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common cold on its way out ?


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A new type of medication has been developed that has broad spectrum anti-viral effect.

According to the article, it has been tested successfully (in mice) against 15 types of viruses, including common cold

type viruses and flu-type viruses.

Introductory article

Scientific article


While this might sound like good news (for diseases other than colds at least), I'm rather sceptic...

In the long-term such treatments will only help evolution to come up with new and

worse threats, as happens every day now with antibiotics and resistant germs.

In my opinion, the whole idea that science can "truly" solve something is rather naive.

Its solutions often work well in the short-term, but have/create long-term side-effects that happen to be worse than the original problem

they intended to solve. Belief in science is really just another religion, albeit an admittedly extremely fascinating and successful one :laugh: )


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These giant molecules appear as if they would be really difficult to get into the body, and are probably only practical for serious infections--plus expensive to produce. Certainly nothing like an aspirin that you can buy for cents a pill and just pop in your mouth.

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Well I couldn't be bothered to actually read the article, but I doubt I'd have any use for such medications. Vitamin D is a natural cold/flu fighter and I haven't gotten a single cold or the flu since I started taking extra vitamin D everyday even when everyone else in my house got sick.

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I agree with Yiffy, don't they have more important diseases to cure?

It's just a cold- suck it up. Plus, what about us fetishists :(

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Then there's all the research being done that suggests less disease = more allergies and autoimmune conditions...

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Heh, my only thought is....Don't they have better things to work on? :(


Actually, while the common cold may seem relatively benign, various stains of the Influenza ('flu') virus kill thousands of people every year, particularly among young children and the elderly. Since not nearly enough people get their annual flu vaccinations, a broad-spectrum anti-viral medication could be a huge asset in fighting this pathogen.

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They should save it for life-threatening illnesses. Unfortunately drug companies don't care about people at all, only profit, so if they can market it for the common cold, they will.

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The news finally came to the swedish newspapers, it seems like it'll take atleast 10 more years untill the medication is ready to be sold :lol: and I doubt that everyone with a cold will be able to get hold of this drug :drool:

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and I doubt that everyone with a cold will be able to get hold of this drug :lol:

..or even bother trying. :drool:

Although it's good news for a germaphobe like me. :P

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