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Shirt sneezes


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This is for the wonderfully awesomely amazing Masking. :blushing: Thank you so much for the lovely (understatement of the year!) Skwisgaar/Toki smut! :hug: I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed your story. :laugh:

This is a scene from her story Laryngitis (which you should read if you haven't already), where Nathan sneezes against Toki's shoulder. I changed it a little so the sneeze was more against his shirt. It's Fetish!Toki, so he's supposed to look slightly mortified. :laugh:

Nathan's nose is just :rolleyes: All of Dethklok have sexy, sexy noses.


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Probably the only time Nathan ever looks small and cute is when he's ducking his head to sneeze on Toki. :blushing: PERFECT. Just...nnnnnghhhhh. That adorable red nose, and Toki's matching blush...yes, Toki, it's okay to like that. :rolleyes:

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I definitely see you improving in your art!

I adore how Nathan is normally such a tough guy but is completely rendered helpless by it. that is just amazing to me. I love so many things about this actually. the red nose. the desperate expression. the cuteness of the cuddling. really awesome.!!


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I missed this one?!?!?!?!!

HOLY SHIRTNUTS EFFING HOT FIESTA. Such a wonderful, wonderful sneeze-face in such few lines. HURR. And the grabbing on to Toki as though for dear life. :D I want to eat him. You're awesome. And I have to go read that story again with THIS in mind.


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