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Boy did I miss those sneezes-Male


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I saw today, for the first time in a couple of weeks, my friend Brian at work. I know I've mentioned him before, but for those who don't want to look back at my old obs, he's about 26 years old, tall, sandy blond hair, nicely trimmed goatee and moustache, hazel eyes, with a very shapely and masculine nose. It took a long time after meeting him and telling him about my fetish for him to finally sneeze in front of me. When he finally did, I was in complete amazement, because his sneezes leave me weak in the knees. After that, there were a few random occasions where I got to witness his wonderful sneezes, but it had been a very long time until today.

During our morning meeting, Brian stood close enough to my desk where I had a decent view of him. However, I got a customer, and had to move over to help her out. While I was ringing her up, I heard a sneeze, and glanced up to see Brian's face buried into his right elbow. The sneeze was pretty soft, but loud enough fro me to hear and tell that it was male. I think he tried to muffle it so he didn't interrupt the meeting. I was kind of bummed because I didn't get to say bless you, because I was busy with my customer, and no one else blessed him. Ssince I had my cell phone on me, I waited till the meeting was over and he left, then I texted him and said, "Bless you, by the way."

Not even five minutes after I texted him, he called me at the desk, laughing and said, "I totally forgot I sneezed in front of you." And that was the start of the conversation about how sneezey he's been the past few days. I wanted to just ignite and combust right there. He said he wasn't sure if it was the cooler weather, or if it was just his allergies starting up already, but he was sneezing a lot. I told him he needed to come help me do stuff at the desk for the rest of my shift, but he suggested I come back to his desk and help him instead. Either way, it sounded like a good situation for me, if he was sneezy. And then, right in the middle of me telling him nothing important, he did it again, slightly louder than the one at the meeting. It kind of sounded like, "Heh-sheu!" Lovely, lovely sneeze. This time I properly blessed him, and thanked him, and said that if he he kept it up, I'd have to go visit the ladies room or something.

I'm also pretty sure I got to hear the cutie over in paint sneeze a couple of times today. I wasn't 100% positive, but they sure sounded like his.

I love my cute sneezy men at work. :)

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Oh Brian... *sigh* So cute. So sneezy. I wish I'd been there for that. It sounds like a pants-on-fire moment if I ever heard one. And I love the way you spelled it! I can totally hear it in my mind.

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Hoo, yay :P And he has allergies? Sounds like more lovely moments for you waiting to happen! Thanks for sharing!

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