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Authors note- This will probably make alot more sense if you've seen the anime Ronin Warriors. I decided to change a little and have Sage and Rowen in a relationship in this, because apparently the two of them are really good friends and they just look so cute together! I tried to keep some of their characters the same (like where Rowen would be the only one studying and everything, and Ryo chasing White Blaze, and Sage practicing Kendo) but I changed a little bit. Sadly I do NOT own Ronin Warriors.

I don't know if I'll continue this yet but for now who knows? Hope you guys like this! :D Tell me what you think :laugh:

Side notes:

Rowen is considered as the most intelegent and most dangerous warrior.

It was a quiet peaceful day for the Ronin Warriors. This day of wonderful bliss was a change from the chaotic days of fighting Talpa, the Demon Lord of the Neatherworld and his evil minions.

A soaking wet Ryo was outside chasing White Blaze who being the mischevious tiger he is would not allow Ryo to give him a bath. Mia and Ully were outside laughing at poor old Ryo and White Blaze's antics. Sage was outside practicing some of his Kendo moves for an upcoming touranment while Cye and Kento were inside the house playing video games.

All that left was Rowen. Rowen the brightest and deadliest of the group of warriors was currently studying for an upcoming test at his high school. Even though they were all warriors they were still 16 year old teenagers and they still needed to study in order to get a healthy education.

Rowen was in the middle of studying for his history exam coming up when he was suddenly aware of the runnyness of his nose and the faint aching of his parched throat.

He leaned over and grabbed a tissue from the desk he was sitting at and quietly blew his nose. After he was finished he threw the tissue into the trash and resumed studying...... or at least tried to.

The words on his history book seemed to be moving all over the place, as if they were taunting him, and no matter how hard he tried, the words would just not focus. He sighed and sniffled as he once again tried to get back to work but sadly the words still would not focus and all it was doing was giving him a headache.

Rowen sighed once more and shut the history book. "Maybe I'll take a little nap." he said to no one in paticular. He walked to his bed and layed down on his bed and was soon fast asleep.

When he woke up 3 hours later he noticed that he actually felt worse than when he took his nap. "Hetshoo!" He sneezed into his hands as he sat on his bed in a daze.

"Hey Rowen! you want to...." Sage Date asked as he appeared at the doorway of their shared room. His sentence was cut off by the appearance of his best friend/secret boyfriend. He silently walked over to Rowen and sat on the edge of the bed. "Are you ok Row?" Sage asked with concern.

He was rewarded with a shrug of the shoulders and was it just his imagination or was Rowen shivering? Sage leaned in and put his forehead to his boyfriends. "You have a fever Row." He stated.

Rowen quickly turned his head and sneezed into his hands once again. "Hetshoo! hetshoo! hetshoo! hetshoo! heh.heh. Hetshoo! Hetshoo! heh. heh..... snff Hetshoo!"

Sage got up from the bed and went over to grab a few tissues for his lover. He went back to Rowen and placed the tissues over Rowens nose. "Blow" he instructed.

Rowen obayed and after the tissues were thrown away settled back into his bed and quickly fell asleep. Sage bent down and kissed Rowen's head. "Sleep well Row" He said as he walked away and out of the room.

So......... yah....... :( by the way this anime was made in.....wow.... :) 1988. (according to wikipedia) I didn't know that! :D anyway..... so the anime is a little lame at points but I still like it. :D

The wikipedia page for ronin warriors is actually kind interesting. It gives a little more info about the characters especially the silly boys. :laugh:

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