Heath said with concern

"Yeah im fine..just a bit worn out"

"Are you sure you're not feeling sick? You really do sound congested"

Before Justin could answer, he felt a familiar tickle in his nose. "Ugh not again" he thought to himself. He held his nose shut as he stifled 2 sneezes, Hemmph-uhh huh.. He-NXXPH-uhh He held onto his ribs and groaned.

"Ok seriously Justin you are not well just admit it"

Justin sniffled and said "Ok so maybe im getting a little cold..but im fine don't worry abo-" Justin was cut off by the sudden urge to sneeze. He turned to his right and stifled one sneeze into his wrist "He-TXX-uhh" Stifling his sneeze made the pain in his ribs worse.

"And why the hell are you holding back sneezing anyway? You'll make your damn ribs explode..not to mention you can ruin your eyesight that way.."

Justin rubed his nose and sat back as he said "I don't know..it's something i've always done since i was a child"

"Can i get you some some motrin at least? It will help with the pain in your ribs and that cold"

"Ugh fine if it will make you happy.."

Heath jokingly glared at him and said "Yes it will make me very happy..alright ill be right back. Hang tight."

As Heath left, Justin let out another stifled sneeze into his wrist "Ha-MPH-guh"

Heath poked his head through the door and said "Bless you." and then left.

"Ugh thanks.." Justin said as he threw his head back onto the couch.

part 2 of ? Let me know if im doing good :D

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Alrighty guys here it goes: Chapter 3

Setting: A few days later, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater are at a hotel just chilling. Heath was playing Left 4 dead while Justin was on his laptop.

"GAAAAH! Dude! You stole my kill!" Heath said angerly to a user on xbox live

Justin laughed and then coughed and said "You should check into left 4 dead annonymous..you are so obsessed with this game, man."

Heath turned to Justin "Oh shut up over there."

Justin chuckled and rolled his eyes. He then proceded to shut off his laptop and then lay down on the bed.

"Still battling that cold huh justin?" Heath said

Justin sniffled all stuffy-like and said "Yeeeah it just won't go away."

Justin sat up suddenly with a blank stare on his face.

"What's wrong?" Heath said.

"I have to sneeze.." Justin turned to the side and pinched his nose and proceded to stifle 2 sneezes "Heh-Ha-MPH-ugh "Heh..heh HA-TXXX-guh. He then sniffled wetly grabing a tissue and blew his nose

"Have you taken any cold medicine today?" Heath asked

"What are you my mother?" Justin joked "Im going to take some..calm yourself"

"Alright sneezy." Heath joked

Justin got up and walked over to the bathroom. "Dude where'd you put the Nyquil i had?"

"It should be on the sink, Justin"

"Oh right never mind..can't think straight..i feel so congested"

"Yeah man just take that and go to bed."

Justin came out of the bathroom and then went right into his bed covering himself with the blankets. "Night"

Heath looked over at justin and said "night man feel better."

About 2 hours later, Heath was still up playing on xbox live when he heard Justin going into a harsh coughing fit

"Justin? you alright?"

Justin said nothing and turn himself over. Justin then proceded to go into a stifled sneezing fit "HA-NXXXT-uhh heh..heh.. HI-CXX-guh heh.. HA-MPH-uhh HA...-guh The last stifle was almost silent

Heath looked at him and said "Wow he can even hold in sneezing when he's sleeping.."

Justin then sniffled wetly, coughed, and then made himself confortable and went back into a deep sleep.

part 3 of ? Hope i did good on this 1. :D

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Oh, yum. Initially, I'd hoped Heath would have been the victim, but Justin is just as good. This is excellent.

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Chapter 4:

Setting: Justin and Heath are just waking up and getting ready to head for madison square garden for a smackdown event that day.

"Oh crap!" Heath somewhat shouted from the bathroom

Justin was startled by Heath's shout. He stretched his arm, scratched his head and then sat up in the bed. He then rubbed his nose and asked "Heath, are you ok?"

"Yeah i just droped my contacts that's all..did i wake you Justin?"

He really did wake him up but he didn't want to seem like a burden so Justin said "Eh i needed to get up anyway."

"How'd you sleep?"

"I slept fine actually..that nyquil really does wonders."

"So you don't recall yourself waking up and having a sneezing attack?"

"I did?"

"Yeah i was on xbox still up and you suddenly woke up and sneezed quite a few times"

Justin sniffed. "Must of been half asleep..i don't remember a thing"

"By the way how are you feeling?"

"A little better..my head stop hurting me but I still have that "urge to sneeze" feeling in my nose."

Heath chuckled "Alright man the bathroom's all yours. Get ready and then we can go downstairs and grab some breakfast alright?"

