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I updated! Hope you're all happy!

I met D outside the movie theater with more tissues, which was a good thing because the poor guy looked like he needed them. He was sniffling, rubbing his nose and sneezing his head off. Still, he looked delighted the second he spotted me.

"Hey! You look great!" he said.

"Well, you look terrible," I said. "The pollen count today is pretty high."

"Thags for the *sniff* cobplibedt," he laughed. "I'll be fide as sood as we get idside."

"Okay, but I can take you home if you want," I said doubtfully.

"Doe, really, it's--hehTCHUH!--it's fide *sniff*"

He was right. As soon as we were inside he stopped sneezing, and within five minutes he looked much less congested. I was almost disappointed before I remembered that we had a five minute walk to the restaurant and that most of the seating there is outside. :twisted:

Anyway, the movie was great. (It was X-Men: First Class.) Afterwards when we were on our way out we were both talking about how cool it was. Turns out he's a total superhero-geek (like me!) and I was so involved in our geeky discussion that I forgot all about his allergies until we were outside and he was looking sniffly again.

"Do you want a tissue?" I asked.

"Yeah, thags," he said as I handed him a bunch. Apparently his nose had been bothering him before then but he hadn't brought it up, because the second he had the tissues in his hand he sneezed four loud and messy "hetCHUUH"s into them.

"Bless you! As a matter of interest, how long have you been holding those back?"

"Sidce we walked out of the--hepSHUH!--bovie theater," he caught another sneeze in the tissues.

"D, you don't have to do that! I don't mind if you sneeze. (Total understatement. His sneezes were :innocent: ) If you hold them in you'll just sneeze twice as much later."

"I guess you're right."

"Seriously, the longer we stay out here the more miserable you'll be. I don't want to have you sneezing all night on my conscience. I think we should go either to my place or yours."

"Well, if you dod't bide bissing didder..."

"Really, it's no problem."

"Ok then. You're welcobe to cobe to by place but it's a bit of a bess..." he blushed.

"Where is it?"

"(Address fifteen minutes away)"

"Oh, well my house is closer. We can go there if you don't mind hanging out with my siblings. My parents are out for the night."

"Soudds cool."

Ten minutes later we were at my house. I introduced him to my brothers.

"Who're you?" asked my younger brother N with all the subtlety of a ten-year-old boy.

"This is D, my--" I looked at him. "I can call you my boyfriend, right?"

"If you wadt to," he looked happy.

It turned out D knew my older brother J from high school, so they got on well. We spent the next two hours playing Wii Mario Kart and being grilled by my brothers about the movie (they're obsessed with X-Men but they haven't had the chance to watch it yet). D kept losing because he sneezed, but so did my brothers occasionally so I won >:D

After two hours I drove him home. When we were on his doorstep he kissed me, and he had to break it off to sneeze :drool::drool::drool: We have another date in two days. I can't wait! He's sooo cute and sneezy and we have so much in common. I really like him! :wub:

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Your date sounds like it went amazingly well!!! Especially since he is already your boyfriend! Congrats!

Sounds like you have a sneezy future ahead of you ... How wonderful! Can't wait to hear about the next date :winkkiss:

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Girl, I wish I had your confidence! Calling him your boyfriend, lol. Awesome stuff. He sounds so cute!

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Sounds like a match made in sneeze heaven! I'm so happy for you, he sounds so freaking adorable.

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*drags her face along the pavement* you... have no idea how jealous I am of you!! :winkkiss::wub:


I bet there's a magical cave somewhere...

Amazing obs btw! Please keep us updated, and I will love you forever!!! :laugh:

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Awwww :laugh: One of the most adorable stories I've ever read! You could perfectly well have posted this and your previous obs in the Stories board and nobody would've dared guess it actually REALLY HAPPENED, you know that? PERFECT. Thank you so much for your detailed and well-written report of something almost all of us wish would happen to us :)

Enjoy your dating! He sounds like a real sweetheart. :P

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