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So yesterday, my fiance was dropping me off to my work on his way to work. I knew something was amiss when we were stopped at a red-light and he closed his eyes for a little too long. So it was no surprise to me when I got a text at noon saying he was going home, sick. I called him to make sure he got home safely and without falling asleep and while we were talking, I heard some pretty amazing sneezes (maybe it's just me..). The first event was a double stifle "HNNKSX, quick sniff, HNNNKSSX!" The second one was a single ( :) ) but caught him off guard, so it was an open one. "haSHIIIHuhh".

So, him being sick and me obviously being a fetishist, I agreed without hesitation when he said "Come over and baby me tonight?" It was sooo nice to rub his back and otherwise "baby" him with the rewards of several desperate sniffles, and no shortage of cute sneezes, both stifled and non. Some of the best obs of the day were when we were laying on the floor watching a movie with a bean bag ting as a pillow and he sneezed an open double "haSHIIHuhh-SHIIIIHuhhh". He must have turned away from me because I never felt any of it. Some time later, as we were eating and talking he was cut off mid-sentence by a quick stifle "HNNKX". So then I got an idea I used while we were watching one of his favorite shows and he was drifting off to sleep. I 'stirred' as if I was sleeping and had just woken a little, making sure to flip my hair trying to take advantage of his sensitive nose and tickle it. It worked :P I got a fit of about 4 like this: "haHNNKXX huHU-HNNNKKSX *Sniff* HASHIIIISHHHuhhhHNNKSX!!!" with seemingly endless sniffles later. We had a bunch of conversations about his illness, but it's a bit personal to me, so use your imagination :D

Just as I was about to leave, I convinced him to give me a kiss, so maybe I might get his sneezy little cold.. I sorta hope I do, and I sorta don't. More-so that I do.

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I absolutely love that he sneezes in both stifles and full sneezes! It makes the sneezes he lets out all the yummier because you know the sneeze was too powerful for him to stifle, and the stifles yuumier because he is concentrating on his sneeze, trying to keep it quiet, and possibly getting embarrassed.

Fantastic obs! Thanks for sharing!

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Im glad you all like it! I have even more and better Obs today (let's see if I can actually write it better) He went to work today as he was feeling better than the previous two nights, but still had some symptoms left over. Sooo, he waited to take me home today :). I babysit for my brother, and he allows S- my fiance- to come over whenever he takes me home. Well, they needed me to babysit over the weekend so we were trying to get the carseat in his tiny sportscar, so It was already hard to put in. He was getting really frustrated at it when suddenly from no where (I swear.. this guy has me melt from his no buildups) sneeze three stifled HNKKXS! with about 10 seconds in between. After the third one, he sighed loudly, showing his annoyment at his predicament (ahah.. sometimes I enjoy using bigger vocabulary than a fifth grader- sometimes). But no, thats not the best. It seems the heat may be not the best for his health, but the best for his fiancee :) We were driving and ever now and then I'd hear a stifled HNNKXST! as usual.. and sometimes I'd be lucky enough to see it. Total was probably around 15 sneezes in 45 minutes. Problem was, I couldnt let myself enjoy it until now as I had to watch a kid and I couldn't just melt there with the child watching, and furthermore I was sorta worried that he was getting worse instead of better.

He stayed at my house for a while probably to cool down since his car has no A/C. In that time I saw maybe 2 sneezes. Stifled, as usual. But interesting part of this to me was our small convo.

He asked me if I would be okay to let him go to a friend's house since I was looking a bit frustrated, but sheesh.. I had to cover up my feelings somehow. I shook my shoulders and said "I don't care." A couple of minutes later, with more of his sniffling and light coughs, I told him "Don't overdo yourself. I'd hate to see you putting yourself back where you were 2 days ago." Which, is actually true. It's no fun when someone is so sick they sleep for what seems like forever.

Sorry for all the side notes in parentheses and the length. Hope you enjoy this one as well

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