"Sounds good to me" Justin said as he rubbed his eye

Justin grabbed his clothes and went into the bathroom closing and locking the door behind him. He then proceded to turn on the shower and then take off his clothes. He went into the shower and let the water hit his face. That is when that "urge to sneeze" feeling in his nose got stronger. He rubbed his nose really hard in hopes to ward off the tickle. But alas, this time the tickle got stronger as his breath started to hitch...and as he did so, He stifled 2 harsh sneezes "heh..heh.. HI-TCHXX-Uhhh Heh.. he.. HA-CHXX-guh.. He was sniffling wetly like crazy at this point.

After that, he rubbed his nose to ward off any other sneezes which worked in the meantime. A couple minutes later, he came out of the shower and started to dry himself. That tickle in his nose became to bother him again. Heh-TCHXX-uh He stifled one sneeze into his towel. It came so fast he barley had time to think of making the tickle go away. He then got himself dressed and brushed his teeth. He came out of the bathroom and put his pajamas in the suitcase and zipped it up.

"Ready to go Justin?" Heath said

Justin sniffled wetly and said "yeah lets go eat breakfast now"

"Alright lets go"

"Hang on a second.."

"You're going to sneeze again aren't you?"

Justin nodded as he couldn't verbally answer and stood there with a pre sneeze expression on his face. He turned to the side, pinched his nose and rapidly stiffled 3 sneezes "Heh-TXX HA-MPPH HIPFFFT

Heath looked on and said "bless you." as he picked up his phone and put it in his pocket.

Justin sniffled wetly "Ugh thank you. Oh my god i cannot stop sneezing it's ridiculous."

Heath said "take some benadryl it should help you to stop sneezing like crazy"

"ill get some at the pharmacy across the street after we eat."

"alright then lets go im starving"

Justin and Heath headed for the door as Justin wiped his nose with his hoodie sleeve and left the hotel room.

part 4 of 5 I finally decided when to end it. I got a big plan for the last chapter ^_^ hope you liked it :laugh:

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Alrighty guys this is the 5th and final chapter of this fanfiction :D Hope you enjoy it.

Setting: Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater were at madison square garden prepairing for the raw/smackdown supershow that day. They decided to warm up by wrestling each other in the ring. (I will be using wrestling terms so have wikipedia ready if you don't understand what im saying :()

"Ok man let's practice at bit"

"On each other?" Heath asked

"No on the camera man..yes each other..come on i want to warm up" Justin said all pumped

"Alright let's do this"

Justin and Heath ran out to the ring and slide inside the ropes and they both stood up staring at each other.

"Wait we can't start this without an official bell"

"DING DING DING" Justin yelled as he ran and tackled Heath down and started punching him in the head. Heath then pushed Justin off of him and got up and started to twist his arm. Justin then did a reverse arm lock on Heath and then kicked him in the stomach. Justin then irish whipped heath into the corrner of the ring and ran and hit him with a running knee. Then proceded to do a bulldog.

"Damn Justin you are on a roll today..are you feeling better? You're doing better than yesterday."

"Yeah i do feel better actually..now stay down"

Justin then did a headlock on Heath taunting at him to tap out. Then suddenly Justin began to feel a deep tickle in his nose. He let go of Heath and stood up and rubbed his nose.

"Dude, what happened?" Heath asked as he got up

"Nothing..i thought i was going to sneeze" Justin said smirking.

He then tackled Heath down once again and proceded to lock him in the anaconda vice taunting Heath to tap out. Justin suddenly felt that familiar tickle in his nose again. But before he even realized it, "heh-TSHXXX-uhhh", the sneeze practically exploded out of his mouth but he was still able to halfly stifle it. He sneezed right in heath's face. Embarrassed, Justin let go of Heath immediety.

"Gee thanks Justin.." Heath said as he whipeed his face

"Sorry man it snuck up on me.." Justin said still embarrassed

"it's alright..just promise it won't happen again"

"It won't i promise" Just said smiling at him.

They both got out of the ring and headed to the back.

Later that evening they went on to sucessfully defend their tag team titles against David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty.

After the show Justin and Heath went to the hotel, showered and went to bed.

The next morning, Justin was up early stretching blasting his ipod in his ears. It was around 9am and Heath still wasn't up yet. Justin pulled his headphones out of his ears and got up and went to Heath and shook him.

"Heath, get up it's 9am already."

Heath turned and looked up at Justin. "Seriously?" Heath said in a hoarse voice

"Yeah..woah man what's up with your voice?"

"I don't know..that's strange.." Heath got up and went into the bathroom.

A couple minutes later Justin hears 2 sneezes coming from the bathroom "Ha-ISHOO HA-TISHOOO Heath comes out of the bathroom rubbing his nose then rubbing his eye.

"Bless you."

"Thanks..I wonder why i feel sick.." Heath stares at Justin. "Yeah Justin..tell me WHY i feel sick."

Justin looked at Heath "Yeah..hehe..i wonder why" He then proceded to then bury himself in a magazine he was just reading to avoid eye contact with Heath.

The end :) Hope you guys liked it. :laugh:

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