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Gone With the Wind (Scarlett and Rhett)


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Hey, guys. So, I have a bunch of stories I wrote and stored on my flashdrive. Alot of them are 18+ (all of them are embarrassing) so I won't be able to post them until I'm a full member but I'll put a couple up now. I don't know, hopefully you like them? :D


Scarlett O’Hara sat up with a start and moaned. The sun streaming in through her garishly expensive curtains was blinding and quickly underscored the inexplicable pain shooting through her temples. A photic sneezer by nature, the pending cold building up in her failing immune system did nothing to suppress her need to sneeze. With a torturous build-up, Scarlett let out three very wet and un-ladylike sneezes that would have caused the Lady Ellen great horror to witness, “Hehh-heh-hehhh…ahh…Ha-Tchioo! Heh-tchaa! Heh-tchaaa!”

Rhett was immediately by her side, “Why, darling, I don’t think I’ve ever heard you sneeze like that before!”

It was true, Scarlett usually stifled her sneezes into one of her many dainty, lace-trimmed handkerchiefs on the rare occasion that she felt the need to do such an unseemly thing at all. The idea that Rhett, the intolerable scoundrel, was witnessing not just a sneeze from her but an array of insatiable explosions, that judging by the growing tickle in her nostrils would not be stopping any time soon, caused her deep shame. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment as she searched her bedside drawers for a handkerchief whilst simultaneously attempting to hold back a fit of sneezes with her other hand.

Rhett smirked and sitting on the edge of the bed reached deep into his pocket, pulling out a myriad of colored hankies, “Looking for this?”

Scarlett scowled, breath beginning to hitch, and cried shrilly, “Now, Rhett, ahhh-haa-haaah…ahhh…don’t play with mehh-mehhh…ahh…me!” She sniffled madly, trying to hold back a slew of sneezes and the wetness quickly escaping her slender nostrils. She leaned in to grab a cloth from him but at the last minute he pulled away laughing.

“Oh, no, no, no! Here, use mine,” Rhett teased, holding out a plain white handkerchief bearing his initials.

R.B. The memory of finding a similar token of his in the possession of that Watling creature suddenly surfaced. The hurt, though old, hit her once again and she turned from him in defiance. All at once, she realized that she was about to sneeze again, undoubtedly in multiples. “Oh, well,” she thought, “At least Rhett won’t have the satisfaction of seeing me give in!” With that, she turned as far away from him as she could in the hopes of obscuring her face and sneezed repeatedly, “Ha-hatchoo! Hetchoo! Hih’tchoo! Heh-heh-heshaaah! Hetshaaa! Ahhh…”

Rhett laughed rudely at her discomfort. The vision of Scarlett, a woman so fond of seeming together, falling to pieces in front of his eyes, a vulnerable mess, turned him on immensely. He was about to make a comment in the hopes of furthering her humiliation when, to his surprise, she turned back to him with teary eyes and sniffled painfully.

“Oh, Rhett-- Hi’htschii! It feels like General Sherman and the entire damned Yankee army are marching through my, my-- Hhhi’tschi! My head,” Scarlett’s blue eyes sought his, all anger forgotten in her misery.

Something in her gaze touched him and all mocking went out of his voice as he pulled her into his arms, smoothing her hair and wiping her nose himself, “Bless you, honey. Now, you are going to stay in bed all day. There will be none of your usual scheming and playing about the lumber office with your beloved charity case…” Rhett’s words had grown bitter at the thought of Ashley Wilkes but looking at his pretty young wife, he thought how strange it was that she hadn’t immediately jumped to the man’s defense. Indeed, the thought alarmed him.

Scarlett, however, had barely been listening as the need to sneeze had overshadowed anything her husband was saying. Her eyes glazed as her pretty pout grew slack with the hitching of breath, “Ahhh…Ha-ha-hehhh…Hutschoo! Tschoo! Ehh-Etchshoo! T’schiio!” Her nose ran freely and she looked around in a panic for something to stem the flow.

