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Personally, I hate telling my parents that I'm sick. Sometimes, when I'm sick, my parents will try to eat after me. I also really hate it when my parents are sick, because I can't stand the sound of them sneezing. So that leaves me with the dilemma:

1. Admit that I'm sick and stop them from eating after me and getting sick

2. Don't admit it and have to listen to them sneeze if they get sick.

Are any of you guys ever in this situation, and what do you do?

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They'll still try to eat after you even if you're sick? :( If you think admitting that you're sick will stop them from eating after you, then maybe it'd be easier to tell them you might be sick. I hate both of these things too but I'd rather admit sickness than endure something as terrible as family sneezes. But if you think they'll eat after you anyway, don't bother making yourself uncomfortable by telling them if they're just going to get sick anyway.

I'm not sure how you do things at your house, but maybe you can try to eat all of your food and wash your dishes/utensils yourself?

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;) Both of those are awful! But I never ever admit I'm sick, but only because they usually figure it out on their own. And my brother always tries to drink after me, even when I'm sick. He says he doesn't care if he gets sick, and I want to yell, "BUT I DO!!!!!" (because I'd have to deal with his sneezes) but I never say that. I'll tell them I'm sick if it can spare me the, ew, family sneezes. Yuck! :D
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Luckily, I haven't been sick the past month and a half since I've been back with my parents, but if it were me in that scenario I would just tell them I'm sick. While I hate admitting it to them, it's a better option than the other.

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They usually figure it out anyways whether I mention it or not. Damn congestion gives me away everytime. ;)

Luckily, my parents have great immunity and rarely get sick anyways.

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