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Allergies fight cancer?


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So was really bored and was doing some random google searches and came across this article that's a few years old that talks about a study that was done that shows that cancer patients tended to have less allergies. They even went on to suggest that taking allergy medication might be a bad idea because allergies might actually help prevent cancer. No idea how valid this study is, but I'll go along with anything that encourages people to stop taking allergy meds. :)

Here's the link to the article. Go ahead and pass it on to all your friends with allergies.


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I have always suspected that allergies may play a positive role in a persons overall health, given the fact that they are a result of an overactive immune system. Very interesting stuff.

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the only solution would be to find a way to "catch an allergy" (like in my old thread :D )

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I read an article about that almost a year ago, in a popular science magazine, and it seems to be valid. :)

Fingers crossed that this will be well-known among allergic people. ;)

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