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Eskimo kisses (m)


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As I've mentioned before, my hubby is allergic...to pretty much everything except our dog. He sneezes when he wakes up. He sneezes when he lays down. He sneezes in the car, at work...he sneezes everywhere. And God Bless him (no pun intended...lol) but he ENJOYS a good sneeze. He never stifles and always gives in to a good buildup. He is never ashamed to sneeze in public. I am a lucky, lucky woman.

Yesterday, he cut the lawn. I watched from inside as he would sneeze while mowing. Poor guy was walking, mowing and sneezing the whole time. In the twenty minutes it took for him to cut the back lawn, he must've sneezed over fifty times. And he's so used to sneezing, that he doesn't even think twice about it. I must admit, the show was spectacular.

When he came in the house, I went to him with a cool washcloth and wiped his face down, paying special attention to his eyes and nose. As I'm doing that, he breathily says, "Babe...I'm gonna..." and before he can finish the sentence, he sneezes five, giant, wet, HUHHHRRRRRSHOOOOOO'S into the wet washcloth that I am holding!!!! I bless him and hand him a dry towel for his face. He says, "Oh thanks babe...that really helped. I haven't sneezed like this in a long time." So I go over to him and sit in his lap, facing him. I kiss him lightly on the tip of his nose, and then we do this thing called "Eskimo kisses" when you rub noses together. We frequently do this. Except this time, his poor allergic nose couldn't take it. He had a fast gasp of breath and let loose with half a dozen manly sneezes...."HUHHHRRRRSHOOOOOOOO. HUH HUH HUH HUH HUHHHRRRRRSHHHHOOOOOO. HUHHHHRRRRSHOOOOOOO. HUHHHHRRRSHHOOOOOOO. HUH HUH HUH... HUH HUHHHRRRRSHHHHOOOOOOOO. HUHHHHRRRSHOOOOOOOOO!" I snatched tissues from the box right next to him (we have them in every room) and handed them to him so he could blow his poor runny nose. After giving a good, hearty blow, he got "THE LOOK" again. He sat there, mouth wide open, meaty nostrils flaring, hitching breath....for about thirty long seconds. I said, "What's the matter baby? Stuck?" at which time he shakes his head yes. He then proceeds to rub his fingers around his nostrils to coax the sneeze out. Immediately, he was met with a positive response. He sneezed ten more rapid-fire sneezes into the soggy tissues. Oh baby what a night...

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...and I must say, he really is the nicest, most sincere guy. I hit the lotto jackpot when I married him.

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Poor guy, but very lucky you :laugh: !!! I love how he just sneezes and keeps on mowing like its nothing, like a true sneezer. Thanks for sharing!

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He has no idea about my fetish...which makes how he acts all the more dreamy!!! Oh my God!!!!

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Holy effing hotness... :laugh: You ARE the luckiest girl indeed! :batman: Fantastic obs!

Curious: are you going to tell him, eventually? He sounds like the kind of man who would be EXCELLENT at indulging you...

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Ya know...it's a good thing blessed by God Almighty that you have the fetish...otherwise you would be REALLY annoyed and ticked off :lol:

What a lucky woman. All your posts make me say WUT DA FUQ


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