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:laugh: Ok so I was just wondering if someone would write a fic about either. A. Carson Beckett and Rodney McKay from Stargate Atlantis or B. Carson Beckett and John Sheppard from Stargate Atlantis

If not it's totally fine, I've just been looking on fanfiction for stories revolving around Carson and one of the guys and I guess I just can't stop reading about them! :laugh: The sad thing is that I can't find any sneeze fics about Carson and John or Carson and Rodney. I don't think I've requested this but if I have I'm sorry for the repeat and you can just ignore it if you want too.

The person I want to sneeze is Carson Beckett the adorable scottish doctor :2lovers: , (especially since I found out he's allergic to cats :winkkiss:) and........ummmmmm :rolleyes::blushing: yah....... I couldn't resist asking this, so now I'm going to go hide in a corner. *runs away to go hide*

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