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The sneeze FINALLY came...8 hours later >_>


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Ok so i was hanging out with a couple of friends at the mall earlier today. We were in Target in the toys section..(don't ask xD) and i feel like this really bad tickle in my nose so of course i knew i had to sneeze..problem? It would NOT come out. I was just walking down the aisle looking up at the lights like an idiot and damn it would not come out. Like i was up to the feeling where i thought i was definatly going to sneeze but it just went away..I was like "Dammit..".

Then like 5 minutes later im on youtube watching a video with my brother and i feel the tickle in my nose again. I look up at the light and I sneezed. I literally said "YES!"

My brother was like "What?"

and im like "I had to sneeze earlier today at the mall and it finally came out just now"

And he's like "oh wow" and just smiled at me.

oh my god that sneeze felt so good

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