Quickly recovering from his shock, Rhett held a fresh handkerchief to her pinkening nose and almost whispered, “Bless you, darling. Here, blow”.

Scarlett was surprised but too exhausted to argue. Rhett gently stroked her long raven locks and pressed tender kisses to her forehead and cheeks as she emptied her delicate nose of congestion into his hand. Afterwards she collapsed against him with a pitiful sniffle that caused a ripple of raw emotion to run through him. This was so unlike the usual Scarlett he knew! His girl would never consent to such coddling from the likes of him and the idea, rather than being pleasing, caused him great concern.

“Sweetheart?” Rhett’s voice trembled in a way that Scarlett, even in an impaired state couldn’t ignore.

“Are you very worried about me, darling?” Her voice dripped with coquetry and he saw through it right away.

Relieved, he smiled without mirth and his response held little emotion, “Not particularly. It’s just that I’ve invested a lot in you and I wouldn’t want to lose it”.

“Oh, fiddle-dee-dee!” Scarlett exclaimed in annoyance. However, her anger quickly melted away when she caught the queer look in Rhett’s eye. “Perhaps he really does love me,” she thought in astonishment. A sudden passion overcame her and, in a fit she later ascribed to fever, she launched herself against him crying out, “Oh, Rhett!”

He was surprised but responded just as quickly, pressing his lips against hers. They were hot with illness and her deep need for him. She kissed back just as intently, ignoring the itch growing in the back of her nose. His hands worked around her nightgown but good as it felt, the chill air on her bare skin caused a sudden intake of breath that could only be released in a sneeze, “H’tschoo! H’tschh!”.

Scarlett attempted to stifle the sound of her sneezes but they wouldn’t be suppressed. Sneeze after sneeze rocked her fragile frame and sprayed Rhett’s chest. She tried to apologize in between but couldn’t seem to form a coherent sentence, “Oh, Rhett-- H’tschoo! T’schoo! I’m so-- H’tschuu! So-- Hehh-Heh’tschh!”

Handkerchiefs long forgotten, Rhett pinched the moisture away from the girl’s nose and wiped it on his trousers, “Bless you, honey”.

Scarlett fell against him, gasping as she tried to catch her breath. Instead, she launched into yet another fit of sneezes. Rhett secured her under one arm so she wouldn’t fall and used his strong, tanned hand to catch her sneezes. She was mortified as she sneezed repeatedly into his bare skin but feelings of gratitude quickly surpassed any initial discomfort as she found she couldn’t stop, “Ha-tchuh! Ehh-tchoo! T’schoo! I’m so sorry, darling! Heh-tschh! Etschh!”

As her sneezing finally wound down, Rhett lightly wiped first her nose and then his hand before blessing her. She blushed but eager to continue where they left off, lifted her chin for more kisses. Her face fell as he turned away from her advances and she felt hot, angry tears of hurt welling up in her eyes. Noticing, Rhett gently kissed the tip of her nose.

“I’m not disgusted by your dripping, little nose, if that’s what you’re thinking. Actually, I find myself taking a sort of perverted pleasure in your misfortune but I’m not about to lose you to a moment of passion. Now, you are going to lay down and behave yourself, my little temptress, until you are well!”

Scarlett pouted but reclined back against the pillows as ordered. As Rhett left to fetch her tea, she cried out in vexation, “Oh, God’s nightgown! I can’t even make love to my own husband with this blasted cold!

Then, realizing what she’d spoken aloud, she colored in a way most becoming to her complexion and settled down huffily to, hopefully, sneeze in peace.

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Wow! Love this - you have not only stayed true to the characters but also produced a great sneeze fic ;) Welcome to the forum and I hope to be reading more of your work soon (and hopefully the 18+ ones when you get validated :D)

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Aww, thanks!

It's sort of embarrassing even trying to emulate such a great author and knowing that you'll never even get close to such perfection...ha, but that's what I do in my free time. ;)

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