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Eeeeee they're sooooo pretty! And you are the undisputed champion of the color red. And also all shades thereof. It is your color now. You own that color.

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You do amazing red noses. And everything else, basically. I agree with VoOs, the brunette is painfully cute. They're both adorable.

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Hmmmm.... freckles. Nice touch.

At risk of being repetiive, the brunette is indeed incredibly cute. And the noses are very red. So sore, so miserable ... such a shame .... :drool:

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This is just becoming a broken record in here, but the brunette really is WAY too adorable to handle! I just... I want to SQUEEEESH HER WITH LOVE!!!! D'AAAAAAAW! :gah: And yay shoulder freckles! XD I love that you think to add details that wouldn't occur to a lot of people.

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