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Toting around a box of tissues?

Guest laj6213

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Guest laj6213

Does anyone else get turned on by just the site of someone toting around a big box of tissues (not a pocket pack in a purse or pocket, but an actual BOX). For me, there has always been something both intriguing and incredibly sexy about this. I guess it started when I was in high school when I actually witnessed another female student (a very attractive, popular girl for that matter) lugging around a large box of Kleenex. She had a red nose and seemed to take the box with her. We weren't in the same classes, so I didn't get to witness much but I remember one teacher saying "get away from me with that box of tissues! I dont need to get sick today." This was all so fascinating (and SUCH a turn on at the same time) because (a) you didn't have to wonder if she had a cold with this big box with her at all times, (:drool: she was obviously not embarrassed to have this box of tissues with her, which I would have been MORTIFIED to do, and (3) it was obvious who to pay attention to in school this week.

Since then, I've witnessed this only about 5 other times maybe...3 were in grad school and 2/3 of the 3 times were with the same girl friend of mine, so it was obviously a habit of hers in general and she didn't mind it one bit. I remember walking up to her one morning at school and seeing her clutching the box and hearing her sniffle and say "I have a bad cold." (um, obviously). Throughout class, she unabashedly used tissue after tissue -- sneezing into them with big build-ups first, then blowing after she'd sneezed a few times, wiping her running nose, or even just holding one for whatever was about to come. By the end of 1 class, she must have had a mound of at least 40 used tissues piled up next to her on the desk. Again, it seemed so foreign to me to basically let it all hang out there, as I am one to do everything in my human power to hide the fact that I have a cold (see my obvs The "Little" Cold posted yesterday under observations). She was SO unembarrassed about her cold. And it was SUCH a turn on.

P.S. At the end of that day, I ran into the same friend again (hadn't seen her since morning class at this point) and she looked more red-nosed and puffy than she did that morning, which made sense after a whole day of what I'd had the pleasure of witnessing that morning. This time, however, she had actually finished her entire tissue box and now had a roll of cheap toilet paper instead. BUT...she still had the tissue box with her and was now using it as her garbage can for the discarded tissues -- smart. But a lot of nerve! I wouldn't have been caught dead and would have simply chosen a sick day at home! Again, SUCH A TURN ON.

Anyone else with these kinds of memories and/or thoughts?

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Great post...this has always one of my favorite parts of my Blow fetish. Always a sign of more than a sniffle- but a whopping nose cold. I've seen it a few times in my life and it usually accompanies major red nose- also a fan favorite for me.

One time I remember so fondly...my older sister's friend came over when I was about 13. The cold was obvious- both nostrils chapped, sniffling. While it was mid january at the time, the redness was harsher than usual. She proceeded to take off her coat and present a lovely pop-up box with purple tissues (ah the 70s). The afternoon was chock full of her lovely little blows and the ever reddening of her sore horn. By the end, she was toting both the box and a small waste paper basket. Very thoughtful of her.

Then years later- I was in college at a student govt meeting when the team secretary arrived toting her box of puffs. Poor thing's nose was magenta red and she blew every 10 minutes after apologizing profusely for her "disgusting code". A double treat because she blew like a little fog horn adding to my joy and of course, my total lack of concentration.

Great memories....

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I love colds and contagion, so any signs of someone having a cold are wonderful, and carrying round a box of paper hankies would certainly be one of them.

I can recall sitting under a palm tree in Crete, reading a book .... when suddenly a familiar smell came to me on the wind. The smell of Tunes! Very evocative.

A short time later, I walked up the beach and there was an attractive bikini-clad girl lying on a colourful towel, and a box of tissue lying right beside her head. I didn't witness her using them, and yet somehow it was one of the hottest experiences I have ever had, and I still sometimes base fantasies around it.

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I think it would be adorable to see a woman with a cold so awful that she was forced to carry around a tissue box. I'm with you though...I couldn't do it as evidence with this cold I have now...no way!

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I replied to a similar topic somewhere else, but I will say it again.

I have done this twice ...

First time was when I was coaching swimming. I had a TERRIBLE cold and while I was on the pool deck I became such a mess. It was like standing over a pot of boiling water with all the heat and humidity in the pool area. At the next practice, I didn't make this same mistake again. I brought my own box of tissues with me to the pool.

The second time was when I was teaching. I was a floating teacher, meaning I did not have my own classroom. I "floated" into other teacher's rooms during their planning periods. I had probably one of the worst colds in my life and didn't bring tissues with me because I thought most teachers would have some in their classrooms. This was not the case. That day was beyond bad. I was such a snotty, drippy, embarrassing mess. The next day, I decided that this couldn't happen again. I broght my own tissues around with me, and continued this practice for the rest of the week.

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I often had to to this when I had a cold and didn't want to/couldn't miss school for some reason. Even when my colds don't make me feel too bad, I usually get a VERY runny, stuffy nose, and it's not at all uncommon for me to blow my nose every five or ten minutes. I'm sure all that blowing probably annoyed some of my classmates, and I did feel a little silly carrying around a whole box of tissues, but it's a lot better than constantly having a streaming nose and nothing to wipe/blow it on.

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I have a love/hate relationship with this.

I think it is a huge turn on to think that someone has a cold so terrible that they have to do this, as the usual procedure of a few tissues stuffed in your pocket is not enough to manage the situation at hand. The thought of someone quietly showing up clutching an entire box of tissues and embarrassedly admitting that they have a cold...boy howdy.

However, I find that in most cases, the people who do this have a very minor cold but are making a massive deal out of it, and are just carrying it around for sympathy. Theatrically reaching into it more than is necessary, making as much a show of things as possible, putting on the heaviest "sick voice" they can muster, and constantly weaving into the conversation that they are "soooo sick". Whilst I admit I still derive some pleasure out of such individuals, the larger part of me wants to tell them to just get on with it. I seem to be attracted to the idea of people who are sick/have allergies doing their best to try to shake things off but are forced to suffer through something that is beyond their control...the idea of someone "manipulating" the situation to gain attention/sympathy is far less enticing.

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I'm with Vet, anything that suggests a bad cold is a lovely things to see and a full size box off tissues would... Well, I think it would stop me in my tracks and leave me staring if I saw it ^_^ It's terrible, but the level of misery that suggests is wonderfully arousing.

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